Hode’s Hill Series .99c Sale #GhostFiction #SupernaturalSuspense #ParanormalMystery

Hi, friends. I’ve been away since last Friday afternoon for an extended weekend at the beach. The weather was awesome and it turned out to be one of the best vacays DH and I have had. I got some great pictures and hope to share later in the week.

In the meantime, I have exciting news—my publisher is shining the spotlight on my Hode’s Hill series throughout the month of February. Both End of Day and Eventide will be priced at .99c for the month, and Cusp of Night—book one­­—will be free from the 20th through the 25th. If you’ve been on the fence about reading any of these, now is the perfect time to gobble them up. With Cusp free, later this month, it means you can grab all three books for a total of $1.98. Please help me spread the word!

These books cross genres—mystery, supernatural suspense, ghost fiction, women sleuths, and horror. Cusp of Night has been noted for its cozy mystery feel in tandem with paranormal thriller aspects. It makes Cusp and the other books in this series hard to define, but judging by reviews, the mesh works.

I’ll leave you with a few snippets to help you decide for yourself. 🙂

Book banner header for Cusp of Night by Mae Clair shows single streetlamp on a dark corner Cusp of Night
Will be free 2/20 through 2/25

 … Clair’s adaptation of her research into spiritualism and the defective generation skipping gene that makes one’s skin blue is nothing short of genius. The result being Cusp of Night… another epic urban tale written in true Clair fashion…

 …Descriptions were meticulous and painted vivid pictures. It’s clear that Clair did her homework on the spiritualist movement and her knowledge shines through in the details. Cusp of Night struck me as part cozy mystery and part occult-thriller. Yes, there is a monster and an evil entity! Highly entertaining!…

…OMG — I love this book! I am a sucker for creepy, supernatural horror, and this story just sucked me right in. I couldn’t stop reading! The story switches point of view, alternating between Maya in the present day and Lucinda Glass more than 100 years ago. Usually I’m not much of a fan of POV jumps, but for this story it worked perfectly. This is the kind of horror that I love to read — Halloween-y type creepy stories and not gore fests…


Banner ad for supernatural suspense novel, End of Day by Mae Clair

End of Day
Currently available for .99c

… Clair is a talented wordsmith who sets a scene artfully. Her descriptions draw a reader in as much as the characters do, with the setting becoming a character itself. While nothing is too gory or horrific, there is a definite sense of eerie foreboding that increases with the tension of the story and culminates in a dramatic climax a reader won’t soon forget…

… Thank you Netgalley, for exposing me to Mae Clair. I can enthusiastically recommend this author to friends and family. She is one author very difficult to put down.I  received a free electronic copy of this second Hode’s Hill novel from Netgalley, Mae Clair, and Lyrical Underground in exchange for an honest review. Only pages in, I was hooked and had to purchase Cusp of Night, number 1 in the series…

… This is a paranormal suspense novel with a dual timeline alternating between the year 1799 and now. A centuries-old curse grips a small town. There are thugs, a sweet dog, monsters, a supernatural talisman, a no-nonsense policewoman, likable characters, despicable characters . . . this book has it all….


Banner ad for Eventide, a mystery novel by Mae Clair, features a dilapidated old houseEventide
Currently available for .99c

 … The setting was brilliant and it even creeped me out which isn’t an easy thing to do!!! I will definitely be purchasing the previous books in the Hode’s Hill series as well as looking for more books by this author. I highly recommend this book to fans of horror, thrillers, suspense and anyone who enjoys a creepy, ghost filled and excellent read. I couldn’t recommend this book enough, well done to a very talented author!!!…

… Mae Clair seamlessly blends past and present timelines, gothic creatures, ghosts and complex characters to create an unforgettable story…

… A very chilling read, if you like supernatural mysteries, grab today! Well written, absolutely frightening, with twists and turns, and chills to the bone. Well written, with interesting characters and development that had me flipping pages…


Well, there you have it—a few thoughts from readers on all three books. I’m truly grateful to everyone who has read and reviewed this series. Hopefully, this month’s sale will bring Hode’s Hill to the attention of a larger audience. If you know anyone who likes mysteries with goosebumps, I’d be grateful if you share the sale and free pricing with them. Thanks in advance for helping me spread the word. Happy reading to all!

67 thoughts on “Hode’s Hill Series .99c Sale #GhostFiction #SupernaturalSuspense #ParanormalMystery

    • Thanks, Denise. We had a fantastic time at the beach. We’d both been sick the week before so it was nice to get away and do something fun.
      And I have my fingers crossed that the sale shines a big spotlight on Hode’s Hill! 🙂

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  1. So pleased you had a good weekend away, Mae. This is a great deal on the Hodes Hill Series!

    Like you, I’m having problems with the WordPress like buttons. I managed to like this after quite a few tries, lol.

    Reblogged this on: https://harmonykent.co.uk/hodes-hill-series-99c-sale-ghostfiction-supernaturalsuspense-paranormalmystery/ … with the comment: A great deal on Mae Clair’s Hodes Hill Series of books today … check it out at her place >>>

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    • WP has been so bizarre for me lately. Sometimes that like button works for me and other times it doesn’t. Thanks for your persistence and many thanks for the reblog.

      Vacation was a blast and now I have to gear up for a month of marketing, LOL!


    • We were back to the usual places. Got across Route 50 to West OC, but didn’t make it to Berlin this time. It was a lot of fun, especially with the weather being so lovely.
      Many thanks for spreading the sale news!

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    • LOL! I admit that winter is often hit or miss at the beach (or bay), but this time it was perfect weather. It felt like early spring.

      Of course I had to Google Robin Hoods Bay and check out the official website. I would love to vacation there. It’s so picturesque!

      And many thanks for picking up Eventide. I’m delighted you want to complete the set! 🙂

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  2. A perfect time for a perfect vacation! I’m so happy for you.
    Thank you for the sale notice — I now have a complete Hodes Hill set! Yay! This is great timing for me, as I’ll be traveling soon and now have a thrilling mystery series awaiting me. 🙂

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    • I’m hoping the sale brings new attention to the series. I never know when Kensington is going to reduce them, but think this is a pretty spectacular sale. Fingers crossed it brings some new readers.
      Thanks for all your support, Joan.
      And yes, after being sick, a weekend away was just what I needed! 🙂

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    • The beach was fabulous, Judi, especially with spring-like weather. We had such a fun time. And, yes, I’m hoping the sale attracts more readers to the series. I have announcements going on several newsletter lists this month!

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  3. Sounds like you had a great time on your mini-vacation, Mae! Yay for that! And folks, if you haven’t grabbed these books,now’s your chance. I’ve read the entire series and loved them! Sharing! 🙂

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    • Aww, thanks for the testimonial, Marcia. I’m over the moon happy you enjoyed the series. Many thanks for sharing, too. We had such a great time on vacation, and it was wonderful to come back home and have so many friends supporting me!

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    • Thank you for your wonderful review of Eventide, Diana. I was positively delighted by it. Many readers have told me the third book was their favorite of the three. Thanks so much for the support and the testimonial!

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