It shouldn’t be this difficult! #socks

I need to vent. About socks.

Least you think I’m taking up your time for something truly ridiculous, I want to clarify that I’m talking about sage green socks. But not just ANY sage green socks. This is about sage green women’s socks.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Ha!

My husband is fond of pointing out that fashion designers cater to women because we’re more likely to drop $$$ on what we want. I agree with the latter part, but I’m not convinced of the first half after venturing into the world of socks. Guys have far more options than women do.

a pair of sage green women's loafers with gold embellishment across the bridgeRecently, I purchased a pair of sage green loafers. You can check them out at left. Aren’t they cute?

I bought them to go with a pair of sage green straight leg pants I have. Given I’m one of those people who like to color-coordinate their wardrobe, I wanted sage green socks to match the loafers.

There was a day I would have used ivory or eggshell, but I’m getting older and that can be a funky look. I’m not sure I can pull it off anymore, plus I already have some cool jade jewelry for contrast.

My first step was to shop locally. I had fun, and even bought a bunch of other stuff, including two more pairs of shoes and a purse. But I couldn’t find sage green. I couldn’t even find green.

No worries. We all know Amazon has everything, so I went there next. I scrolled through pages and pages of socks. Things with characters all over them, compression styling or heavy wool, none of which I wanted. Eventually I found a pair I thought I would work—except they were out of my size. 😦

I went back to the drawing board and discovered—shock of my life—that you can find almost every color imaginable in a sock…for men! I’m talking aqua, lemon, tangerine, lavender, tomato, peach, and yes—sage green! Seriously? Yet nothing for women. 😦

Eventually, I realized even Amazon couldn’t help. My next step was to consult Google, which delivered a ton of sage green matches—for men!

I was fuming. Until I hit upon an idea. If I could get sage green in a man’s sock, I’d buy a man’s sock. Easy peasy. I am just so freaking clever, especially when it comes to shopping. 😉

Once again I consulted Google, learning that my 7.5 shoe size is the equivalent of a 5 in a man’s shoe. Ha, ha, ha! I had beat the powers that be.

Empowered with new knowledge, I went back to Amazon and discovered pages upon pages of sage green socks for men. But my joy quickly turned to frustration when I realized that most men don’t wear a size 5 shoe. Reality check—none do. I even tried searching under boys, but the only results I got were for men. Apparently boys don’t care about color.

There went my sage green socks.

Back to Google again, and I found a “small men’s sock store.” Surely they would have my socks, right? Turns out they had small sizes, but in limited colors. No sage green.

By this time, I had invested over an hour in a search for sage green socks. I tried Google again, and after clicking through every link on the page one results, found an ad at the bottom for a sock store. Joy of joy, they had my socks—although it’s freaking ridiculous what I paid for them.

In the end, however, I conquered my quest and my sage green socks will be here this week. Happy, right?

Yeah…..except I’m eyeing up a pair of pink loafers to go with my pink pants. It’s like Lay’s potato chips—you can’t be satisfied with just one. 😉

78 thoughts on “It shouldn’t be this difficult! #socks

  1. I’m glad I am not the only person who gets caught on these shopping quests. I get infuriated when even online they don’t what I think would be a simple search like for sage green socks. I’ve been on a quests for a towel set for my main bathroom for over seven years. Someday I will find that dolphin set, not just a beach towel:) Or some strange design…lol.
    Cute shoes and hope your next search goes smoothly.

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    • Denise, dolphins towels sound really cute, but I fully see where you’d get results for beach towels. How frustrating! There is a market for dolphin merchandise that goes beyond the beach!
      I can be relentless when I’m on a shopping quest. What really ticked me off with this one was all the options for guys and almost none for women!

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  2. Bahaha, your saga had me guffawing. Only because my life story is trying to find the right clothes online and being bitterly disappointed (sage green or not).
    Now that the yuks are over, why the heck not wear ivory socks?! None of this “I’m too old business”… nope. Age is just a state of mind, lovely!
    Have you thought about a nice red ochre colour pair? Might set off the whole ensemble.

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  3. This always seems to happen the minute we want something specific. Almost as though the Universe is on a mission to frustrate us for wanting such a thing in the first place!
    Seriously though, I hate socks… of any colour!

