Wednesday Weirdness: The Ghosts of Time, Part 2

pathway between large, gnarled trees with words "on the path of Wednesday Weirdness" superimposed over imageLast week, I wrote a Wednesday Weirdness post called the Ghosts of Time, in which I included a long-standing legend in my family. If you didn’t read that post it involved a grandfather’s clock which belonged to my father.

While my dad was living, he always said that when he died as a way to communicate, he would stop the clock if it was running and start it if it was stopped. And yes, it did stop the first time the family was gathered together several months after his death. See my Ghosts of Time post for the whole story.

Old fashioned clock face surrounded by field of snow, bare tree superimposed over clock faceBecause of my father’s promise, clocks have a profound place in my family.

There is another occurrence that took place sometime after his death. My mother and I went to the theater to see The Omen. Why, I have no clue. I certainly couldn’t/wouldn’t sit through it today *shudder*

Anyway, after my father died, my mother gave me the watch he was wearing when he passed away. As a way to keep him close, I wore it a lot in those days. My mom and I were headed into the theater when she asked me what time it was. I think we were running late and were worried we would miss the opening of the movie. I honestly don’t remember the exact time, but we usually went to a “twilight” feature, so I’ll say it was 5:30 PM.

When we came out of the theater and were headed for the car, chatting about the movie, my mom again asked for the time. I remember glancing down, dismayed to realize the watch had stopped. At precisely the moment we originally entered the theater—5:30 PM.

That’s not really a huge deal. Parts fail, batteries expire, watches stop. I remember saying, “Oh. Dad’s watch stopped.”

Now for the odd part…the part that is a huge deal. As I was watching, the second hand started moving again and the watch began working. To this day, I’m not certain what that signifies other than my father had moved on to a heavenly existence and perhaps didn’t like the taint of the movie. It’s one of those vivid memories that stand out when I look back over my life.

Several years ago, something similar occurred.

cuckoo clockI’ve told you how I love grandfathers’ clocks because of my dad. I also have a love of cuckoo clocks because of my mom. She grew up with one and pretty much instilled that love in me.

Many years ago, my husband and I purchased a cuckoo clock. It’s now over twenty years old and hasn’t worked in several years. I had it repaired once during that span, but when it stopped working for the second time, I didn’t bother. The repairs were too extensive. Despite that, I kept the clock on the wall in the kitchen, because I like the look of it.

When my mom was living, I used to host a party for her every May. She passed away in 2012. In 2013, I held a summer party for the whole family. As the last guests were leaving for the night, I glanced toward the kitchen and realized the cuckoo clock was ticking. The same cuckoo clock that hasn’t worked in years. I can’t begin to describe the feeling I had when I saw the pendulum swinging back and forth and heard the steady tick-tock, tick-tock.

The next day I checked with everyone who had been at the party and no one started the clock. I had been in and out of the kitchen multiple times during the party and the clock wasn’t working. And yet, when everything wound to a close, it was ticking along as though it had always worked.

We stopped it and it hasn’t started again. I don’t believe it ever will. Once was enough, a message from my mother to say she had been there with everyone in spirit.

At least I like to think so.

56 thoughts on “Wednesday Weirdness: The Ghosts of Time, Part 2

  1. I say that either incident was a coincidence. I’d say both your parents found a way to communicate and let you know they’re okay. In the case of your watch, maybe your dad didn’t want you to see that movie.

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    • I completely agree about the watch, Joan. It was just so weird, especially watching the second hand come to life the moment we were outside the theater. I do like to think that both of my parents delivered messages in their own way 🙂

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    • I’m a wuss when it comes to spirits and ghosts, so I tend to freak over anything supernatural (despite what I write). Although in these cases, I was more stunned then frightened. I do like to think love ones are close.

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  2. Spooky stuff, in the best way, Mae. Shivery, but at the same time, wonderful to feel as though you’ve been visited by departed loved ones. Thanks for sharing these time-related incidents. I’ll never hear the phrase “time stood still” quite the same way again. 🙂 Great post! Sharing!

