Happy Halloween!

It’s pumpkin day, and for the first time in forever I don’t have a pumpkin. Somehow, I didn’t manage to purchase one this year. I’m bummed because I normally go on an excursion each year to find the perfect plump orange gourd.

I did check a few places, but by the time I got around to my search, there were few offerings left. I did, however, manage to fill a basket with assorted funky gourds. Those bumpy, silly things have made me blissfully happy since I was a kid. Did you know they’re among the oldest cultivated plants, and were once used as water containers by the Egyptians?

In my neck of the woods, I will be handing out candy to little ghosts and imps tonight since it’s time for trick-or-treat. My husband and I were on vacation all last week (more on that later this week), but I did manage to stack up on chocolate bars for my little visitors. When I was a kid, I loved this night. Even as an adult, I find it fun and filled with magic.

I’ve closed comments as I expect to be crazy busy today (first work day back from vacation) and tonight (handing out treats), but I couldn’t let the moment pass without wishing everyone a . . .

Happy Halloween graphic with cute black cat, jack-o-lanterns, own in tree and spider

Image courtesy of Pixabay