A Bouquet of Flowers in Winter

I miss spring. I miss summer.

The northeast is still in the grip of winter and it’s far from pleasant. This past weekend we had such lovely highs as -5 degrees Fahrenheit (with the wind chill). My husband and I are convinced humans were not meant to live in this type of weather. We are warm weather creatures, especially as we age. The photo below is a view of what I was greeted with when I stepped outside over the weekend. Very pretty, yes, but wretchedly cold. Especially when the wind was whipping snow all over the place throughout the day.

A split rail fence and tree covered with snow

Hubby and I are looking forward to spring when we can once again set up our back porch and deck. When I think spring, I imagine robins, Easter, bunny rabbits, and . . . flowers. Who doesn’t like the bright and colorful blooms that transform gardens and homes into a vibrant tapestry of color? But flowers are much more than just a gardener’s delight. They can be used for pressing, in aromatherapy, and in recipes, to name a few applications.

I’m delighted to announce that my friend and sister author Sandra Cox is offering FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE for just $.99 on Amazon through February 21st.  Check out the blurb for this book that will have you thinking spring:


FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE gives basic information on flowers, different gardens, planting instructions and composting. This book also details uses for flowers after they bloom that include: aromatherapy, pressing, and recipes for edibles. In addition there’s information on carnivorous plants, floriography and a quick reference chart. Wondering about zones? Which flowers are poisonous to your pets? Find the answers in this handy little book. There’s even a florascope personality test.

Graphic advertising sale of book Flower Gardens and More has sun and daisies

If you’re thinking spring like I am, go grab a bouquet of flowers and download FLOWER GARDENS AND MORE. It’s the perfect way to embrace a bit of spring during these blustery cold days of winter.

Purchase from Amazon for $.99 through February 21st

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