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    • We do, Teri. It’s odd how clocks and time have crept up on several occasions in odd circumstances. It’s a shame that digital clocks have replaced old clocks with working parts. I will always love those the best.

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    • Jacqui, these (and one other oddity) are the only times I’ve ever had situations like this happen. Maybe there really is a rational explanation, but the coincidence just seems so extreme. Even if you don’t have a sign from your mother, I fully believe she is watching over you. I hold that in my heart about my parents and know we will have an amazing reunion in the afterlife 🙂


    • Thank you, Judi. I was VERY close to both of my parents, and am thankful to have experienced these events after their passing. Maybe it is only coincidence, but even if that is the case, those coincidences are blessings all the same!

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    • Memories like this are perfect for conjuring imagination. I used a grandfather’s clock in a story once long ago, though it didn’t follow along the lines of the events in my family history. They are definitely memories I will treasure.

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  3. Mae, I’ve got goosebumps reading this … how eerie yet soothing about the cuckoo clock! As for the watch at the theatre – wow! With clocks such a feature of your parents and your life no wonder they possibly chose this as a form of communication. Brilliantly written posts, Mae which can’t have been easy on such a personal subject. hugs xx

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    • The memories are very vivid, Jacquie. Every time I think of those moments, I’m dazzled by the idea of what may have happened. I’m not sure I’ll ever know for certain, but I do like thinking they let me know they were there.

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  4. I love your parents communicate with you through clocks/watches. I had to laugh it was after The Omen. Funny how I used to watch those movies and won’t now either, especially The Exorist. I have my grandmas cuckoo clock put away to fix a part. I’m going to have to get it back out now, this made me miss it. For me its been coins and reflections that I know my loved ones are still there. Its very comforting.

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    • Denise, I hope you share posts about how reflections and coins factor into your connection with your loved ones who have passed. I would hearing those stories. I find them so interesting and heartwarming.

      I’m like you, too. No way would I watch any of The Omen movies today. I finally caved and watched The Exorcist years after it was released, but wouldn’t go near it today. I am so freaky about that stuff.

      It’s so special that you have your grandmother’s cuckoo clock. I love those old timepieces, especially when connected to departed loved ones. I’m glad my post made you think of fixing it 🙂

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      • I’ve definitley had some interesting interactions, Mae. I might do that:)

        I watched the Exorist at my husband’s parents house while we were dating and right when it ended my then boyfriend went ot the kitchen leaving me alone and a earthquake hit. I will never forget how terrified I was at first…later, though we laughed about it. Although, I can read the books easier, mainly cause I can skip over parts:)

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  5. This gave me delicious shivers, Mae. I truly believe that those who love us can communicate from beyond the veil. And, since the clocks were a big deal to your dad and because of him, to your mom, I am convinced they used them to let you know they were near. I love this!! Hugs!

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the share Jan. Both instances are amazing when I look back on them. To this day if a clock stops—and clock—I’m always questioning why. I guess some things just never leave you. Thanks for such a lovely message, my friend!

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  6. How interesting that the clocks stopped and started like this, Mae. I also like clocks and we have a grandfather clock but it also doesn’t work any more. I tried to have it repaired but it only worked for a while afterwards and then stopped again. My parents have a cuckoo clock and my mom also has an antique coach clock but that also doesn’t work any more.

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  7. What another interesting true story, Mae. It does make you sit back and think about all those incidents many of us have that we can’t quite explain. These stories always send a shiver down my spine, but I do like the thought of being able to leave a sign after I’ve departed this world.

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  8. Hi, Hugh! Thanks so much for visiting! I apologize for being behind (my current state of affairs lately). I’m very freaky about ghosts, yet these memories are good ones for me. I guess it comes down to the feelings we experience in such odd circumstances. I count these as blessings.

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  9. Wow! I think you can be pretty certain your dad and your mom are checking in on you every so often. Spooky, but comforting in a way. Thank you for sharing these stories! (PS: talk about great ideas that can be adapted for books 😀 )


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