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Warm and cozy window seat with cushions and a opened book, light through vintage shutters, rustic style home decor. Small cat on window seat, along with coffee cup by pillow, Words Book Review Tuesday superimposed over imageHappy Tuesday, and welcome to the first Tuesday of June. Although the weather is still in the “iffy” category, I’m thrilled that hubby and I have finally been able to open our pool. I haven’t ventured into the water yet, but I’m counting on warmer days where I can enjoy sunshine, a relaxing raft, and good reading. With that in mind, here are a few books that snagged my interest over the last two months.

by Jan Sikes

Although this is a short read, it’s packed with a strong message about overcoming obstacles, seeing oneself as you truly are, and accepting change. Jonah, a prisoner, is banished to inhospitable island. He’s angry, bitter, and miserable. Over time, he meets a young boy named Titus and begins to receive mysterious “gifts” that make his hardscrabble life easier. But along with gifts of food, he receives a book about self-change and a blank journal. It’s up to Jonah to write his own story, a new one—but can he change? Can he put the past behind him?

I liked the way his relationship with Titus grew, while at the same time Jonah embraced change, sometimes without even realizing it. When he makes a thoroughly unselfish decision, the payoff is unexpected. I loved the author’s use of magic and family. Also of note were excellent descriptions that brought the harsh dangers of the island to life.


Genre: 90 Minute Short Reads > Fantasy and Science-Fiction Short Reads

The Apartment
By K. L. Slater

Freya and her young daughter, Skye, are in dire straits and need an affordable place to live. When she encounters Dr. Marsden at a coffee shop, he mentions a vacant apartment he is leasing in an upscale property called Adder House. The rent is unbelievably affordable, and Freya believes her prayers have been answered.

But once she and Skye move in, she finds herself subjected to odd noises, even odors. Items are moved about in the apartment, and Dr. Marsden seems obsessed with security—to the point of wanting to install security cameras in her unit. The other tenants, though few, are odd, even disturbing. And though Dr. Marsden insists Freya is the first to occupy her unit, she learns of a woman who lived there previously and committed suicide.

This book is spooky and suspenseful. There is nothing supernatural, but the steady infusion of creepiness inspires chills. With each chapter the tension rachets higher as Freya discovers more and more about the building and the woman who lived there previously. There are also scenes devoted to a wet nurse and her young son who were involved in medical experiment in the 1930s, which factor into the story. It’s all very bizarre and unsettling, and the author does an excellent job of creating a sinister aura, especially as related to Adder House and its inhabitants. This is my first book by Slater, but I will definitely seek out other titles. I found this story riveting.


Genre: Psychological Fiction > Psychological Thrillers

A Forgotten Murder
By Jude Deveraux

I want to thank Kim of By Hook or By Book and Tessa of Tessa Talks Books for reviews that enticed me to pick up two of these releases. If you love books, these are two book bloggers you should be following. Both are excellent reviewers. I have other titles on pre-order, my wish list, and in my TBR queue on the recommendations of these ladies.
All three of the releases above helped me pass unsettled hours during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for escapism, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

47 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday: Jonah, The Apartment, A Forgotten Murder @JanSikes3, K. L. Slater, @JudeDeveraux1

    • I first saw A Forgotten Murder on Tessa’s blog, and was surprised to find that Deveraux had written a murder mystery. I hadn’t read anything by her in years either. I really enjoyed the three leads (yes, three) in this one!


  1. You know I loved Forgotten Murder and thank you so much for the mention. I’ve read another Slater book and really enjoyed it, so I’m sure The Apartment was great. And Jonah looks very interesting ❤️

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    • I always love your reviews, so I was happy to provide a shout-out. Thanks for pointing me toward A Forgotten Murder. I’ve got others you’ve reviewed on my Kindle and/or my TBR. Now, to find the time to catch up with my reading!

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  2. The Apartment sounds like something I could curl up with. I’ve seen it around the blogosphere, always with good reviews. Hope you can dive into the pool soon, Mae! But put your book down first.

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  3. Oh, thank you, Mae, for your kind words about “Jonah!” I was compelled to write the story and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Most reviewers have criticized it for not being longer. I may at some point, consider lengthening it. Or not. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing it!

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  4. The Apartment sounds interesting – kind of reminds me a little bit of The Sentinal. When I’m reading again (and not revising), I’ll put this on the TBR list. 🙂

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    • Sue, The Apartment was excellent. Very different and sinister without having a supernatural element. In the interim (until you’re reading again), I’ll wish you happy revising. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days, too!

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    • I’ve been hearing all kinds of hood things about Slater, Jacquie. I have a feeling I’m going to be hitting the backlog and forthcoming books as well. I think I found a new “must read” author 🙂

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    • I love reading in my pool (and on lakes) Denise. Water and reading just seem to go to together, especially in the summer. And I agree that Jonah was an excellent book. I’ve enjoyed a lot of diverse reading lately.


  5. Great reviews, as always. You have a knack for making every book you review sound tempting. These were no exception. Hope every book you open is a four or five star for the entire pool season:)

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    • Thanks,, Judi. We finally have our pool ready to go as of today (although the water temperature is only 67 degrees. BRRR!) I can’t wait until it warms up and I can spend whole weekends floating and reading. I’ve been fortunate with some truly awesome reads lately!


  6. I’m looking for some summer reads (not that my TBR list isn’t already long) and these sound great! I always enjoy your reviews, Mae, and have found several delightful reads because of them.

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  7. Sorry I’m late, Mae. Catching up was hard enough before I started having internet issues and glitches. These all look very interesting to me, and I’m taking note, so I won’t forget to check them out more. Just wanted to get a thank you for sharing posted to you before anything else stops working! 🙂 Hopefully, tomorrow will see these service interruptions all taken care of, and give me a chance to swing by Amazon for a closer look. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

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    • Ugh! I hate when those pesky internet glitches creep up and interfere with the blogging and online world as we know it. I hope everything gets straightened out for you, Marcia. In the meantime, I really appreciate you taking a moment to pop by and check out my post, especially when you’ve got problems going on. I’m glad some of the titles appealed to you.

      Now…fingers crossed you can kick those glitches to the curb very soon!


    • Glad you popped by to check them out, Mark. I’ve found so many good books and new authors through the reviews of others, I love sharing in the hopes that I can introduce a few, too. And Jan’s stories always warm my heart!

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