Double Duty

Hi, Friends! I’m doing double duty today.

You can find me at Story Empire with a post about how to make the most of using Twitter in conjunction with Twitter Lists and Hootsuite. Hopefully, you’ll find a few tips or tricks that you didn’t know about. Hop over and check it out.

I’m also visiting with Don Massenzio today, answering a ten question interview about my writing habits. Curious? Join me at Don’s blog and see what we’re chatting about.

Also—FYI moment here—I suffered an email meltdown on Thursday evening that lasted through most of Saturday. Far too complicated to explain (and it will only raise my blood pressure). Let’s just say GoDaddy and I aren’t on the best speaking terms right now. I’m missing a lot of email, so if you tried to contact me, you might want to resend. I THINK things are back to normal now.