Book Review Tuesday: A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt, Saving Parker by Dan Walsh @JillWeatherholt #christianromance #smalltownfiction

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Happy Tuesday! I have two books to share today, both in a similar heart-warming vein. Both of these authors were new to me, but you can bet I’ll be reading their work again. I’ve already snatched up more books from both. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I devour psychological suspense and thrillers, but every now and then, I want to lose myself in the pages of small town life with a fat HEA at the end. Both of these did the trick and then some!


She’d given up on having a family…until he made her feel right at home.

First-grade teacher Joy Kelliher has two new students—twin boys who belong to her high school sweetheart. If teaching Nick Capello’s sons wasn’t difficult enough, the widower’s also her neighbor…and competing for the principal job she wants. Now with little matchmakers drawing Joy and Nick together, can they overcome a painful past to build the family Joy’s always wanted?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A heartwarming story about second chance romance, A Mother for His Twins ticks all the right boxes for anyone looking for a feel-good novel with a lovely HEA. Joy and Nick grew up together, falling in love in their teen years. They always knew they would be together until Nick’s family moved abruptly and Joy was cut out of his life.

Fast forward years later. Nick returns to his hometown, a widower with twin boys. The boys join Jill’s grade school class, quickly stealing her heart (and the heart of the reader). Meanwhile, Jill is vying for the position of principal at the school where she works, the only other applicant, Nick.

I don’t read a lot of romance, but I don’t really consider this story romance at the heart, so much as a tale of people finding their way back to each other. That journey is helped along by Nick’s boys, Joy’s sister and her niece, and the guiding touch of God. The story has a light Christian theme, twined with Hallmark-esque moments that will melt your heart. The characters suffer ups and downs, which make the eventual HEA all the sweeter. Both Nick and Joy have burdens in their past, secrets that present hurdles they need to overcome if they’re to recapture the love they once had. Factor in they’re both applicants for the same job, and the stakes rachet higher.

The writing is polished, the characters (even the secondary ones), beautifully defined. I breezed through the pages, enchanted by the author’s casual flair with handling the day-to-day challenges of her MCs. This is book 3 in a series, but it reads fine as a standalone. I enjoyed it so much, I immediately bought another after finishing. I’m smitten!


After years of abuse and neglect, Parker is found chained in a junk-filled backyard after a drug bust. The little guy’s terrified of people. Officer Ned Barringer brings him to a nearby shelter for medical care. When Ned learns how hard it is for dogs like Parker to get adopted, he must do more. He’s also instantly taken with Kim Harper, one of the shelter managers. She offers to train Parker for free. Ned instantly accepts. That same day, he meets his next-door neighbor, a ten-year-old boy named Russell. Russell is hiding a black-eye, compliments of two bullies at school. This angers Ned. He suffered the same fate as a child. It’s the main reason he became a cop. But what can he do? When a near-death tragedy occurs, what role might Parker play in bringing these three lives together?

Dan Walsh is known for page-turning, character driven novels. Fans of Dan’s other novels, as well as dog-lovers everywhere will especially enjoy Saving Parker (and if they do, 3 more books are available in the Forever Home series, including Book 4, Keeping Bailey, the sequel to Saving Parker).


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is a heartwarming story built around Parker, a dog who gets a second chance at a forever home. Abused by his former owner, a drug dealer, Parker is rescued by Ned, a police officer. If you’re worried about animal abuse, don’t be. The neglect Parker endures happens before the story starts, which makes this about his learning to trust people again, and his journey to recovery.

Ned is a great character, strong, and l likeable. He decides to take a chance on fostering/adopting Parker, and through that decision connects with Kim, who works at an animal shelter. He also has new neighbors—a single mom and her sixth-grade son, Russell, who becomes a target for bullies at school.

The story shifts between Parker’s recuperation, Ned and Kim juggling emerging romantic feelings, and Ned helping Russell find a way to stand up to the bullies. There is nothing earth-shattering in the plot, just clean, wholesome feel-good entertainment. Think Hallmark with a light Christian theme. Although this is the third book in a series, it reads fine as a standalone. I got the impression some of the characters cross over from book to book, but I had zero difficulty following the story. If I hadn’t been aware beforehand, I wouldn’t even realize Saving Parker is book three in a series.

I enjoyed the humbleness and simplicity of the tale, to the extent that I plan to seek out other titles in this series. If you enjoy reading books about dogs, and a story that leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, you’ll find Saving Parker enchanting.

