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Happy Monday, friends! Please pardon my absence of the last few days. I came down with a wretched sinus infection and earache the end of last week, and basically spent my days sleeping or lounging around the house and doing nothing. Because several of my symptoms mimicked COVID-19, I had to have the test done—not a pleasant experience, but thankfully, it doesn’t take long.

I also didn’t have to wait in a string of cars. There was only one ahead of me, so I breezed through pretty quickly. My test was negative, and I’m now feeling much better. I’ve been on antibiotics which have taken care of the sinus infection and earache, but during those down days, I missed a number of your blog posts. I hope to be back in my normal routine with this week.

For those of you who are on Kindle Unlimited, I wanted to share the news that A Cold Tomorrow, and A Desolate Hour, Books 2 and 3 of my Point Pleasant series will be available on KU until November 14. Each of the books can be read as stand alone, and each delves into the urban legend of the Mothman and the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Of all the books I’ve written, A Cold Tomorrow remains a personal favorite. I even had the cover made into a canvas wall print for my den. Blurbs for both books are below.

eerie farm road late at night below a green skyA Cold Tomorrow
Book 2 Point Pleasant

Where secrets make their home…

Book cover for A COLD TOMORROW by author, Mae Clair shows a deserted country lane at night beneath a sky of green cloudsStopping to help a motorist in trouble, Katie Lynch stumbles upon a mystery as elusive as the Mothman legend that haunts her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Could the coded message she finds herald an extraterrestrial visitor? According to locals, it wouldn’t be the first time. And what sense should she make of her young son’s sudden spate of bizarre drawings—and his claim of a late-night visitation? Determined to uncover the truth, Katie only breaks the surface when a new threat erupts. Suddenly her long-gone ex-boyfriend is back and it’s as if he’s under someone else’s control. Not only is he half-crazed, he’s intent on murder….

As a sergeant in the sheriff’s office of the famously uncanny Point Pleasant, Officer Ryan Flynn has learned to tolerate reports of puzzling paranormal events.   But single mom Katie Lynch appears to be in very real danger—and somehow Ryan’s own brother, Caden, is caught up in the madness, too. What the skeptical lawman discovers astounds him—and sends him into action. For stopping whatever evil forces are at play may just keep Katie and Caden alive….


Header image for A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair showing a man standing in a dark mysterious forest with bloody lake in foreground

A Desolate Hour
Book 3 Point Pleasant

Sins of the past could destroy all of their futures . . .

Book cover for A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair shows a small town overlooking a river at night, full moon overhead, cover in wash of green red and black with white letteringFor generations, Quentin Marsh’s family has seen its share of tragedy, though he remains skeptical that their misfortunes are tied to a centuries-old curse. But to placate his pregnant sister, Quentin makes the pilgrimage to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hoping to learn more about the brutal murder of a Shawnee chief in the 1700s. Did one of the Marsh ancestors have a hand in killing Chief Cornstalk—the man who cursed the town with his dying breath?

While historian Sarah Sherman doesn’t believe in curses either, she’s compelled to use her knowledge of Point Pleasant to uncover the long-buried truth. The river town has had its own share of catastrophes, many tied to the legendary Mothman, the winged creature said to haunt the woods. But Quentin’s arrival soon reveals that she may have more of a stake than she realized. It seems that she and Quentin possess eerily similar family heirlooms. And the deeper the two of them dig into the past, the more their search enrages the ancient mystical forces surrounding Point Pleasant. As chaos and destruction start to befall residents, can they beat the clock to break the curse before the Mothman takes his ultimate revenge? . . .


If you’ve been considering this series, and you’re a KU subscriber, now is a great time to take advantage. This is the first time my publisher has placed any of my books in the KU program. I’m eager to see how it goes.

Happy reading. And, as we near autumn in the northern hemisphere, and the start of cold and flu season, stay safe out there!

67 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Books #Mothman

  1. Oh Mae, you poor sausage! Getting a Covid test while having a sinus infection must have been the worst! They really go for brain tissue with those tests (well, at least down here they do 😊 ).
    Okay, embarrassing admission time. I read and loved the first Point Pleasant book, then missed out on the next two. Gah! What an idiot. I just realised now, looking at the blurbs. Off to fix this blunder right now!

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    • Thanks, Joan. I only had to wait three days for the test results which was so much better than the projected 4-10 days they tell you at the testing site.

