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Hi, everyone! I have a brand new guest on my blog today. Emily Fortney and I were members of the same local writing group, so I’m excited to have her visit with her YA fantasy release. I hope you’ll make her feel welcome. And, hey—she’s got the deets on how to grab her book for free!  Sound good?

Take it away, Emily . . .

I’m so excited for this opportunity to pop in on Mae’s blog and share about my book with you fine readers. Mae is a writer friend of mine. Fun fact, we used to attend the same writer’s group! When I told her that I’d be re-launching one of my books in June, she offered to help. I want to thank her so much for letting me chat with all of you today. 

The Sacrifice of One centers around my main character, Camilla Crim. She’ll turn into a feisty, defiant heroine by the end of the book, but she’s not there just yet. When you first open the book, she’s just a 17-year-old girl that’s been branded as a slave and forced to labor at The Supreme Ruler’s national farm for a pitiful payout.

She lives in a town where nearly everyone is impoverished, and nearly everyone makes the sad walk to work at the farm every day. It’s the only way to survive in Bear Gap. What little bit of money Camilla does make, just gets passed off to her drunkard father.

Camilla’s days are bleak. The only good thing in her life is best friend and big brother, Tuor. One day after work, Camilla finds out that Tuor is in trouble. He’s being accused of a heinous murder. He’s being hunted down by the governor, who wants Tuor’s head on a pike for his crime. The problem is, Tuor is innocent, or at least Camilla thinks he is.

Book cover for The Sacrifice of One by Emily Fortney, a young adult fantasy novel, showacs attractive young woman with long hair

By the time she figures out who’s behind this plot, it might be too late for Tuor, and he’ll have to face the execution block. Camilla has to face the truth. Will Tuor have to be sacrificed for the good of many?

Like many authors, I drew my inspiration for The Sacrifice of One from my surroundings. Many of the names come from things I saw growing up. For instance, Camilla lives in a territory called Bear Gap. I got this name from a town north of me in Pennsylvania. There’s a big billboard with that name on it that I used to pass by when I was driving in that area. For some reason it stuck with me and I used it in my book!

Although this book is not the first book I ever wrote, it is the one dearest to my heart. The character of Camilla had been in my mind for years before I ever wrote her onto paper. I always pictured a confident, female warrior of sorts. This book is really about how Camilla grows into that persona. It’s truly a coming of age story.

I originally published The Sacrifice of One in 2016, but I decided to re-launch this book this month. I refreshed the manuscript and the cover and also widened the distribution by having it now available on Nook, Apple Books, and Kobo!

For a limited time, I’m offering the eBook for The Sacrifice of One for FREE to anyone who signs up for my email newsletter. I’m doing a rapid release of books 2 and 3 in this series this year so if you enjoy The Sacrifice of One, you’ll get to binge on the next couple of books in just a few months!

It has been truly an honor to guest post on Mae’s blog today and to share with all of you about my book and my favorite character to write. Thanks again to Mae for letting me stop in! Happy Reading!

 ~ Emily

Photo of author, Emily FortneyAuthor Bio:
Emily has come a long way from building forts in the woods behind her childhood home. She’s the author of the The Sacrifice of One, the first book in a thrilling, young adult fantasy series. Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Emily currently resides with her husband and shelter cat, and is vigilant about keeping her house well stocked with dark chocolate.

Book Blurb:
The proof of 17-year-old Camilla’s slavery is on the inside of her arm. A mutilated scar has been branded into her skin, W for Warwick. Forced to labor at Warwick’s national farm for a pitiful payout, the only good thing in Camilla’s life is her best friend and big brother, Tuor.

When Camilla receives a mysterious note from a stranger, she has to face the truth about her brother: He’s on the run. He’s in grave danger. And he’s being accused of a hideous crime. Camilla would bet her life that someone has set him up, but who? If Camilla can’t prove Tuor’s innocence, he’ll have to face the executioner.

As Tuor’s demise draws near, will Camilla find relief in learning the truth surrounding her brother’s crime? Or will she accept that he must be sacrificed for the good of many?

Purchase Links:
AmazonBarnes and Noble | Apple Books | Kobo

Connect with Emily:
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There’s nothing like getting a free ebook to introduce you to a series. And isn’t that book cover gorgeous? I hope you’ll share some comment luv with Emily and let her know your thoughts. And don’t forget to use the sharing buttons to help spread the word about The Sacrifice of One. Thanks for visiting and reading today!


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  1. Congratulations, Emily. Anyone who stashes chocolate is a friend of mine. I’ll be exploring your book very soon. Thank you, Mae, for introducing Emily. 🙂

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