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  4. Mae, I’m chuckling away as I read your posts … oh, I feel your despair and applaud your perseverance! Yay! You found a pair … now for some hot pink ones! I spent an hour yesterday trying to find suspension files for my new filing cabinet (a story there and possibly a hysterical post!) but daunted by the choice, however sizing is a problem and the reviews confusing! Pass the chocolate as I knuckle down again!😀

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    • Annika, you’ve got to blog about it when it’s all said and done. It helps take some of the frustration away being able to vent. From your comment, it sounds like you know EXACTLY how difficult finding the perfect item can be. I’m passing the chocolate and have my fingers crossed you find those suspension files!

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  5. I am only a sock person in the dead of winter, however, I feel your frustration. I had wanted to purchase brown socks. I was at several stores and learned that brown wasn’t in fashion this year. All I could find was black. I didn’t want to go the online route as I didn’t want the socks that badly. The pair I have will last through the winter season.

    So glad you found your socks.

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    • I normally only do socks in the winter too, Michelle. I would have thought brown would have been fairly easy to get, but it’s crazy how fashion trends change. Seriously though—when you have brown shoes you want brown socks!
      Glad the ones you have will last. Maybe next year fashion will dictate they’re trendy again 😉

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  6. When I lived with my parents, my dad called me Imelda Marcos. My closet was full of shoes. I had ever color you could conceive of, and often more than one pair in a shade. He knew of about 100 pairs. I had probably double that and used to sneak them into the house so he couldn’t see when I bought more.

    Sadly, after my first pregnancy, my feet grew two full sizes and I had to start my collection over. I’ve streamlined, though, as I don’t color match like I used to. I probably have 50 pairs now, but I have my eye on a few more.

    I tell you this because, while I used to buy matching socks (in a similar vein to your quest), I stopped long ago. I HATE having socks on my feet. My sock drawer is arranged in rainbow order, but I seldom go in there. Even in the cold, it’s usually bare feet crammed into backless shoes.

    But I feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than needing an item to complete an outfit and not being able to find it. Especially when men (who almost never own more than four pairs of shoes—and don’t wear two of them) have options galore. Where’s the justice in that?

    I’m glad you finally found what you wanted after falling down the rabbit hole of web shopping. Hopefully the pink socks will be easier to find.

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    • Ah, Staci, it’s so nice to know you have a weakness for shoes (even if it’s not as acute as before). I just can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s a disease–at least according to my husband, LOL.

      I absolutely hate for my feet to be cold. When they are, my whole body is cold. The thought of going without socks in the winter has me shivering!

      I so agree with you about men and their options. It amazes me that women don’t have more selections, given many would spend the money. I know I would!

      Yes, I’m hoping pink will be easier, I haven’t pulled the trigger on the shoes yet, but I probably will once the temps become more spring like! 🙂

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      • I’m with you—when my feet are cold, my whole self is cold. And it’s impossible to warm up after that. But my feet seldom get cold. I even sleep with them out of the covers.

        And I have to say, it doesn’t surprise me that we both love shoes. lol

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      • Staci, my husband once asked me “how many pairs of silver shoes do you need?” when he found me sorting through roughly a dozen in the bedroom, looking for the perfect pair. Silver is my favorite 🙂

        If we lived closer we could go shoe shopping!

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      • My husband once asked me that same question about black shoes. Don’t they understand that different outfits call for different styles?

        I’d love that. Maybe someday. A morning of coffee, an afternoon of shoe and book shopping, and an evening of Italian food and wine. I’m putting that on my bucket list!

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  7. Mae, you’re absolutely right about men’s socks. They have rainbow striped ones, neon polka dot ones, purple, etc. I bought a couple pair that were waaay to big for me; took them off and left them on the floor of the closet. Hubby wanted to know what man was leaving his socks over here. LOL! Loved this! A great start to my day.

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    • Ha, ha! I can just imagine his expression when you told him you had to buy MEN’s socks because there aren’t enough colors for women. I think there should be a sock revolt 😉

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Linda. I simply had to vent after seeing all those wonderful, crazy and colorful selections for the guys!


  8. Lol, Mae! You had me laughing right out loud at this escapade! It’s hard to believe, but my daddy wore a size five man’s shoe and he always had a hard time finding them, especially in steel-toed boots. 🙂 Glad you found your socks. 🙂

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    • After my quest, I fully believe your father must have had it rough looking for that size in men’s shoes or socks. And here I’d thought I was so clever, deciding I was going to shop in the men’s department. Talk about deflating when I realized size 5 wasn’t available.

