Guest Author: Mark Bierman @mbiermanauthor #spooky #halloweenpoem

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Hello, friends! I hope you will welcome first time guest, Mark Bierman, to my blog. I’ve reviewed Mark’s book, Vanished on my blog, and he often pops in to comment on posts and guest posts, but he’s never actually been the guest before. We’re changing that today.

If you’re not familiar with Mark, please check out his blog, Adventures in Writing. He always has something interesting to share, and is a wonderful person to know. And now, here’s Mark!

It’s an honor to be here! I can’t thank Mae enough for inviting me to be a guest on her mazing blog. I’ve read a number of her books and declare myself a fan. In light of her penchant for penning the superntaural and a nod to upcoming Halloween. I took a shot at writing a short poem based on this photo. Thanks for taking the time to read it and please have a look around Mae’s site.

spooky deserted room with fireplace, rocker and chandelier, ghostly hands and shadows on walls

Sit down a spell, your hosts await,

Mere Shadows, they’ll possess you, ten deep

Your mind is naught more than their slate

The soul is the prize, and it’s snatched for keeps

Oh, don’t be shy, cozy up to the fireplace

A dark finger, carves your name in the ashes

The letters turn bloody, you feel a cut on your face

A mirror reveals a black mass from chin to lashes

It spreads quickly over, and you’re now a host

The other Shadows glide through each other, and you

All substance gone, you drift aimlessly, like a ghost

Trapped for eternity, no portal to pass through    

That definitely induced the creep factor! I love that photo and Mark’s poem is a perfect goosebump match! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and will drop Mark a line with your thoughts. 

Also, be sure to check out his book, Vanished. You can find my 5-Star Review HERE.

Book cover for Vanished by Mark Bierman shows a white hand print on a red backgroundVANISHED
by Mark Bierman

Tragedy . . . heartache . . . how much more can Tyler Montgomery and John Webster take? This missions trip, the “healing” one, has only added fresh layers of pain. Construction of an orphanage in Haiti’s northwest . . . yes. But a doomed rescue operation, human traffickers, human anomalies, extreme personal danger . . . risk of death? They hadn’t signed up for those.

Turning their backs on the crisis, however, is unthinkable, it’s just not who they are.


photo of author, Mark BiermanAbout the Author:
Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman’s childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips, and many other outdoor adventures.

Transitioning into adulthood also meant moving into large urban areas that introduced this country boy to big city life.

Drawing upon his many experiences as a private investigator and later, a correctional officer, Mark combines his unique experiences and imagination to create stories and characters.

Connect with Mark at the following haunts:
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Goodreads | Instagram



89 thoughts on “Guest Author: Mark Bierman @mbiermanauthor #spooky #halloweenpoem

  1. Thank you, Mae, for hosting Mark today. His book, Vanished, is certainly a powerful read. The Halloween poem is a perfect touch for this creepy time of the year. All the best to you both!

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  2. Holy Moly, Mark! That poem left me with icy shivers! Well-done, my friend! It’s great to see you featured today at Mae’s place. Like you, I am a fan of her work. I’m happy to see your fabulous book, Vanished, featured. It’s a story that still lingers with me even after so much time has passed since reading it. Great post, Mark and Mae!

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  3. Goosebumps, Mark! Wow…
    “All substance gone, you drift aimlessly, like a ghost. Trapped for eternity, no portal to pass through.”
    That’s a powerful piece! It’s wonderful to see you here. Thanks for sharing your work with us. 🙂
    Many thanks for hosting, Mae. Cheers to you both!

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  4. It’s lovely to see you featured here today, Mark. I love this chilly poem and the image that sparked your muse to write it. I’ve also read and loved ‘Vanished’ Thanks so much for hosting Mark today, Mae. Perfect for Halloween!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Happy to see you here, Mark:) Your picture and poem are very spooky! This line is chilling : A dark finger, carves your name in the ashes. Yikes! Perfect for the Halloween season. Happy Halloween.

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