Reviewing Meg: Nightstalkers @meg82159 and All the Missing Children (Muddy River Mystery 3) @judypost #BookishTuesday

Hi, friends. Since I’ve been reviewing books on a regular basis, rather than holding all my reviews for of the end of the month or even splitting them into two parts, I’ve decided to make a regular habit of sharing book reviews on Tuesdays. This may amount to only one book, or—depending on how much time I have on my hands during the week—it could be more or less. A big fat goose egg (hopefully not). Today, I bring you reviews from two series I love. To read the official blurbs and learn more about each novel, click the Amazon link.

Meg: Nightstalkers by Steve Alten

Book cover for Meg: Nighstalkers by Steve Alten shows two colossal sharks going after a swimmer below water, fishing boat on surfaceIn book five of the Meg series, sister sharks Bela and Lizzy are causing havoc in the Pacific Ocean after having escaped from their pen at the Tanaka Institute owned by Jonas Taylor and his wife Terry. Worse, the sisters are able to reproduce without male insemination and have started birthing genetic clones of themselves, the pups roaming lose in the water. Suffice to say, a few people meet with unfortunate ends.

Across the globe, Jonas’s son David has once again teamed with an expedition set on capturing a prehistoric creature responsible for the horrific tragedy that has left him with night terrors and a thirst for revenge. Eventually, the paths of David, Jonas, and Scottish marine biologist, Dr. Zachary Wallace will converge near Antarctica. This is where the book goes a little south for me, no pun intended. Wallace is a character from Alten’s popular Loch series of novels (I read the first one years ago) but the plot thread veered off course with a stab at time travel.

The storyline devoted to Bela and Lizzy gets five solid stars. The action is adrenalin-pumping and tight. The sisters, with the way they hunt—one brains, one brawn—make for plenty of nail biting and riveting moments. These two sharks are devious, intelligent, and dangerous. They routinely steal the show!

Alten swaps chapters/scenes of Jonas hunting Bela and Lizzy with David deep diving after dangerous predators. There are plenty of hair-raising encounters with both plots, keeping the tension ramped high and the reader flipping pages. This would have been a five star read for me if not for the spin with Zachary Wallace. Even so, I plan to devour the next Meg book. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 4.5 stars.

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Genre: Space Marine Science Fiction > Horror Fiction

All the Missing Children (Muddy River Mystery 3) by Judi Lynn

Book cover for Where are All the Missing Children by Judi Lynn shows hooded cloaked figure holding crystal ball with young dark-haired man in foregroundRaven and Hester are back again, battling one of the strongest foes they’ve ever faced. When a new supernatural settlement is attacked—all the adults killed, the children missing—Muddy River’s demon enforcer and his powerful witch mate discover an ancient evil is behind the deaths and abductions.

Murlyn, a warlock who practices the dark arts, and who isn’t above using others to amplify his power, has set a devious plan in motion. One that uses gullible supernaturals and innocent children. Murlyn’s thirst for power is unmatched, and unless Hester, Raven, and their band of friends can stop him, all of Muddy River and other supernatural settlements face extermination.

Once again, Judi Lynn has created a fast-paced mystery of good vs. evil. Characters I’ve come to love from the first two novels in this series are back, joined by a host of others who quickly make their mark. Lynn knows how to pull heartstrings while layering her plot with clues that play out like a trail of breadcrumbs. She levels each scene to ratchet the tension, all the while heightening the relationship between characters, forging emotional bonds with the reader. Consider me smitten. I love all of these characters, and the supernatural battles that ensue between good and evil more then satisfy with plenty of breathless action. Party cozy, part urban fantasy, part mystery, this book and those in the series, score gold on multiple levels. Vivid and imaginative. 5 big stars!

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Genre: Witch and Wizard Mysteries > Occult Fiction

Thanks for visiting with me today and for checking out my latest reviews. As always, it’s fun sharing these, and I hope to spark your interest in the wonderful stories these authors present!

35 thoughts on “Reviewing Meg: Nightstalkers @meg82159 and All the Missing Children (Muddy River Mystery 3) @judypost #BookishTuesday

  1. Both books sound like page turners. Though I always have trouble with shark stories during the summer – perhaps it’s my love of and close proximity to the beach :). Great reviews!

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    • I absolutely LOVE the beach. It’s been my second home for years, My husband’s family had a place in Fenwick Island for decades and we spent most every weekend there. Strangely, I like to read shark books in the summer. i have no idea why, since the thought of getting in the water with the possibility of a Great White lingering nearby terrifies me.

      You are so fortunate to live close the shore. I am 3.5 to 4 hours away depending on which beach we visit!

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  2. I haven’t read a shark book since the release of Jaws, nor have I set foot in any body of water that wasn’tt enclosed in turquoise concrete, either. 😯 I don’t think even bigger, hungrier sharks are gonna work for me, thanks. 😀 But the Muddy River books sound more my speed. Call me crazy, but I’ll take demons over megalodons, any day. Not nearly as scary! 😀 Great reviews, Mae, and I’ll be adding Judi Lynn’s books to my ever-growing list.

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    • I can pretty much guarantee the Meg books wouldn’t work for you, Marcia given the number of people who end up as shark food, or almost do! The Muddy River series is fun and intoxicating—cool supernaturals, twisty mysteries and no megalodons in sight. I know you’ll enjoy 🙂


  3. Reproducing without male insemination – if I remember correctly, that’s what happened in the Jurassic Park book, but wasn’t mentioned in the movie. And that’s part of what I found so amazing about the story. Genetic clones of the megs – just sends shivers up your spine, doesn’t it?

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    • Yep, I thought of Jurassic Park also, Teri. Apparently there are a number of species that can reproduce this way (I was clueless). But the thought of all those meg pups growing into colossal meg adults? Yikes!! It was interesting how the author addressed what would become of them.

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    • Scary thought, isn’t it? Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
      In the case of the books, the megs reproduce without any help from humans. Meg females are also bigger, faster, and smarter than their male counterparts. I guess they decided they didn’t need the males at all!


  4. Thanks so much for reviewing my book, Mae! I’m so glad you like it. I have a healthy fear (phobia) of sharks, and with all the shark attacks this year, I don’t think I could make myself put even a toe in the ocean. That book would make me afraid to even get on a boat.

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    • Judi, I loved your latest Muddy River book! That whole series has really swept me up. I’m always happy to tell other about it!

      I stopped getting in the ocean about a decade ago when age crept up and made me realize it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I’m not a flexible as I used to be, LOL. I do still get in the water when we go to tropical locations but given all the shark attacks, I’d probably have to think twice about that today!

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  5. These both sound really good, Mae, but All the missing children sounds really chilling. I also post book reviews on certain days, usually a Wednesday on Roberta Writes. I have read three short stories which I think were all in your last set of reviews and am sharing my reviews tomorrow. I am glad you recommend Jan Sikes as I didn’t realise she has so many different books.

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    • I’ll look forward to your reviews, Robbie. I’ve been following them for a while. Jan has written a number of excellent books. Her Flowers & Stone series (based on her life with her now deceased husband) is remarkable. I keep telling her it needs to be made into a movie.

      Judi Lynn’s Muddy River series is fantastic. She deftly combines a compelling mystery with a supernatural cast that I’ve grown to love. Happy reading and reviewing!


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