One Cat, Three Trees #pets

Hi, friends! I need to talk about cats today. And trees. Not the leafy outdoor kind, or even the decorative indoor ones strung with fairy lights. No, the trees I want to discuss are specifically made for cats.

DH and I adopted our rescue cat, Raven, from a no-kill shelter when she was just three months old. We purchased her first tree before we even brought her home. Below is her “gray tree” which used to be in front of our bow window. You’ll understand the past tense in a minute.

Three-tiered cat tree with sisal/scratching posts. Small black cat sitting on tree middle tree platform

Later, when we remodeled our kitchen, we had room to add a second tree. Given how much she loves to look outside, we purchased Raven’s “brown tree” to place in front of the French doors leading to our deck. Again, with the innocent look (although I had to move the fronds from the back, because she considered them playthings for her amusement).

Black cat sitting on a large cat tree in front of a French door

You wouldn’t think an animal this delicate-looking could be destructive, but cats have a lethal weaponβ€”CLAWS! If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know the damage they can do. As evidence, I present:

The gray tree is so far gone, we disassembled it. What you see above are the remains waiting to be carted outside for trash pick-up. The brown tree has been moved into the living room. Raven still has a ways to go before it’s no longer worthy of scratching.

In the meantime, we brought this behemoth home.

Five-tiered cat tree with large sisal columns in front of French doors. Black cat sitting on center platform of tree

It’s going to be a long while before she manages to claw her way through these sisal posts. But don’t let that innocent face fool you. She’s already started sharpening her claws on the rope. I should be grateful, because she leaves my furniture alone.

I know pet owners can relate to spoiling their animals. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat, dog, guinea pig, parrot, or some other critter. They all hold a special place in our hearts.

After today, I am headed for Maine, and will be incommunicado until early October. I’ll be looking forward to chatting with everyone when I return. In the meantime, let me know what you think of Raven’s new tree. If you have cats, is clawing something you have to manage? If you have dogs, can they be equally destructive? Are your pets pampered silly? Let’s chat!


57 thoughts on “One Cat, Three Trees #pets

  1. We have four cats. They confine their scratching to the scratching post and the corner of our bed. (Sigh, the bed is toast, but it could be worse.) The dog is a big boy, and it takes a lot of work to exercise him and stuff, but he’s a sweetie and doesn’t chew or dig or anything . . . we lucked out there!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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  2. 3 cats and 3 cat trees – one in the den, one in my office and one in the rec room. I really believe that is what stops them from scratching up the furniture and even sleeping on the furniture. I will happily spoil them if it saves the furniture πŸ™‚

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    • It sound like they love their trees. And it gives them so many places to perch and lounge! Raven still goes back and forth between the furniture and her trees when it comes to sleeping, and once the weather gets chilly, she’ll curl up in bed with me. I am so thankful, though, that she doesn’t scratch the furniture. I think as long as cats have an outlet for that, they’ll stick with scratching their trees or posts. Whoever came up with the idea of cat trees was brilliant!

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  3. My cats have a tendency to claw the closest object. If a box is around, they go after it! But at least the furniture is okay. They didn’t like their last cat tree for some reason.

    I had an under desk bicycle still sitting in a box. Tucker made good use of the box. Finally this weekend, hubs assembled the bike for me and took it to my office. I’m going to try one of those curved floor scratchers since their favorite box is now awaiting the garbage collector.

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    • They must really like the feel of cardboard, Joan. I’ve seen horizontal/flat scratch pads made from cardboard. They might like that, though the curved scratcher is a good one to try.

      I always worry when I bring a new tree home if Raven is going to like it–especially because i’m buying it from a pet store which has all those other animal smells. I used a piece of carpet from her old tree and rubbed it over the new one so it would have her scent. Maybe try rubbing something of theirs on the curved scratcher when you get it,They’re going to be miffed their box is gone! πŸ™‚

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  4. Bond wishes he had trees that tall, lol. His is only a couple of levels, but he loves to lay on it and look outside. He doesn’t have front claws, so the sharpening of claws is nonexistent unless my son is visiting with his cat. Her tree will probably look like Raven’s before too long. On our screened porch, he has a ‘perch’ my dad built for him, so he enjoys sunning there and watching birds. Have a great vacation, Mae!

