Felony Fiction Giveaway!

ad promoting chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card shows card displayed over fireworks

Happy Friday! I can taste summer on the tip of my tongue. I’m typing this post after a day of lounging in the sun with my Kindle. At the moment, I’m drinking a blue Hawaiian in a glass decorated with pink flamingos, while sitting outside on my covered patio. Does that say “summer” or what?

Of course, by the time this posts, several days will have passed and I will be running all over creation on a day filled with errands. It will also be closer to the summer solstice and the “official” kick-off of my favorite season. YAY!

Today, I’m sharing a link for a promotion I’m participating in. I don’t do these very often, but Felony Fiction is one I’ve had luck with in the past. Hopefully, it will hold true now.

The giveaway, as the post says, is for a $40.00 Amazon gift card. Various authors have entered in the hopes of connecting with new followers. For me, I’m hoping to increase my presence on Book Bub. Other authors may want you to follow them on Instagram or Twitter. Pick and choose who you want, and which platforms.

If you follow me on Book Bub, you’ll get notices of my new releases. You can also choose (in your BB settings) if you’d like to hear of books I review and recommend. Entirely up to you.

To enter the giveaway and follow me, follow this link:

The giveaway is open until June 15, and the winner is contacted the next day after the contest ends. I’m closing comments on this post, since it’s basically just an announcement, but I hope you’ll take advantage.

Wishing everyone the best of luck. $40.00 on Amazon buys some wonderful books! 🙂

Thrills, Chills and Spills!

I’m back from vacation! A bit overwhelmed with playing catch-up, but I hope to be back in the swing of things soon. Right now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about an uber-fab giveaway taking place. I’m a HUGE mystery/thriller/suspense fan, so this one is right up my alley.

Logo banner for Felony Fiction

Felony Fiction has put together a giveaway for a $100 Amazon gift card. Just thinking about $100 worth of books has me doing mental cartwheels! Best of all, entering is easy and free. You can sign up HERE, then choose a few authors to follow on Bookbub. Easy peasy! You’ll be entered in the drawing, plus notified when any of the authors you follow has a new release (BTW, I’m on BookBub, and would love to have you follow me).

I’ve become very impressed with BookBub as of late, and intend to start using it more for sharing book recommendations and posting reviews. I usually post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but BookBub seems to have a softer, kinder approach than GR. I also like the way I can add favorite books, and see myself putting a lot of effort into growing my following there.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and I’d be delighted if you’d follow me while on BookBub! 🙂