Author Interview: Mae Clair

Cool things are happening! Jennifer of Dandelions Inspired review blog invited me over for an interview and came up with some amazing questions. Not only did she ask about my newest release, Cusp of Night, but she delved deeper into my stories in general. If you get a chance, please hop over and share some blog love. And if you’re looking for a blogger who lives reading and books, you’ll want to connect with Jen. She reads and reviews more than anyone I know!

Dandelions Inspired

Those of you that have followed my blog for awhile know that I have nothing but love and respect for the fabulous Mae Clair! I have had the opportunity to read and review her novels for the past few years and I have interviewed her previously, however, in celebration of her newest novel, Cusp of Night, I thought it would be fantastic to catch up again and share some of her brilliant insight with my readers! Enjoy!

bluejacketcrop2cusp of night

Mae, I first connected with you when you wrote your Point Pleasant Series which included the legendary Mothman and collapse of The Silver Bridge in 1967. Is your new Hode’s Hill Series based on any “real legends?”

Hmm. Yes and no. My “creature” in Cusp of Night is purely fictional, but I had Springheeled Jack in mind when I first envisioned it leaping between rooftops and over fences. Also, as far-fetched as it…

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