Book Reviews by Mae Clair: Pour it On by Staci Troilo, Jagged Feathers by Jan Sikes @stacitroilo @jansikes3 #romance

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Happy post Hump Day! To off set your mid-week winter blahs (for those of you in the northern hemisphere), I have two romantic reads sure to perk you up. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, enjoying sunshine and warmth, these are perfect companions to take to the beach or pool. Both are new releases and both were penned by Story Empire colleagues. How cool is that? Naturally, I am super excited to share!

cover for Pour it On, by Staci Troilo shows silhouette of couple in foreground, wine glass in back ground

Keystone Couples #2
by Staci Troilo

One of my favorite types of stories are those built around misunderstandings, especially when it involves mistaken identity. Staci Troilo has penned a gem that dishes up—an appropriate pun for a tale centered in a restaurant—generous servings of humor and romance.

Restaurant owner, Romy Chandler, has lost her sommelier right before a huge meet-and-greet, and I do mean RIGHT before. Plus, Valentine’s Day is lingering around the corner. Rick Santucci is a vintner who needs to get his wine into the right establishments to grow his winery. Do you sense the stars aligning?

That’s all well and good, but Troilo, who has a deft touch with couples’ romance, isn’t about to let things proceed smoothly. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but let’s just say this short tale will warm your heart while tickling your funny bone. The dialogue is fast and flirty, the scenes stacking like dominos that tumble into a brilliant HEA ending.

Grab a glass of your favorite pinot or merlot, settle into a comfy seat, then Pour it On with this enchanting story that will leave you laughing on the sidelines and rooting for the characters. Troilo is a master of her craft who always delivers a polished tale. I can’t wait for the next Keystone Couples novella!


The White Rune Series #2
By Jan Sikes

Book cover for Jagged Feathers by Jan Sikes shows a dream catcher with feathers, two large blue feathers in the center

Vann Noble is an ex-solider, suffering from PTSD, living off the grid in an isolated cabin. His companion is a stray dog nearly as damaged as he is, but with the same stalwart and loyal heart as Vann’s.

When Vann crosses paths with Nakina Bird—a woman clearly fleeing a dangerous situation—he’s determined to help her. Soon both are on the run, fleeing gunmen bent on retrieving a mysterious package Nakina was given by her former boss.

What stands out in this slick romance most is the time the author invested in her characters. It’s wonderful seeing how Vann and Nakina, both damaged in their own way, find themselves drawing closer together. Nakina also has a psychic gift and is tuned into the metaphysical. Symbols and signs are deftly woven into the plot, including a white rune stone that appeared in Ghostly Interference, book one in this series.

I liked seeing familiar characters return and meeting new ones. Champion, Vann’s dog, stole my heart with his devotion to Nakina. Most of all, the message of love over adversity and the commitment of two souls joining together shines through. The HEA is well-deserved and left me with a warm smile. I’m already looking forward to Colt’s story in the final book of the series. If you love romance woven with suspense and characters who will have you cheering, Jagged Feathers is an ideal read. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I love how the author wove the title into the story. A thoroughly enjoyable and romantic read.


84 thoughts on “Book Reviews by Mae Clair: Pour it On by Staci Troilo, Jagged Feathers by Jan Sikes @stacitroilo @jansikes3 #romance

  1. Thank you, Mae, for sharing your reviews. I loved Pour It On, but I’ve yet to read Jagged Feathers. It’s on my TBR list. Congratulations to both authors! 😊

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  2. Super reviews, Mae! I’m happy to say I have both of these books awaiting me. Now to find more time for reading! I’m still catching up on things to do that accumulated everywhere during my last breakthrough bout with you-know-what. But catchup I will! And then, my reading time will be a bit more generous, and I’ll start catching up with the goodies on my Kindle as well.

    Congratulations Staci and Jan on these two great reviews! And best wishes to both of you for the loads and loads of sales! Sounds like you’ve earned them, to me! ☺❤

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    • Marcia, I know both Staci and Jan will appreciate hearing their books are on your read list. Those darn things are never under control, are they, LOL? But they are great for when life gives us a window to relax and read. I know you will enjoy both of these when you have a moment. Stay healthy and well, and thanks for adding your congrats for Staci and Jan!

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    • I don’t read much of it myself, Noelle, but every now and then I like a good romantic read and these both fit the ticket. Pour it On is also just a comedy of errors and misunderstandings. I love how light-hearted it was.

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    • Both Pour it On and Jagged Feathers are excellent reads, Jacqui, and both have been getting a lot of well deserved buzz in the blogosphere.

      Oh! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Libby post on SE. That app is a gem! I loved sharing about it and introducing it to readers who weren’t familiar with it. One of the better apps I’ve downloaded in a long time!

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