Book Spotlight: The Apologist by A.A. Weiss @sunburypress #spythriller

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Welcome to another Book Spotlight with Sunbury Press author, A. A. Weiss. If you enjoy thrillers and high-octane intrigue, The Apologist is right up your reading alley. Take a look at this compelling novel, then hang around to chat with A. A. in the comments. It’s my pleasure to host him today!

Book cover for The Apologist shows busy street in Asian Country with cars and bike rider in foreground


Book Description:

Luke Lundy won’t kill for America ever again.

As the ex-assassin transitions to a government job behind a desk, he grows increasingly disillusioned by the errors in judgment made by the last five presidents. He works tirelessly to reverse the negative impact of American actions abroad, but his new bosses only see a paranoid former field operative no longer interested in protecting his country.

And yet, one newly-elected Congressman believes that Lundy should be the lead operative for a bare-bones mission to prevent an international incident in China. Given a plane ticket and complete operational independence, Lundy is tasked with a three-day-mission to locate Patrick Allred, an American teacher who disappeared in Beijing after run-ins with organized crime and secret police.

Using decades of his covert experience, Luke Lundy tracks his target through a web of human traffickers, designer drug dealers, and corrupt government officials. Saddled with a partner he doesn’t trust, leads that don’t make sense, and each new clue indicating a set-up, Lundy aims to locate the missing person while fighting his own old habits—like killing to stay alive.


Author Bio:
AA WeissA.A. Weiss is the author of the Luke Lundy thriller series and the travel memoir Lenin’s Asylum. His essays and short stories have appeared in various journals and twice received special mention in the Pushcart Prize Anthology. A recipient of award grants from the Bronx Council on the Arts and the Maryland State Arts Council, he lives with his family in Silver Spring, Maryland. You can learn more at


The Apologist is book one in the Luke Lundy series, so it’s the perfect time to become immersed in the life of this fascinating character. There’s nothing like a little espionage and international mystery to keep a reader glued to the pages.

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