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Heartbreaker ButtonHello and welcome! I’m happy to be participating in the Heartbreaker Blog Hop. As someone who is a diehard romantic in real life, the month of February and, especially, Valentine’s Day are times I treasure. I think the latter was made for romance writers. We’re always dreaming up heroes who break hearts on the way to an HEA. What is it about these guys that attract us?

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My lead character knows a thing or two about breaking hearts. My heroine, Arianna Hart, has a lot to overcome if she wants a future with the book’s hero, Caleb DeCardian. Not only is he from another century, a former colonel for the Union army during America’s Civil War, but he also turns into a werewolf every full moon. Two hurdles that definitely put a damper on a budding romance.

Drawn together across centuries, will their love be strong enough to defeat an ancient curse?

Colonel Caleb DeCardian was fighting America’s Civil War on the side of the Union when a freak shower of ball lightning transported him to the present, along with rival and former friend, Seth Reilly. Adapting to the 21st century is hard enough for the colonel, but he also has to find Seth, who cursed him to life as a werewolf. The last thing on Caleb’s mind is romance. Then fetching Arianna Hart nearly runs him down with her car. He can’t deny his attraction to the outspoken schoolteacher, but knows he should forget her.

Arianna finds Caleb bewildering, yet intriguing: courtly manners, smoldering sensuality and eyes that glow silver at night? When she sees Civil War photographs featuring a Union officer who looks exactly like Caleb, she begins to understand the man she is falling in love with harbors multiple secrets–some of which threaten the possibility of their happiness.

Finding a decent guy who’ll commit is hard enough. How can she expect Caleb to forsake his own century to be with her?

That strange luminescent glow glinted on the surface of his eyes, flaring pure silver when he looked at her. “I was studying the moon.”

She wasn’t certain she wanted to venture in that direction. Moonlight and a handsome man were a notoriously fatal combination. “I’ve always thought full moons were magical.”

He gave a skeptical snort. “It’s not full, it only looks that way. It’s already started to wane. You just can’t tell by the naked eye.” He tugged at his collar. Sweat clung to his cheeks, prompting him to thumb open another button on his shirt.

The inky material gaped on his chest. A traitorous part of her mind wondered what it would be like to free the remaining buttons. She could almost feel the heated touch of his flesh beneath her fingertips as she slowly worked her way to his waist.

Disturbed, she jerked her hand from his. A hot flush crept up her neck.

“You can tell the difference?” She shot a doubtful glance at the moon. It made her think of long-ago legends: fairy glades, nameless winged creatures and werewolves.

“The moon and I are well acquainted.”

He leaned into the banister, his leg casually brushing hers. She tensed at the informal contact, surprised when it streaked through her like a bolt of lightning. Weak-kneed and stunned, she tried to retreat.

“Annie, don’t go–” Caleb caught her hand.

“Don’t call me that.”

“It suits you.” Towering over her, he stepped closer, his eyes mirroring the smoky blue of the night-dusted sky. “I think we were supposed to meet.” His voice grew low and husky, sending a shivery chill up her spine.

She wet her lips, trying to retain her composure. It was impossible to think straight when he stood so near, his presence engulfing her in a sizzling wall of heat.


He bent closer and threaded his hand into her hair, his fingertips lightly pressing her scalp. A dizzying shiver of sensation cascaded through her. She barely had time to register the feeling before his mouth closed over hers, possessive and eager, leaving her breathless.

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Would you give a guy who broke your heart a second chance or would you write him off as yesterday’s bad news?



Thursday 13: Aloysius Who?

Happy Thursday, friends! I recently discovered a new reason to be excited about this particular day, a weekly meme called Thursday Thirteen. Each week you blog a list of thirteen items – – any items – – of your choice. Imagine! So many topics, so many possibilities! For my first Thursday 13, I thought I’d start with a subject everyone can easily relate to, thirteen favorite male literary characters. Yes, male, because I’m dividing them in two weekly sessions.

So, here’s my list of my thirteen in no particular order (er, except for number one.  No question that Aloysius Xingu L. Pendergast holds the top spot in my heart):

1.       Aloysius Xingu L. Pendergast

First introduced as a supporting character in RELIC, a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, FBI Special Agent Pendergast became a leading character who has appeared in eleven successive novels with a twelfth scheduled to release before the year is out. If you don’t know who this guy is I highly recommend checking him out.  No other character even comes close! I’m beyond in love with this man, I’m besotted (and he isn’t even a romance hero)!

And now for the remaining twelve delicious male characters in no particular order:

2.     Caleb Hawkins
        Sign of Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts
3.     Louis Kincaid 
        Louis Kincaid Mystery series by P. J. Parrish
4.     Phillip Quinn  
Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts
5.     Sir Francis Crawford of Lymond
        The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett
6.     James (Gem) Carstairs
        The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare
7.     King Arthur
        The Once and Future King by T.H. White   
        Also of legend
8.     Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood) 
        Various legends
9.     Jace Wayland
        The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
10.   Elric of Melnibone
        The Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock
11.   Gerald Tarrant 
        The Coldfire Trilogy by C. S. Friedman
12.   Menion Leah
        Shannara Series by Terry Brooks
13.   Captain Francis Crozier
        The Terror by Dan Simmons
        Fictionalized account of Sir John Franklin’s attempt to find the Northwest
        Passage in 1845. Captain Francis Crozier was captain of the HMS Terror.
        This novel presently ranks as my favorite of all time! 🙂

So there you have my 13 favorite male characters from literature. I could have easily added a few more without much thought.  Who are yours? You don’t need to list thirteen (although I’d be happy to entertain that many if you’d like to elaborate) but I’d love to know a few. Do share. Inquiring minds (that would be me) want to know!

And check back next Thursday for my thirteen favorite female characters, followed by more Thursday Thirteens each week. I think this could turn out to be a fun meme that I hope you’ll frequent now and again! 🙂