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    • It sounds like Bond has his choice of wonderful places to perch. There is nothing better (If you’re a cat) than sunning and watching birds.Talk about a life!

      I had the gray tree almost three years before we had to dispose of it, so your son may have some time with his girl, LOL. Although Raven was a kitten when we got her, so she works through sisal rope a lot faster than she used to!

      Thanks for the vacation wishes. I am ready to go!!

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  5. I have four cats, Mae, and am still babysitting my daughter’s two. But clawing isn’t a problem for us any more. In the old days, I would NEVER have dreamed of declawing any of my totally indoor cats, as it was not only painful, it deformed their toes, by removing the first joint. I considered it a non-option. Enter lasers and today, it’s very different. They carefully laser around just the nail, leaving no damage to the toe AT ALL. I’ve had all my cats done, and they were walking the same afternoon with no visible discomfort. And even better, their toes are completely intact. Just minus the pointy bits.

    This still might not appeal to everyone, but it has not only saved my furniture, it has saved countless problems with my cats each constantly seeking to be the Big Kahuna in our household. Especially the ones who are trying to let my daughter’s cats know they are Low Men on the Totem Pole. Luckily, her cats have had the same procedure done, so it’s all justl a bit of face bopping and hissing, with no actual pain or damage being inflicted.

    I tell everyone that the declawing process is light years removed from what it used to be, and definitely a viable option today. And I know for a fact that several people who shied away from cats as pets because of the potential for destruction have now adopted shelter cats and given them loving, forever homes, which I think is a great trade-off for the INDOOR kitties. (Of course you wouldn’t do this to outdoor cats!) Just something to consider for those who might not know about this new option.

    Having said ALL of that, I do have cat trees, because they all still go through the motions of scratching, and they love the nice high vantage points. Your trees are great! Our back porch tree is now in the guest room where Erin’s cats sleep at night, and I’m planning to get a second one. Who knows? Maybe we’ll become a three-tree household, too. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for our babies. πŸ™‚ And btw, Raven is beautiful, and I love the name. Ours are Harry (Dresden), Murphy (Sgt. Karrin from the same book), and brothers Kell and Rhy (from A Darker Shade of Magic.)

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    • Wow, I’ve never heard of that new declawing process. I’d never declaw Raven now because she’s older and used to having her claws, but it does sound like a good option and so different from the old process (which I know was painful for kitties).

      Raven is a totally indoor cat and queen of her domain, but I know cats can get into tussles in the hierarchy when you have a multiple cat household.When I had Arafel and McDoogal, even though Arafel was a female and McDoogal a male (and he was a year older) she was top cat. Occasionally, McDoogal would test that theory but it never lasted long. Back then there were no trees, but they found heights to perch on regardless.

      Love the names of your cats!
      BTW,I just downloaded a sample of Alloy of the Law. There was no “look inside” feature available on Amazon This will give me a peek before I purchase. Fingers crossed!

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      • Oh, so glad you’re going to give Alloy a try. I love Brandon Sanderson, and this is a bit less weighty than some of his books. But you HAVE to appreciate a series where the main two male characters are called Wax and Wayne. πŸ˜€ I thoroughly enjoyed this one, though all the ones I mentioned are stellar. And some, truly beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you think.

        Yep, the new declawing process is a wonderful option for indoor cats. I mainly shared all that for those who aren’t aware of it. And I’m fanatic about making sure mine never get out. We live on a busy corner, and they wouldn’t last an hour outside, claws or not. 😯

        I can tell you though, right now, with SIX cats in residence and 1 old dachshund who has to have anti-seizure medication at 7am, 3pm, and 11pm, my life can be really hectic. It’s always something! πŸ˜€ Still, they repay us with love and plenty of amusement, all day long. πŸ˜€

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  6. We have two dogs now, was three, and they amuse themselves most of the time. We have a large fenced in yard and a doggie door where they can go in and out as they please. However, since Lee fenced in the front yard, they demand us to get up and let them in and out of the front door. The doggie door is in the back. Our male dog who passed away earlier this year loved to pee on every corner, furniture included. The females in retrospect are less destructive. At the reading of your post, one was laid on her back in my husband arm on the couch getting a belly rub.

