Mae Clair: Bewitching Book Covers of 2012

I have a confession to make. I’m one of those readers who judges a book by its
cover. As I writer, that’s not an entirely desirable trait – I’m sure there are
plenty of stellar novels out there with not so stellar covers — but I can’t
stop my attraction for glossy artwork. Covers draw me like a moth to a flame. Give me a good cover and I will definitely read the book blurb. A not so great cover and I’m likely to pass without a second glance. That may come across as shallow, but as someone whose day job revolves around marketing, I understand the need for flash. So what covers bewitched me and caught my eye in 2012?  I want to share a few of my favorites here.

Many of my writer friends have stellar covers which I’ve already showcased, but I’m reaching beyond that to share some I haven’t before. Take a look and tell me what you think.

by Carla F. Cripps

Love, love LOVE this cover!
The cover of this book sucked me in enough to read the blurb. I fell in love with the ideal of a vampire from revolutionary times and immediately bought it for that story alone.

by Nevea Lane
I read very little erotic romance but, if the story intrigues me enough, I’m happy to indulge. I fell in love with the cover of this book but resisted buying it for several weeks because of its erotic nature (sorry, just my personal taste). But I’m a sucker for a guy with long hair, have a side interest in astronomy, and enjoy a good interracial romance. Toss in a gorgeous Russian, and I caved. I’m happy I bought this book. It was an enjoyable read.

Acquarian Stars

by Sandra Sookoo
I’m not sure where I first stumbled across this book but there were several things that attracted me. First the cover….doesn’t the guy remind you of Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson in Stargate?. I’ve always been attracted to that combination of bookish sensuality and sizzling romance. When I read the blurb and realized the character was a werewolf AND from the Civil War era, well, need I say more? LOL! This is high on my TBR list and, of course, already on my kindle.

A Wolfish Tangle

by Mary Winter
Erotic romance. I’m so shallow. Notice the guy with long hair? Sense a pattern here? Yes, I bought it. Beautiful cover. I gave it three stars on Amazon and Goodreads.
Ghost Touch

by Amanda McIntyre

This is one I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Love the cover, love the blurb. I will definitely be reading it in 2013. It’s been on my kindle too long. I love the blend of soft colors, the Christmas theme, historical aspect and, heck, the guy is gorgeous. What’s not to like?

A Christmas Promise

by Cassandra Clare

The cover that introduced me to Cassandra Clare. It was so utterly gorgeous (my vote for the best cover of 2012, period!), I couldn’t resist. The blurb sounded good and once I started reading, I was hooked. Big time. James (Gem) Carstairs has become one of my all-time favorite characters and, in turn, lead me to another favorite character, Jace Wayland of Ms. Clare’s Mortal Instruments series.  I’m a fan for life.

by Coral Moore

I’m still trying to figure out what it is about this book cover that works for me. It caught my attention but didn’t immediately suck me in. Then the more I looked at, the more I knew I was a goner. I think it’s a combination of those glowing blue eyes and blond hair. Then I read the blurb and knew I couldn’t pass without purchasing it. Definitely near the top of my TBR list for 2013.
Broods of Fenrir

by Rachelle Ayala

Another that has resided on my kindle and been on TBR list for months. I’m not sure what it is about the cover that attracts me, but it feels magical. Maybe it’s my love of King David. I’ve read a number of books about him. He holds a special place in my heart, and has long been my favorite Old Testament prophet. I definitely plan on reading this one in the coming year.

Michal's Window

by Jim Butcher

I’ve been meaning to start this series forever. I’m enthralled by the character, and this cover (along with most of them) ROCKS! I hope to hook up with Harry in the coming year. If it weren’t for the cover that drew me in I might have overlooked this hot series.
Cold Days

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

The cover is only so-so, nothing extraordinary. So why is it on this list? Because, I can’t say enough about the lead character. I waited over a year for this book to be released, just finished it this past weekend, and am already hungry for the next one. Aloysius Pendergast is not a romantic character. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child do not write romance. They write bizarre thrillers with a twist of mystery, but they are undeniably my favorite authors, and I am completely besotted with Pendergast. I know they never intended to create a romantic lead, but I am in love with this man. If I spent the rest of my life reading new Pendergast stories each day I would be blissfully happy. For that reason and that reason alone, I have to include this book on my list. The cover doesn’t rate up there with the rest, but when it comes to a man that makes women swoon, no one does it better than Pendergast. *sigh* Do I really have to wait an entire year for ANOTHER book? I’m not sure I’ll survive!

