The Vanished Boy by Harmony Kent @harmony_kent #mystery #suspense #bookreview

Yes, I know it’s a Monday and not my normal day for posting reviews, but I already had my Tuesday Book review post formatted and ready to go (I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to check out the selections), when I devoured The Vanished Boy in two days. Rather than waiting another week to share my review, I thought I’d post it today. This one gets an easy five stars. Congrats to my Story Empire colleague, Harmony, on delivering such an excellent novel!

It’s so remote out here. Anything could happen …

A missed phone call in the night is all it takes.

When Carole’s 18-year-old son goes missing, she breaks into Jayden’s laptop to try to understand his life.

All too soon, Carole discovers just how little she knew her boy.

And when one lead after another dead-ends, the distraught mother has to face the unthinkable.

Sucked into a sticky web of deceit and lies, nothing is as it seems.

When your life turns inside out and upside down, who would you trust?

Harmony Kent delivers a powerhouse novel about a teen’s disappearance. Carole is a widow with an eighteen-year-old son. When Jayden fails to return home one evening, she discovers she missed a cryptic text he sent. Two words only: “I’m stuck.”  Those words propel her into a frantic search that begins with her delving into his life online. The police insist Jayden is an adult, and there’s not much they can do—at least not until time has passed. But Carole reacts with the anguish of a mother for her only child.  

As she begins to piece together Jayden’s life through online activity, she learns there is a side to her son she didn’t know about. A side that has led him into a dangerous situation. The more she delves, the more the tension mounts, clues unravelling a bit at a time, for a staggering revelation at the end. 

I had read this book in two days, flipping pages well into the night. The story is well-plotted with a thoroughly satisfying wrap. If you enjoy psychological fiction and domestic suspense, this is engrossing story with a plot highly relevant to current times. 


I’ve read several of Harmony’s books. She always delivers an exceptional tale, but she really scored a home run with this one. If you’re a non U.S. reader, you can find The Vanished Boy at this LINK.

That’s it for me today, but please come back tomorrow when I’ve got two more excellent novels to share. I’ve also got a Book Spotlight coming up on Wednesday, and a guest author on Thursday, so it is going to be a busy week on The Pen of Mae Clair. 🙂

84 thoughts on “The Vanished Boy by Harmony Kent @harmony_kent #mystery #suspense #bookreview

  1. Sounds like a parent’s worst nightmare. I just picked Harmony’s book up the other day. Looking forward to getting to it in the next month or two.

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    • My pleasure to share, Harmony. Sorry about the goof with the title early. I guess I’m having a “Monday” LOL.
      You wrote an awesome story. I really hope you do more in this genre. It really suits!

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  2. Got this one on my Kindle, and very much looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing, Mae. And a great review! Congratulations, Harmony! And best wishes for huge success with this one! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Congratulations, Harmony! I am so happy for you. It’s on my kindle, and I’ll be reading it very soon. Thank you, Mae, for featuring Harmony and sharing your incredible review. 💗

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  4. Wow! I’ve been hearing some great things about this book and it sounds like a real page turner. It seems to be as much a cautionary tale, as it is a thriller. Excellent review, Mae. Congratulations, Harmony!


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