Book Review: The Scout by D.L.Cross #sci-fi #aliens

Closing out my July reading is a standalone novella that I was super-excited to have land on my Kindle. D.L.Cross gives us a peak into both the Invasion Universe and her Astral Conspiracy series (I devoured the first and am eagerly awaiting the second). Before I give you my review, here’s the blurb:

book cover for The Scout by D.L.Cross shows large scary tree on dark backgroundThe aliens have landed. The humans are panicking. The scouts have been sent.

J’s mission is clear — find an alien outpost, observe, report back. Simple enough. It’s what he’s trained to do. But he’s always worked with his team, never as a party of one. Now he’s been sent out alone to blindly navigate a dense, dark forest until he finds his target. The dynamics are foreign to him, the stakes never higher. Resources are scarce. Comms are down.

And he’s found the enemy.

J is shocked when everyone’s true allegiances are revealed. And the consequences of betrayal will be deadly.

A short story set in the bestselling Invasion Universe, “The Scout” by D.L. Cross will have you hungering for more. Pick up your copy today!

And now my 5 star review:

An excellent short story that takes a look at what happens when alien cultures clash.

J is determined to complete his mission as a scout, gathering intel on an alien outpost, but the assignment grows murky when he connects with one of “the enemy.” The pace moves quickly, hurtling the reader toward a confrontation which addresses the nature of loyalties and betrayal.

A quick read, The Scout is part of the Invasion Universe, but stands perfectly on its own. The author also writes the Astral Conspiracy series of novels which made this bit of short fiction a treat for someone eagerly awaiting book 2 in that series. New fans and established fans will enjoy The Scout for its fluid story, tight plot, and polished writing. You can’t go wrong with anything from the pen of D.L. Cross!

Ready to blast off with an out of this world read? You can grab your copy of The Scout: Dark Crossings  at this Universal Purchase Link.

Happy reading!

80 thoughts on “Book Review: The Scout by D.L.Cross #sci-fi #aliens

  1. I’ve run across this short story recently and it definitely piqued my interest. I really need to add more short stories and short story collections to my TBR list! Great review, Mae.

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    • My publisher encourages shorts because they might entice new readers to try a new author, they definitely keep fans interested during the lull between releases, and they really help the writer hone her craft. Shorts are wins for everyone, I think. Thanks, Theresa.

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    • The Scout has been getting a lot of blog exposure lately, Tessa, and I was happy to add to it. When I’m in between series books, there’s nothing better than a short story or novella to fill the void. 🙂

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  2. Outstanding review. I intend to pick this one up over vacation. I can’t write every hour. I like the comments about shorts that enhance the series. Hope that holds true for more novel length products too. (Serang)

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  5. Can’t believe I almost missed this great review, Mae! I’ve got this one on my Kindle already, and it just jumped up to first place! And like you, I’m eagerly awaiting the next adventure in the Astral Conspiracy series! So many books, so little time. The universal complaint of every writer/reader I know. 🙂 ❤

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