Mythical Monday: The Colorful Chameleon by Mae Clair

Hi, friends. You might recall a recent post I did in which I *ahem* whined about losing a Mythical Monday blog article on the chameleon. Such an amateur mistake which I thought I had wisely outgrown.

Guess what?

After shuffling through numerous folders on my computer, I realized I hadn’t lost it after all. Apparently, overcome by a moment of mad genius, I saved it with an unrecognizable name in the wrong sub-folder. *shakes head* I have no clue what I was thinking but am going to blame the lapse on Mr. Evening. For a muse, he’s been keeping strange hours of late.

The good news is I’m now able to share how the chameleon attained his color-shifting ability.

According to legend, Chameleon was once a beautiful golden-green in hue. I’m sure there were lots of compliments lobbed his way, maybe even a fan club of admirers, or an entourage that followed him about.  But Chameleon didn’t let the adulation go to his head. He was a decent sort which is why almost everyone looked up to him.

Notice I said “almost” because there are always a few resentful souls sulking about.

Golden-green was probably a trendy fashion statement at the time which is no doubt why Scorpion, Komodo Dragon, Spider, Snake, and Bat banded together to plot against poor Chameleon. They devised a scheme to rob him of his beautiful appearance by introducing colored dye into his system. (Can’t you just hear their nefarious laughter?). So under the pretext of friendship—and probably a lot of false fawning—the five invited him to a party where they spiked his drink.

A panther chameleon resting on a tree branch at night, displaying his colorsAs soon as Chameleon swallowed the foul concoction, his skin changed color, morphing from red to blue, and purple to green.

This is why Chameleon changes color so easily and why Scorpion, Komodo, Spider, Snake, and Bat are often painted as wicked creatures.Personally, I think the Fraudulent Five did Chameleon a favor. I love how the adaptable little creatures are able to change hue so quickly, and wouldn’t mind using the same trick with my wardrobe. Think of the money saved on clothing!

In closing, I had a nice virtual party planned with this post and a lovely tie-in to my new blog décor. But since the blog remodeling is now a thing of the past, I’ll just invite you to have some crab stuffed mushroom caps and a drink. I promise I didn’t spike the punch. Bwahahaha!