A New Look and Changes

Three parrots are chatting under the header "Did you hear Mae's news?"Hi, friends. I usually reserve Tuesday for book reviews, but today is different for several reasons. As usual, I had my nose buried in a book last week, but it was a beta read for a friend, which means I can’t share my review just yet. Bummer, because I’m super excited about this novel. You’ll have to wait several months for the release, but rest assured, I’ll be dancing around and chanting “rah-rah” as I cheer my friend on!

Secondly, a few weeks ago, I made a change in how I keep up with the blogs I follow (if you’re reading this, that means you! 🙂 ). Because I follow so many blogs, my inbox balloons each day like a mushroom on steroids. A friend suggested I try Reader, something I’d avoided in the past. I have no idea why, because using Reader has made life so much easier. This means I no longer get a notification when you make a new blog post, but by scrolling through Reader I’m able to see it. Sounds good, right?

There is one downside. I have not been able to find a way to organize which blogs appear first in my Reader, which means I have a long list to scroll through. If I’ve missed any of your posts, please excuse my lapse. I’m still on a learning curve but getting better.

Finally, you may have noticed the look of my blog has changed. Also that all of my secondary pages have disappeared, replaced by a single new entry—VISIT MY WEBSITE.

Creating a website is something that has been on my to-do liist far longer than I want to admit. It’s embarrassing. Seriously.

I finally took the time over the long Labor Day weekend to cobble one together (if you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’ve probably noticed I like the word “cobble”).

I’d be seriously jazzed (that’s another favorite word), if you hopped over to MaeClair.com, poked around, then let me know what you think. The website supports everything that was previously on my blog with a link to this site. I’ve learned from others to keep the blog where it’s currently homed. There’s too much history involved to start over.

You’re currently visiting my blog home, which is MaeClair.net. My website is MaeClair.com. Each connects to the other. I hope you’ll use them both.

Next Tuesday, look for a return to book reviews which will continue to be a regular feature. I’m also hoping to introduce a few other regular weekly posts, returning to a habit I haven’t been able to maintain for years due to looming publisher deadlines. With those behind me, I’m excited by new prospects for expanding my blogging schedule.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll visit my new WEBSITE, bookmark it, and let me know what you think. How do you like the look? Does it work for my genre? Did I do a good job?

Dressing up the Décor

It’s Thursday and the week is almost over. Today I thought I’d share some new decorating and housekeeping I’ve done on my website. I’m so active on my blog that I tend to forget I actually have a website too. Yeah. I know. Surprising, huh?

I’ve been woefully neglectful of MaeClair.com and decided it was time to dress up the décor. I’ve added two new pages – – one for Weathering Rock and one for my Weathering Rock book trailer. Why two?

Er, it’s an ugly story that involves uncooperative content boxes, a pathetically immature hissy fit thrown by yours-truly, and a long call to Go Daddy tech support. Let’s just say it was easier to do it this way (and hey, I work with graphic images and website interfaces constantly as part of my day job. Sometimes you just have to give the round to the web platform). Fortunately, my computer and I are friends again. I even managed to add a Twitter stream to my home page, though it’s not exactly the way I envisioned it.

Go Daddy tells me they are revamping their Website Tonight package and rolling out a new platform within the next few weeks that will make the behind-the-scenes stuff easier to manage. I’m crossing my fingers as there’s a lot more I’d like to do but, in the meantime, I thought I’d say “Hey, look, what I did!” LOL! If you get a chance, check it out at MaeClair.com. I give Go Daddy high marks for the background (which I love) and a tech support department that has the ability to calm even a highly-strung writer at wit’s end.

Announcing MaeClair.com

Whew!  My website, MaeClair.com is finally online. Give it a look-see when you get a chance and be sure to blabber the news to everyone you know!  For someone who daylights in marketing you’d think this stuff would be second nature for me, but there’s a learning curve when you’re promoting yourself (I have to say things about ME? Seriously? Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!). Well, I think I’m past that hurdle and have come to the realization that writing isn’t only about telling stories—it’s about sharing them and making sure readers know where to find them.

That involves shedding the privacy shell and developing an online presence.  So I’ve plopped a few of my writing samples in the Story Snippets section of my website until things move ahead with Weathering Rock. Nothing major . . .  a scene each from three novels in progress.

Myth and Magic is finished, but waiting on a final edit. Courting Stones, although complete, requires reworking due to a new plot thread and, finally, Sea Myth, is a work-in-progress I’m anxious to return to. All three of these involve elements of myth and mystery in a modern day setting.  I hope you enjoy them and will bookmark MaeClair.com for future visits!