    A few years ago we had a cat who preferred to sharpen her claws on Lee’s art that was in the house. I have a bear that has the feet clawed up pretty good. But that was good as she left the furniture alone.

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    • Hi, Kim! I had to chuckle that your dogs can come and go as they please in the back, but would much rather have you let them out the front door. Animals are so funny–and so particular. Sounds like your group is spoiled, as they should be!

      I’m sorry you lost your male dog, but thankful you have two beautiful girls to insist on belly rubs and being let out on their terms, πŸ™‚

      And that’s just like a cat finding something to claw she shouldn’t! πŸ˜€

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  7. The stray cat who adopted us wouldn’t even look at the cat trees we bought for him. My daughter brought her cat to visit (that didn’t go well), and Romeo LOVED the cat tree, so we sent it home with her. Dutchy is the pickiest cat we’ve ever had. He prefers to claw the wallpaper off our hallway, which now looks like a lot like Raven’s dead cat tree. We’ve tried other scratch devices, but he ignores them. And what can I say? We love the stupid cat enough the hallway’s starting to look better as a scratching post.

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    • I like that a stray adopted you πŸ™‚
      Most cats love trees so I’m glad the one you bought found a home with your daughter. Romeo is surely one happy cat!

      I guess you could say you’re lucky that your cat is confining scratching to the wallpaper in the hallway. It could be worse, right? πŸ˜€

      If you do try another scratching post (Raven also has the single upright posts in several rooms throughout the house), try wiping them with something that has your cat’s scent on it. Sometimes that helps, Then again, cats are known to be fickle and do things on their terms!

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  8. That seems excessive in my limited cat experience. Most of the ones I’ve been around love the scratching post, but not quite to that extent. We keep a small one here, for those odd times when Jackson still visits. My dogs all had to be watched carefully until they got adult teeth. After that, the furniture was pretty safe.

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    • She does seem pretty destructive. When she was a kitten she went through toys left and right, because she ripped them apart within a day or two of getting them. It got to the point I actually bought her a dog toy once, but she turned her nose up at it. The weird thing is she’s extremely gentle with people and never claws or bites. I think if she got some unfortunate critter in those claws of hers, she’d turn into a panther!

      When I was a kid, I remember our dogs chewed through a lot of household items when they were puppies. It took them a while to learn what was off bounds!

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  9. We don’t have cats currently but when we did, all our furniture took on a shabby chic vibe. We bought a special electric trimmer to keep the threads down to a minimum. They all were allowed to wreak whatever mayhem since we knew their natural tendencies. All trees were ignored as if they didn’t exist. We never made excuses for them and I’m sure people visiting had many things to say about our permissiveness. Our cats sure were happy though. Our dogs are not destructive at all. They just require many toys and a lot of company since they have separation anxiety. Lucy from her rescue experiences. Twiggy from being spoiled. You should feel fortunate that Raven likes the trees you bring in. Have a great time in Maine. If you get to Kennebunkport stop by the Colony and tell them hey for me.

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    • I think it’s very cool you spoiled your cats like that, John. From the comments, I’m learning a lot of cats turn their noses up at trees, which amazes me, I think we were fortunate with Raven because she was introduced to her first tree when she was a kitten, so she grew up with it.

      I LOVE the amount of toys your dogs have. Every time I see photos of Lucy and Twiggy on your blog with their many toys scattered about, it makes me smile. I KNOW they are spoiled, LOL.

      We’re going to be more on the coast in Maine, but maybe if I shout?

