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It’s Book Review Tuesday time! Thanks for joining me today with my latest reviews. I spent a good deal of time formatting In Search of McDoogal, (my upcoming short story) last week, so my reading was minimal.

I had hoped to release McDoogal in February but with my publisher doing a big splash for my Hode’s Hill Series (Cusp of Night FREE from 2/20 through 2/25 and End of Day and  Eventide at .99c all month), I felt it was better to devote time to promotion for the series.

That means McDoogal will be releasing in March.There may even be a cover reveal in store before the month is out 😉

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today’s review!

Book cover for Dark Hollows by Steve Frech shows a cottage backed by trees on edge of lake at night, all windows in cottage lit with yellow glowDark Hollows
by Steve Frech

I’m not sure if I liked Jacob, the MC in this book. He made horrible decisions when he was younger, causing his past to catch up with him in an unexpected way. What I do know is that I disliked the person who turned on him a helluva lot more—and that made for interesting reading.

Jacob owns a quaint coffee shop called Groundworks in the small town of Dark Hollows. His workers, and the people who populate the town, are wonderful characters although their roles are relatively small (the Halloween costume contest is a fun extra).

In addition to Groundworks, Jacob also rents a cottage behind his home for weekend getaways. When a woman who bears an eerie resemblance to his dead girlfriend, Laura, books a stay, Jacob’s world is thrown into turmoil. It’s hard to say more without giving away spoilers.

What makes Jacob semi-likable and redeemable is his devotion to his dog, Murphy, a lovable golden retriever who likes to play fetch with a red tennis ball. Murphy is a scene stealer, and I adored Jacob’s loyalty to him. Despite the skeletons in his closet, you can’t help cheering for Jacob as he recklessly tracks down the person who upends his world. The extremes he goes to, and the ending confrontation, all make for entertaining reading. Although the ending is rather abrupt, I found it satisfying. 5 Stars.

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Genre: Horror/Suspense > Noir Crime
Note: Although this is tagged on Amazon as horror/suspense, I viewed it as  mystery/suspense without horror elements. I’m not sure why that tag is on there!


51 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday: Dark Hollows @stevefrech

  1. I’ve noticed the misplaced tags on Amazon too, and yes, it was horror, when the book clearly wasn’t. If I’d noticed the tag before picking up the book, I don’t think I’d have read it either. Congrats on the coming book and good luck with the promo!

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    • Hi, Jina! So you read this one, too? Yeah, that horror tag really threw me. I didn’t notice it until I was writing this review, but as you said, Amazon has been doing some weird tagging of late. I had to email my publisher to contact Amazon because of incorrect tags on my own books!

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      • I haven’t read this book, no, and I can’t remember the book that had the horror tag, but I know it was fantasy. I’ve had the misplaced tag on my book before – and was told that any tag that can closely fit with the book is added, and the highest tag rank shows first (or something to that extent).

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    • Wow, that’s got to be one of the worst goof-ups I’ve heard of. They had a few of my Hode’s Hill novels tagged inappropriately (fantasy and faerie fiction; magical realism), but at least those were quasi in the ballpark!


    • I always want a likable protagonist, too. I liked the “present” Jacob, but he was also tainted by what he’d done in the past. Definitely an odd balancing act.
      And yes, Murphy, was a winner from the moment he entered the story!


  2. I love the name of the coffee shop–Groundworks. Clever. But I don’t think I’d ever move to a town named Dark Hollow. It sounds ominous:) I’m looking forward to your new book! But promo takes a lot of time. Good luck with the Hode’s Hill series. Those are some of my favorite books.

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    • That’s so wonderful to hear about Hode’s Hill, Judi! Thank you 🙂
      It’s so hard to keep up with promo. I should probably be doing more, but I do have several paid ads circulating throughout the month. I also need to make some graphics for Twitter, but I have that treading water feeling again. I’m actually looking forward to March and releasing McDoogal–but that involves more promo, too. ARRRRRGGGGH! LOL!

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    • Hi! So nice to have you drop by and visit. If you like flawed characters, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this book. It was most unusual with a unique MC in Jacob. And Murphy was just adorable. Happy reading!

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