The Birth of the Spiritualism

Happy Monday, Friends! It’s a new week and a slower one as I wind down my tour stops for Cusp of Night. I truly appreciate all the support everyone has shown the first book in my new series.

Today, I am visiting with my good friend Debbie Peterson and sharing a post about how the spiritualism movement got started. If you get a moment, please pop over to Debbie’s blog to check out my post. And while you’re there, take a peek around. Debbie writes shivery paranormal romances filled with tender-hearted ghostly love. I’ve read them all and highly recommend them!

16 thoughts on “The Birth of the Spiritualism

  1. An interesting topic!
    One thing I disagree with, though. Ask 25 people how Modern Spiritualism got started and don’t be surprised if all 25 tell you: “it started with The Fox Sisters in 1848”.

    I disagree. I would say it started in 1847 with Andrew Jackson Davis and his book: The Principles of Nature. Frankly, it amazes me how very, very few are aware of this. Or—-

    Could it be that somehow, Davis was “an embarassment to the movement”? Maybe. Maybe not. He was widely known in his time and Spiritualism seemed to be surprisingly popular I would say especially from 1850-1880 and yet today, he is rarely mentioned.

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    • Hi, Owl30! Many thanks for dropping by to visit and comment. I don’t recall coming across Andrew Jackson Davis while doing my research, but your explanation has prompted me to look into him. As you stated, most people seem to credit the Fox Sisters with the start of the Spiritualist movement. I found the whole time period fascinating.

      Sometimes research for a book can be dry but the era, was populated by so many colorful characters it made investigating a pleasure.Thanks again for the visit and sharing with my readers!

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      • (smile) and Thank You, Mae Clair.
        You will find more by searching “Spiritualism and Andrew Jackson Davis” on and also I think Wikipedia has good info on him. After his Book: The Principles of Nature (1847), in 1850 he wrote The Great Harmonia (which he was probably MORE well-known for). Davis died in 1910. He was married 3 times. After his 3rd (divorce?) in 1885, he was less popular. 2 years later in 1877 (?), Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (co-founder of Theosophy) would write The Secret Doctrine and Theosophy, already founded in 1875, would become more prominent and spiritualism would fade, however it would remain popular in England for longer. Happy exploring! A really enjoyable read giving more of a grand overview timeline is “Occult America” by Horowitz. Amazon has it. Happy exploring!

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      • Thanks for the recommendations and all the information. You truly know your stuff!
        I also love the era of the 1920s when Harry Houdini got involved in challenging mediums. His relationship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fascinates me.

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