In Honor of National Cat Day: Raven! #blackcats

It was recently brought to my attention (ahem, Julie) that Raven hasn’t made an appearance on my blog in a while. It also dawned on me that today is National Cat Day. Given Raven is a black cat, it’s almost Halloween, and it’s National Cat Day, that’s a trifecta I couldn’t pass up. I’m late in getting this posted, but for all the cat lovers out there, here’s my gorgeous girl . . .

This past spring, hanging out in the bow window.
The little birds that visit in the morning provide hours of entertainment.

Beautiful black cat in bow window with rose in bloom behind glass

Peek-a-boo from her collapsible cube.
She likes to flatten it like a pancake when she’s playing.

Black cat peeking out of a large toy cube

Taking a nap on tree #1 by the bow window.
So innocentβ€”while plotting . . .

Black cat curled up on a large cat tree

The perfect way to get a second tree is to hang out where she isn’t allowed.
Smart girl.

Black cat balancing on the back of chair

The plotting worked.
Tree #2 overlooking the rear deck arrives.
She and a resident chipmunk play tag, racing between this spot
and the patio doors in the family room. More entertainment!

Black cat on a large cat tree in front of french doors

I was an idiot to think that large spray of reeds in the corner could stay.Β 
Tree + cat + reeds = large cat toy.
The spray was moved in less than an hour.

Black cat sitting on a large cat tree in front of a French door

A new toyβ€”sort of.
Stolen from my key chain.
She makes a good thief.

Black cat in sitting pose looking at camera with a puff toy in front of her

Ready for bed at the end of the day.
She has me wrapped and knows it!

Black cat under sheets in bed

Raven and I wish you a Happy National Cat Day!

61 thoughts on “In Honor of National Cat Day: Raven! #blackcats

  1. Well – now you know I’ll have to post something on IG and FB – wasn’t aware it was today! Raven looks totally innocent in the key chain pic. We just got Bond a cat tree and he loves it – especially for late afternoon sunning.

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    • Happy National Cat Day to you and Bond, Teri. Raven is curled up beside me as I type this. It’s too dark for tree lounging, but like you said, they’re great for afternoon sunning. So glad Bond likes his. What we don’t do to spoil our pets!

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  2. OMG! She’s sooo cute! Thank you for posting (ahem, fi-nal-ly πŸ˜€ ) I love the captions–Tree #2 + cat + reeds = LOL! And I love watching cats watch the birds outside, especially when they chitter at them. Zoey says ‘Hi’ to a fellow feline πŸ™‚

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    • LOL! Your photos of Zoey inspired me πŸ™‚
      Raven tends to make little chirpy sounds. She is VERY vocal, even with us, LOL. Glad you enjoyed the pics and captions. Raven sends a feline hello back to Zoey with wishes for plenty of bird watching!

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    • So glad you dropped by to see Raven’s photo session πŸ™‚
      And I’m thrilled you liked the decor too. Raven got her second tree by the deck after constantly standing on the back of the chair by the table to look outside. No matter how many times I chased her off, she’d jump right back up. At least now she leaves the tree alone, LOL!

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  3. Ahh… I love how there is a National Cat Day and your post celebrates it to the full! Wonderful photos and the one where Raven has stolen from your key chain is a classic β€˜who me?’ photo! It looks like lots of fun in your house, Mae and Raven is a joy (with its usual frustrations)!

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    • LOL! Your boy must be wonderful, Chuck. Isn’t it great how cats allow us to grace their lives? And yes, Raven is a spoiled little princess. But like you said….it’s hard to say “no” to those beautiful eyes πŸ™‚


  4. Happy National Cat Day Mae and Raven! She’s so beautiful and has that sparkle in her eye. I can imagine why that spray of reeds didn’t last. She reminds of my Coco except he has a small white tuft on his chest. Enjoyed all the adorable pictures. Happy Halloween, too.

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    • Denise, prior to Raven I had a beautiful black cat named Onyx. He was with me for 13 years before I lost him to cancer. He had a small white tuft on his chest. Cats are just so gorgeous. I know Coco must be as well.
      Sending wishes to Coco for an awesome National Cat Day! Happy Halloween to you both.

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