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  10. We’re down to one cat now, Harley. She used to scratch everything when she was younger, but a couple of years ago she suffered some kind of seizure and couldn’t walk for a few days. We took her into the vet, they did a battery of tests after knocking her out, couldn’t find a reason without spending more money than we could afford, so we took her home and prayed.
    When she came out of the anesthetic she could walk! Her back has a hunch now, and when she’s hurting she walks in a curve, but otherwise she’s okay. Another thing is that her claws won’t retract anymore. She wears them down on the carpet and wood outside, so the furniture is safe, lol.
    Enjoy your time away, Mae! Is Raven going with you?

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    • Poor, Harley! I am so glad she came out of that seizure and is getting plenty of love. Your prayers were answered!

      So odd about her claws, though it sounds like she’s adapted by finding a way to wear them down–and without bothering your furniture!

      We have a cat sitter coming in for Raven. I know she’s not going to be happy with us leaving, but at least she’ll be in her own environment and undisturbed. There’s supposed to be a really cool pet store in Maine near where we’re staying, so of course, I’ll bring something back for her. Er, something small. No more trees, LOL.

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    • Cats love clawing trees, Robbie, no matter the size. I think it keeps them happy–a place to perch plus an outlet for scratching. Whoever invented the cat trees was a genius!

      Thanks for the vacation wishes. I’m looking forward to it!

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    • Dogs definitely present their own challenges. I grew up with both dogs and cats, but have only had cats since being married. They each have specific ideas of how life should go, LOL.

      Thanks for the vacation wishes, Michele!

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  11. I never sallied forth and bought a cat, but I tended to acquire them, as components of a deal (girlfriend, her furniture, her personal possessions, her cat). I was acquainted with three cats in this way and generally managed to remain on equitable terms. Most memorable was Englebert, who led me to believe his name was feline for Curtain Shredder. I bought him a scratching post/platform affair much like those you depict, which he ignored completely in favor of the moss sticks supporting my rubber plant. I am, needless to say, a ‘dog person’.

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    • LOL! Well, it sounds like you encountered several headstrong cats. Some just have a mind of their own, and when they latch onto something (like those moss sticks) it’s hard to convince them to look elsewhere. For the record, I love dogs, too.Cats are just soulmates πŸ˜‰

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  12. We have pampered pets here too. I’ve spent most of my morning taking care of my ailing, old dog. He has days where he’s wobbly and has an upset stomach. He’s a purebred who’s been sickly since birth- but we knew that when we adopted him. He was the runt of the litter no one expected to make it. He’s made it 12 years with occasional bouts of illness.

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    • Hi, Elizabeth. So sorry I’ve been late in responding. I’ve been on vacation. Reading your comment has warmed my heart. I love that you gave your pup (now a beautiful older soul) a home when many others wouldn’t have wanted the burden. I’m sure he has had plenty of love and a wonderful forever home!
      Many thanks for visiting and commenting. Hugs to you and your special boy!


  13. Talk about a cat with awesome stuff! We just let Zoey go outside all summer. Having 8 acres out in the country means she can roam pretty far, and with the grove, she can climb and scratch to her content. Or sleep. I suspect she does a lot of sleeping. We do have to discourage her from scratching the furniture, but the furniture needs to be replaced anyway. Which is on the list but not very high πŸ™‚ We always had cats growing up, and I don’t remember any taking to a scratching post. Maybe it was the lack of higher perches that failed to attract them. They usually found window sills to hang out on and look over their “country” πŸ˜€

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    • Wow, Zoey has a fiefdom with eight acres to roam around! If I lived in the country I “might” let Raven outside, but she’s a suburbanite, so she only goes out in her catio.
      They say cats are either “tree dwellers” or “bush dwellers.” Raven is a little bit of both, but maybe your cats (when you were growing up) were mainly bush dwellers.I know not all of them fall in love with trees. πŸ˜‰

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  14. You’re very lucky that Raven has chosen to scratch the scratching posts! My two decided to go for the sofas and stair carpets πŸ™‚ I wrote about it in my latest post 😁 which scratching post is Raven’s favourite?

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    • Oh, no! When they get attached to something, it’s hard to break them of the habit. I am so thankful Raven is attached to her scratching posts. Right now, the brown one in the living room is her favorite. She shreds it constantly, LOL.
      Nice to have you drop in and comment.

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