      And I’m glad you liked A Cold Tomorrow as much as I did 🙂

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    • The worst with getting sick is when you have several symptoms of COVID and worry about infecting other people. I’m glad I got my test results so quickly and didn’t have to do a 14-day quarantine!

      That’s great about KU. Given how much I read, I should probably consider a subscription, too.


  2. Woohooo! Great to see you back on your blog, Mae! I am SO happy you are feeling better, and hope this week goes smoothly for you. The whole Point Pleasant series is a big favorite of mine. I know more people are about to discover it, and will soon be just as hooked as I was. I had never heard of Mothman before reading these books (in spite of the movie) and would love to find time to revisit them! Good luck with KU. And WELCOME BACK! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks for the welcome back, Marcia! It was scary to think I could have the coronavirus, but by the 2nd day I was pretty sure it was just a nasty sinus infection. The earache was actually the worst part of it, and I had a lot of relief when that went away.

      I’m so glad I introduced you to the Mothman and that you liked my Point Pleasant books. Those stories have a special place in my heart 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you are feeling better. Ear aches are dreadful and on top of a sinus infection – I can imagine. The Mothman books sound wonderful! I’m excited that they are being offered on KU 😊

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    • The ear ache was the worst of the whole mess, Tessa. I was so glad when it calmed down and the pain went away.
      I’m glad you’re excited about Mothman on KU. Those books really hold a special place in my heart as I did a huge portion of my research on location.

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    • Aww, thanks for such a lovely comment, Noelle.
      I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the test came back negative. It’s good to be feeling myself again.
      And I am so pleased you enjoyed my books! 🙂


    • I don’t have KU either, Sue, but I’m starting to wonder if I should look into it given how much I read. It seems to be growing in popularity, so hopefully my Mothman books will do well there.
      And I am feeling so much better. It’s great to have that mess behind me, LOL!

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    • Jacqui, I think I might have to look into KU given how much I read. I’m going to have to check some of my recent Kindle purchases and see if I could have gotten them through KU. It deifnitely seems to be growing in popularity.

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    • Thanks for that testimonial, Craig. It’s a personal favorite of mine, especially book 2, A Cold Tomorrow. I’m so glad you enjoyed my journey into Point Pleasant and Mothman-related mysteries.
      And I am thankful for the test results, especially the quick turnaround. The testing site really had their act together.

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  4. You had to be miserable. Glad the antibiotics kicked in. And glad it wasn’t Covid. I loved the entire Point Pleasant series. Hope a ton of new readers find it and then move on to Hode’s Hill. I loved that series, too!

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    • Thanks, Judi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the PP series, and my Hode’s HIll series 🙂

      Thursday and Friday last week were the worst. By Saturday I was feeling better, then Sunday I was almost 100%. I’m definitely feeling good today. 🙂

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  5. Sorry you’ve been sick, Mae. Sinus infections are miserable along with having to do the Covid test with it. Glad it came back negative and the antibodtics are helping.

    Good news about your books!

    Take care of yourself. Sending hugs. xo

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  6. I’m sorry to hear about your sinus infection, Mae. They are very miserable. My son has also just had one and he always needs two antibiotics because of his biofilm. I have been off work for a week and will remain off for another two weeks due to an unexpected health issue. I am quite enjoying just blogging, reading and generally taking it easy.

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  7. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell, my friend, and relieved that the test results were negative. That test is just awful. I’ve had some nasty earaches myself and know just how debilitating they are. I hope this great series garners a stack of new readers on KU.😊

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  8. Sorry to hear you had sinus infection, Mae. I was wondering what happened to you because I didn’t see you for a few days. Hope you’re getting better by now. Glad you didn’t have to wait to get the Covid test done.

    I had a little stuffy nose from the ash in the air from the fire but the air is getting better, but it’s still on orange-level 3.

    Thank you for the info about your books on KU. Take care! ❤

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  9. Sorry to hear you have been ill, Mae! Keep breathing, please – we need you! I must grab A Cold Tomorrow, and get over my reading famine for a change, because I enjoyed the Mothman. Confidentially, we could do with something similar around here. It would make life more interesting!

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    • Ah, I wouldn’t mind spotting a Mothman soaring through the sky myself. It would definitely add some excitement.

      I’m feeling much better now, down to just the useful annoying allergy stuff, LOL.

      I hope you enjoy A Cold Tomorrow. I really like that one 🙂


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