An Interview, Creatures, and Cats

I am so excited to be interviewed by fabulous book reviewer, writer, and musician, Kevin Cooper. And let’s not forget he loves cats!

Even though Kev’s on the other side of the pond, Raven and I are always keen to know what he’s up to—including sending kitty hugs to his gorgeous felines, Aragorn and Ricco.

Although cats don’t come up in Kev’s interview with me, he had plenty of interesting questions—as only Kev can deliver. I hope you’ll get a moment to pop over and see what we’re discussing (hint: creatures are involved).

You can find the interview HERE. Hope to see you there. Raven even stirred from a mid day nap to see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

Beautiful black cat curled up on a bed with pillows

39 thoughts on “An Interview, Creatures, and Cats

    • We do have a mutual love of all things odd and mysterious, Flossie. I love how you weave those elements into your novels as well. Thank you for the kind words and support. Much appreciated!


  1. I love that your cat is called Raven – seems so fitting. Great interview. That mothman statue is rather freaky and the stuff about Houdini and Doyle was interesting – you can imagine them being friends, trying to challenge each other constantly.

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    • Hi,Wendy! It’s so nice to have you visit my blog (Raven says hello, too). Originally, the eyes of the Mothman statue were supposed to glow red, but the town ran out of money. So sad, because I would love that freaky statue with glowing eyes, LOL.

      As for Houdini and Doyle, that friendship fascinates me to no end. It makes for great reading.

      I’m thrilled you popped in to visit! 🙂

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