57 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday: A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt, Saving Parker by Dan Walsh @JillWeatherholt #christianromance #smalltownfiction

  1. What a nice surprise, Mae. Thank you so much for your lovely review. I’m so happy you enjoyed A Mother for His Twins. I sure miss those little fellas! I have Dan’s book on my Kindle. After reading your review, I’ll need to move it up in my queue. Thanks again!

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    • I loved your tale, Jill, and went back and bought the first in the series. I’d like to catch up with all of them–and I see there is now a new release to add. It will take me a while, but I look forward to the stories.

      Saving Parker was my first time reading Dan Walsh, but I loved the story. I bought the one that follows after it about Bailey 🙂


  2. I’ve read several of Dan’s books including the first of the Forever Home series. I always enjoy his books.

    I don’t read a lot of romance these days, but Jill’s book sounds like one I’d enjoy. Oh, that TBR list…

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    • I can so relate to the TBR list, Joan. There is no end in sight, LOL!

      This was my first time reading Dan Walsh, but I already bought the book that follows Saving Parker (about Bailey). I look forward to discovering more of his work.

      Jill’s story did have a romantic theme, but I found it much more about family and second chances. I don’t read a lot of romance either, but I loved this story!

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  3. Sounds like two feel-good books, Mae. I like the idea of Jill’s two characters competing for the same job – adds some interesting and kind of awkward conflict. I’m so glad Saving Parker doesn’t show the abuse on page – that’s something I just can’t read, but the description warmed my heart knowing he gets a forever home. Two wonderful reviews – congrats to Jill and Dan!

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    • It was very interesting how Jill handle the job competition plot thread, Teri.That aspect definitely added to the overall plot.

      I can’t read books that depict abuse to animals either, Teri. Saving Parker was just a big feel good HEA for everyone involved (including Parker). 🙂

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  4. Two warm and fuzzy-feeling reads, Mae. These must both have left you with a smile on your face and hope for the world. Thank you for sharing. They sound awesome!! A big congrats to the authors!

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  5. I think Saving Parker would have me bawling my eyes out. I don’t do very well with animal stories. I can’t even handle the commercials for movies about animals without welling up. (Lol. I’ve got issues 💔). But both books sounds wonderful. Definitely a nice break before the next thriller! Wonderful reviews, Mae!

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    • I hear you, Tessa. Animals are so defenseless and just want to be loved. I was so happy that Parker found a loving home. I just wanted to hug him!
      Jill’s book was every bit as heartwarming, especially with the adorable twins. Like you said….a nice break from thriller reading.

      Speaking of which, wait until you see my review tomorrow! 😀

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    • Yep, wonderful with a capital W, Jacqui. You’ll enjoy it.

      And I’m so glad I found Jill’s books. She knows how to tell a tale that tugs on the heartstrings and leaves her reader with a smile!

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    • Jill’s writing does hold a special charm, Balroop. What a great description. I hope to discover more of her writing style as I read more of her work.
      And Dan’s book was just as heartwarming, with the focus on an adorable dog in need of a loving home. I’m a “cat” person, but anything with an animal tugs at my heart. Glad you enjoyed the reviews!

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  6. I’m interested in both of these books but especially the whole Forever Home series. Saving Parker sounds like a perfect read for me. I like that the author spares readers on the abuse. Not sure if I could handle it. Good to know it’s a standalone too!

    Excellent reviews, Mae! ❤️

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    • I’m glad I’ve intrigued you with both of them, Mischenko. As someone who turns into a sap with books about animals looking for a forever home, I’m glad you’re considering adding Saving Parker (and the whole series) to your TBR. There’s no abuse involved, just lots of warm fuzzies. I wish you happy reading!

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  7. I’ve read Jill’s book and enjoyed it, Mae. Definitely heartwarming! And dog stories are just fine with me as long as they’re HEA. Dan’s book sounds like a good one. And that you have more books lined up from both authors “speaks volumes.” Happy Reading.

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    • It’s great to hear you enjoyed Jill’s fabulous story as well, Diana. And yep, Dan’s book comes with a lovely HEA just like Jill’s. Both left me with huge smiles. I also enjoyed the small town settings of both stories. I could see them playing out as Hallmark movies!


    • They’re both great books, Robbie. And it’s understandable why you would be having trouble finding the time to read right now. I do it just before I go to bed as a way to relax from the day. Hope things settle for you and your family soon.

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    • Hi, Mark! How nice to have you stop by and check out the review. Jill is a star and tells a lovely story. I have to say Dan does too. I loved both of these books for the warm small-town values themes!

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