Book Review Tuesday: Survival (Muddy River 6) by Judi Lynn, The Nine (Astral Conspiracy 3) by D.L. Cross

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It’s the last Tuesday of August and my summer reading season is winding down. I always seem to read the most during the summer, because I get all those lazy days by my pool with a paperback or my Kindle. Today, I have two 5-star reads that kept me entertained last week. Both are continuations of series that have me hooked and waiting for more releases.

Book cover for Survival: Muddy River 6 shows sun in full eclipse shining down on a large outstretched hand, palm forward, image of skull on hand, clouds in backgroundSurvival (Muddy River 6)
by Judi Lynn

In the latest Muddy River adventure, Raven and Hester and their town of supernatural residents, are threatened by ancient powers from Europe. Big, bad nasties that have decided to move across the pond and subjugate supernaturals in America. The best way to do that is to wipe out the strongest among them.

Raven and Hester are looking forward to a relaxing week at their lake house for spring vacation, but they no sooner arrive than they’re targeted by vampires, witches, and shifters of a very old order. Muddy River comes under the same assault as the leaders of ancient factions set their sights on wiping out the most renown community of supernaturals, sending a message to others who would attempt to stand against them.

Muddy River unites against this new and powerful foe. As always, Judi Lynn delivers a story with heart, danger, and adventure. I love how the town bands together—Hester’s witches, the shifters, fae, neighboring druids—there is even a phoenix and a banshee, each with their own unique powers. The clash of magics is riveting, but what makes this story—and all the Muddy River books—so engaging is the relationship among characters and their fierce loyalty to one another. Another great entry in a fabulous series.


Genre: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy > Amazon Short Read

Book cover for The Nine by D. L. Cross shows mammoth circular stone covered in hieroglyphics, spaceships in background, eclipsed sun overhead with fiery umbra The Nine (Astral Conspiracy 3)
by D. L. Cross

D.L. Cross delivers another pulse-pounding entry in the Astral Conspiracy series. By now, the Astrals (aliens) have made their presence known on Earth and haven’t been shy about abducting humans. Landon Thorne, one-time discredited professor, is the single person who may be able to decipher how overcome them. But as Landon struggles to understand ancient artifacts contained in “the vault” others—including members of his own team—stand in the way. Alien tech comes into its own with the reader learning more about the Titans, Reptars, and Mullahs. The science-fiction aspects are cleverly presented, and the plot intricately layered through several simultaneous story arcs that shift between the U.S. and Iceland.

As in the first two books, Cross gives us characters to cheer for, others who will make your skin crawl, and those who straddle a world of grays. There are scenes that made me squirm, including a character arc I found difficult to read and had to skim. It’s a skilled author who knows how to write scenes so vividly as to evoke such emotion. The continuation of plot held me riveted, and once again, scenes end in constant fast-forward making the book impossible to put down. This is a writer who knows how to deliver a powerhouse story. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 4!


Genre: Colonization Science Fiction > Alien Invasion Science Fiction

Thanks for checking out my latest reviews. As always, I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity for new fiction and excellent authors. I wish you happy reading!

58 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday: Survival (Muddy River 6) by Judi Lynn, The Nine (Astral Conspiracy 3) by D.L. Cross

    • Muddy River is so engaging with the mix of supernatural characters, but they all feel like neighbors. And then there are the big bad, nasties. I think you’d really enjoy it.

      And speaking of big bad nasties, Astral Conspiracy has quite an assortment of them. Those Titans still freak me out. Like you, I’m looking forward to book four!

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  1. Two great reviews, Mae. I’ll have to check out the Muddy Rivers series. I’ve read book one and the novella of Staci’s Astral Conspiracy series. My intention is to re-read book one and then binge-read the whole series once it’s out. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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  2. I really need to read the Muddy River series. (I’m so behind!) The skull in the hand on the cover still gets to me.

    Thanks for the kind words about The Nine. I know some parts are a bit intense, which makes me all the more honored that you still regard it so highly.

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    • Staci, I think you’d really enjoy Muddy River. It has such a great cast of character, especially the leads, Raven and Hester.

      The Nine was definitely intense, but it was nail-biting engrossing. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 4!

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      • I loved Judi’s other urban fantasy series. This one is on my list, for sure. I wish there were more hours in the day.

        Book four isn’t as dark (IMHO) as book three, so you should be okay with it.


  3. I remember your reviewing another Muddy River book – love the idea of a whole town of supes. Sounds like this book was just as exciting. And now you have me completely intrigued by the character arc you mentioned in The Nine! Two great reviews, Mae!

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    • Yep. There was one character arc in The Nine that made me squeamish, but I skimmed those parts. I highly recommend the book and the series. The same with Muddy River. I’m in love with those supes—especially Raven 😉

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    • My pleasure, Gwen. Muddy River is so much fun. It’s a mix of cozy mystery, suspense, paranormal,danger, and a group of characters who steal your heart.

      Astral Conspiracy, including The Nine, is pure adrenaline. As a reader, I barely have time to catch my breath. It’s one of those books when you think “just one more chapter and then I’ll go to bed,” but of course you keep reading 🙂

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  4. I’m so honored you like Muddy River so much. It’s so much fun for me to write. I’ve read the first two Astral books by Staci, and the 2nd one about left me breathless. I loved it. Have the third one, but I’m behind in my reading again. A character arc that you made squirm, though? Doggone! Now I can hardly wait to get to it.

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    • Yeah, you’ll know it when you hit it, Judi 😉
      The Nine is an awesome read, and I can’t wait to see what happens in book 4. I have a feeling the action and tension are really going to ramp up.

      And I ADORE Muddy River. I love your Jazzi and Lux books, but the characters in Muddy River just steal my heart. I love gobbling up those books.

      And I can relate to being behind in reading. My list grows daily, LOL!

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  5. Both of these books have such cool covers. Great reviews, Mae. The Nine is definitely on my list, but I have to read Book 2 first. It’s great to hear that the story has kept you riveted. Congrats to both Judi and Staci on the excellent reviews!

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    • The Astral series is amazing, Diana. As for book 2, The Stones—boy, are you in for a treat! Then the Nine picks up immediately where that book ends. It’s a roller coaster ride of a series.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews!!

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    • I have those patches too, Robbie. Right now I am really behind. I’ve been engrossed in a 16 book series (I’m on book 14) where most all of the novels are between 450 and 600 pages. It’s put me behind on everything else.

      Both of these books were excellent and a great distraction between the long series novels. I highly recommend both the Muddy River and Astral Conspiracy series.

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      • Thanks for the recommendation, Mae. A 16 book series is not something I’ve every embarked on. The only Indie author I know who’s written one that long is Charles who wrote Windemere. My son read the first three books and enjoyed them. I think Robert Jordan may have about 16 books in his series too.

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      • I read a few of Jordan’s books back in the day, but stopped after 3 or 4. Jim Butcher writes the Harry Dresden series, which is urban fantasy about a wizard detective (with great wit and snarky banter). I read 4 books about two years ago, then stopped. I recently started again with book 5 and plan to read straight through to #16. The 17th comes out in October.
        I also follow the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They’re on book #21, but I read most of those as they were released. Both Dresden and Pendergast are by NYT best-selling authors. I have so many other novels I’ve set aside while reading Harry Dresden, but I’ve been squeezing indie releases in between novels.

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      • I’ve never seen Harry Dresden here in South Africa, but I have read at least one review on you blog. I am up for a trilogy, but I’m not sure if I would want to commit to so many books in a series. My mother has listened to the whole of the Robert Jordan’s series. She listens to them over and over.

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