Okay, so I shared some of my fave covers of 2012. What are some of yours? —

Mae Clair: If You Write it . . .

. . . will they read it? I hope so!

I haven’t done a Friday post in a while, but I have some wonderful news I couldn’t wait to share. My sister author at Lyrical Press, Renita Pizzitola did some sleuthing on Goodreads and told me WEATHERING ROCK has appeared! Squeeeeee!

It took me all of three seconds to hop over and bask in the glorious glow of the screen. Do you know what this means (er, aside from the fact I had to be peeled from the ceiling and resuscitated by invisible book knaves whose job it is to monitor first-time authors for rampant enthusiasm)?

It’s another step forward in my progression to author.
Another step toward WEATHERING ROCK release day, October 8.
Another momentous stride toward sharing my characters and their story with the world.

Wow! I break out in goosebumps when I think about it.

You could add to my shivery feeling of delight by including WEATHERING ROCK on your “to read” list at Goodreads. Rest assured you’ll make my day, and the invisible book knaves will be forced to summon reinforcements to return me to terra firma.

Not that I plan on staying there for long.

Thanks again to Renita. She has her own book releasing on October 8, a YA novel called GOSSAMER that you can also find on Goodreads. And she’ll be on my blog on Setpember 14th, doing an author interview with me and sharing all the magical, whimsical elements woven into GOSSAMER. I hope you’ll come back and join us.

In the meantime, I must go do some more basking. And floating. Sssh! Don’t tell the book knaves. 🙂

Werewolves to RFK. Seriously?

Is your TBR pile exploding? Mine is. I keep buying books but can’t find the time to make a dent. I’m in the middle of an engrossing YA series by Cassandra Clare called The Mortal Instruments, currently on book three, City of Glass.

I get frustrated when I can’t curl up with my Kindle Fire (okay, that doesn’t have the same ring as curling up with a book, but you get the idea). This is a six book series with five currently in print, the sixth scheduled for release in September of 2014.

There’s also a steampunk prequel, The Infernal Devices. A trilogy, two of the three novels are available now, with Clockwork Princess coming in March 2013. Check out the awesome cover for Clockwork Prince (book 2). Moody, beautiful and artistically envisioned, it’s what orginially reeled me in to take a look at the series.

Instruments and Devices aside, I’m addicted to one-clicking on Amazon. Wow, is that thing handy! Click, buy, click, buy. Two more this week. It made me slow down and take a look at what’s been accumulating in the pile:

Click to Visit Beverly Rae’s Website

Romance Titles:
Betting the Moon by Beverly Rae
Yes, there is werewolf! A sexy one too. 🙂
Lord Midnight by Donna Cummings
Heart of the Hunter by Linda Anne Wulf
Summer’s Song by Allie Boniface
Rendezvous at Midnight by Lynne Connelly

The Jackal Man by Kate Ellis
I love her Wesley Peterson series, currently at fifteen books. I’ve read nine so far and intend to finish with those I’ve missed.
Eyes of Prey by John Sanford
There are twenty-two Prey books. I’ve read seven. Sanford has a crisp no-frills way of writing I like. Surprising, given I normally go for descriptive prose.
Silent Kills by C.E. Lawrence
Book three of a trilogy

Other Titles:
The Aristotelian by Steve Poling
Young Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft is the protagonist.
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain
Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by C. David Heymann
Most times when I read non-fiction, I immediately reach for anything on
Robert F. Kennedy

So, there you have my current TBR pile, from werewolves to RFK. Of course it doesn’t include titles on my wish list, many discovered on Six Sentence Sundays, some still waiting for release.

I know the pile will continue to grow as one can never have too many books!

Remember the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough at Last? Burgess Meredith played a bookworm whose single driving passion was reading. He couldn’t find the time, plagued by obligations to the people around him. Then the world ended, leaving him the sole survivor with a treasure-trove of books. He thought he’d discovered nirvana until he shattered his glasses reaching for the first novel. *shudder* That episode has stayed with me since I was a kid.

Apocalyptic catastrophes aside, what’s lurking in your to-be-read pile?