Mediums and Spirit Cabinets (Research for Cusp of Night)

I mentioned there would be unique information on my blog tour stops. Have you ever heard of a Spirit Cabinet before? Today, I’m sharing a post at Staci Troilo’s blog about how this device was used. Staci is a good friend and an excellent author. Be sure to check out her books while you’re there. I love them all, but the Medici Protectorate Series is my personal favorite. She’s highly supportive of others and a great one to follow if you’re not already!

Staci Troilo

I love hosting authors here, and I’m never happier to do it than when I know the writer and her work—and LOVE both. Mae Clair has been here before, and she’s always entertaining and always offering a fascinating story. Today is no exception. She’s releasing her latest novel, Cusp of Night, the first of her newest saga (The Hode’s Hill Series), and she’s agreed to share some of her research with us. Let’s give her a warm welcome.

Cusp of NightThanks for having me as your guest today. I’ve been making the rounds with my latest release, Cusp of Night, a book with timelines set in the past and present. This is becoming a trend in fiction, especially with suspense novels. Cusp of Night is equal parts suspense and mystery with elements of the supernatural—and more than a few historical facts.

The research for this book was fascinating, especially as…

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