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Thanks for joining me for another Book Spotlight. Today, I’m welcoming Sunbury Press author, J.A. Wash with his suspense/thriller novel, Out of Kindness. J. A. has the perfect background to spin this type of tale, as you’ll see when you check out his bio. First be sure to read the blurb for his very intriguing release, then drop a line to share your thoughts! Doesn’t that cover rock?

Book Description:

A beautiful Irish island reveals its ugly secrets in this thriller of the opioid crisis

Sean Casper retired from the Boston Police to get away from murderers. He left Massachusetts to get away from everything else, especially his broken marriage and the pain of his son’s fentanyl overdose.

Casper retreats to a seaside cottage on a beautiful Irish island, unaware he is surrounded by ugly secrets. When Casper finds a mutilated lamb ritually displayed in an ancient cemetery, he reads up on the island’s only recorded murder and sees a pattern.

One of the island’s 600 residents is a serial killer. Someone else is about to die.

His investigation leads to Aoife Walsh, an island native suffering from the same addiction that killed his son. Her best friend was murdered twenty years ago, and she knows who did it. With no authority, but nothing to lose, Casper goes after the killer. 

Instead of finding an island refuge, Casper discovers much of Europe’s heroin passes through the island’s remote coast. And as he gets closer to the truth, he places himself in the crosshairs of the island’s drug traffickers, who will do anything to protect their secrets.

Out of Kindness is a thriller about grief and isolation, swirling in the backdrop of the opioid epidemic, on one of the most hauntingly beautiful islands on Earth.


JA Walsh (Author)AUTHOR BIO:

J.A. Walsh worked in intelligence and counter-terrorism after the 9/11 attacks, before embarking on a career advising the U.S. military on energy security strategy. He has degrees in Russian, English literature, and Environmental Law. He and his family split time between Lake Norman, North Carolina and the Florida Keys. Learn more at


I love the location of this one. The story definitely sounds like one to sink your reading chops into, don’t you think? J.A. will be dropping by to say hello, so be sure to let him know your thoughts in the comments. We’d both be delighted if you’d use the sharing buttons to spread the word about Out of Kindness. Thank you for visiting today!

72 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Out of Kindness by J.A. Walsh @JAWALSH_BOOKS @SunburyPress #thriller #suspense

      • J. A., if you would ever like to do a guest post on my blog, I host guest authors on Thursdays. It’s a great place to share the background that led to how a book came about or even something related to the novel. You can DM me on Twitter should you like to do that with this novel or any future book you may have. You can also email me directly at maeclair (at) maeclair (dot) com. Wishing you all the best with your book release!

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  1. Having been born on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m always attracted to stories set in Ireland, and this sounds like a humdinger! I’m squeezing it in near the top of my virtual TBR stack awaiting me on my Kindle. And any writer who splits his time between Florida (native-born Floridian, here) and North Carolina (where the mountains speak to my soul) is A-OK with me! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Mae! And best of luck to J. A. Walsh with this one! 🙂

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      • Thanks Marcia! There’s was only one day we could release the book, wasn’t there? I hope you enjoy it. My WIP is a crime story set in the Keys…you’ll have to read Out of Kindness to see if Sean can make it through and down to Florida for the next book in a series…

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      • Already got it, J. A., and definitely planning to read it soon! It will be fun to continue the series in the Keys, even though I actually live in central Florida. Still, I’ve been to Margaritaville many times over the years. I’m excited about having a new series to follow! And again, best of luck to you with both Out of Kindness and your new WIP. I’ll definitely be following along. 🙂

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    • That’s awesome you’re squeezing it near the top of your TBR, Marcia. I know how towering those things get (mine included, LOL). Thanks for visiting to cheer on J.A.– you’ve got a lot in common with your tromping grounds!

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    • Hi, BMiller. Many thanks for dropping by to share your thoughts. Out of Kindness sounds like an awesome read. Glad you’re a fan of J.A’.s writing and looking forward to this one!


  2. What an intriguing plot. I haven’t read a page, and I like the sound of it already. In addition, what a resume. Thank you for your service, J.A.

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    • Great comment, Pete. It is an indeed an intriguing plot, and I can’t imagine doing the kind of work J.A. did, especially at such a turbulent time for America. Amazing service!


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