      I’m glad I made you laugh, Jan. My husband just shook his head at me when I invested all that time for a pair of socks, LOL!

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  9. And here I thought you were going to talk about how one member of a pair of socks always goes missing! I have so many of them, I have to cull my sock drawer every year. I’m glad you found those sage green socks!

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    • Oh yes, Noelle, the sock demon is another creature I could vent about. He seems to strike almost every time I do laundry. If that stealthy beastie dares to steal one of my sage green socks there will be WAR! 😉


    • Yeah, apparently boys just prefer black and white, as I found out!

      I have to give you a fist pump from one chipoholic to another. Chips are my singular greatest weakness in life. I often pass on chocolate, but chips are like the mythical sirens of old, wooing me with whispers of how good they are. Which reminds me of a post I wrote years ago. I may have to dig that out….

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  10. Glad you finally founded them! It never would have occurred to me to look at men’s socks – or that they’d have such a variety of colors. Shoes aren’t my thing – I have multiples of your basic black and brown/beige, then my workout shoes. Is that too boring?

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    • LOL! Never too, boring, Teri. Black, brown and beige are cool too (I just had two pair of shoes delivered today, one of which was black).
      I adore shoes.
      And purses, and jewelry and….well, shopping, LOL.
      Shoes, especially, are a weakness, And now apparently, so are socks 😀

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  11. I had to chuckle at this. And scratch my head. I’m one of those people that has 4 or 5 pairs of shoes: brown, black, running, everyday, and garden shoes. And that’s why no one will ever accuse me of being fashion-conscious 🙂 I’m with you about cold feet, except I wear socks to be even in the summer (probably due to my husband’s insistence on a window unit in the bedroom to keep the temp in there around 65). Therefore, I don’t worry much about color, but warmth. I spent some serious time looking for knee-high wool-blend socks at a reasonable price. I got some crew-length ones, and love how toasty warm they are. Except for that cold breeze that manages to sneak up my pants leg. Hence the knee highs.

    Just keep the sage socks safe from the sock demon!

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    • LOL! Julie, your comment made me grin. I thinned out my shoes a few years back when I topped 100 and ran out of closet space. Now I try to thin them every year, because I’m constantly buying more (since writing this post I have already bought 5). It’s a sickness, trying to match shoes to every outfit.

      I do need warmth when it comes to socks and my feet. And if I lived where you do? Brrr! I can’t even imagine! I’d probably need double pairs, LOL!

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  12. Haha… yay for persistence and perseverance! The search for sage socks. It’s safe to say that if I ever stumble upon sage socks I’ll be sure to think of you. Yup, even 30 years from now. Thanks for the giggles, Mae. 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  13. I never realised how privileged I was in the socks department until I read this. As a (British) size 14 – think of a pair of small rowboats – my options in shoes were always extremely limited; but socks? No problem! Sage green? Not an issue. Pink? Freely available (not my colour, really, but when I team them with my pink shirt I get a lot of free drinks in certain bars). I do hope you’re now fully mollified and socked.

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    • I got a chuckle out of the “pair of small rowboats”. Clearly, the size five men’s sock size I was feeling overly chuffed about tracking down will not work for you (notice how I threw that word “chuffed” in there. I think Brits use, it, right).

      My socks arrived last week but they don’t look anything like the photo. They’re more bright lime than sage. There is no end to my trauma!!

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  14. You are so determined, Mae! Congrats on finding sage green socks! You’re my hero. 🙂 I need to work on my sock consciousness, I think. I have zero sock sense and wear whatever I pull out of the drawer – even Christmas socks in summer. Ha ha. Remember socks with jingle bells on them – yep, that’s me in July.

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  15. This was hysterical, Mae! I know what you mean. Men have many more choices in socks than we do. I buy LLBean socks medium weight and love them but can’t find them in blue only grey. I settle for gray but they do have purple! Yeah! Happy shopping! have you tried Bomba socks? My daughter-in-law loves them. 😆

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    • Bomba socks! Thank you for that. I’m going to check them out. I’m actually wearing my sage loafers today but the sage socks turned out to me more lime green. Ugh!. I ended up pairing them with cornflower blue socks to match the shirt I have on.
      So glad you got a chuckle from the post.
      I’m going to have to check out LLBean too!

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