Spiritualists, Houdini, and a New Release! #CuspOfNight

I’m visiting my friend Marcia Meara on The Write Stuff today, with a look at how seances were conducted in the 1800s. Come on over and take a peek. While you’re there, check out Marcia’s fabulous blog that supports other writers, and her wonderful books. I have all of them and they’re gems!

The Write Stuff

Marcia was kind enough to invite me to share my upcoming release,Β Cusp of Night with readers of The Write Stuff. Thanks, Marcia! πŸ™‚

I’m jazzed to be here with this novel that twines two timelines in a tale of mystery and suspense. Cusp releases on June 12th, but you can pre-order your copy now from any major bookseller, through this link.

Part of the book addresses spiritualistic practices of the nineteenth century. The research was riveting!

Most seances of that time were held in dimly lit rooms, with the β€œsitters” often divided by gender. The medium opened with a prayer or a hymn. The use of musical instruments was also common, and played an important part of the evening. Spirits frequently chimed in with ghostly instruments, giving sound to horns, trumpets, and bells. Often these instruments would fly about the room, soaring above the heads of the sitters who…

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