Has it really been that long?

I took a look at my last blog entry and realized it was over a month ago. Wow! How does time past that quickly? I’ve wanted to blog more consistently this year, but once again, that goal was shoved behind the eight-ball. So, what have I been doing?

The day job has kept me busy covering two positions—occasionally three—with staff out for various reasons. Thankfully, everyone is back now, but two weeks of double and triple duty took a huge toll on my energy level. I also did a book signing the end of April, which was a bust, at least in relation to sales. The day turned out to be the first nice Saturday my area had seen in ages, and no one wanted to be inside. There were about thirty authors who participated, but no one was selling. On the plus side, I did a lot of networking, made new friends, and enjoyed myself.

End of Day was finished on time and sent to my editor. She asked for a few changes, thankfully, nothing too large. I made them and shipped them off, but still had one problematic scene that required additional tweaking. We chatted on the phone about that, and I delivered the changes the next day. Content edits are done and now I’m waiting on the copy editor.

In the meantime, I drafted the synopsis, blurb, and tag for book three, completing the information forms my publisher requires. I’m ahead of schedule and have them ready to go when requested. The last time I had nothing when asked and narrowly avoided  a panic attack and meltdown. I feel pretty good about book three—even though it doesn’t have a title yet. Once again, I’ve got past and present timelines. For the past, I’m able to play off a hodgepodge of ideas I used in an old decaying trunk novel, and my lead character in the present is one who popped up unexpectedly in book two, End of Day. Originally, I planned for other characters to carry the lead in three, but Madison Hewitt pantsed her way into the spotlight. Even better? I have a pseudo outline for this book, something I rarely have. Jazzed!

In some ways I feel like I’m juggling a three-act play. Book one, Cusp of Night is up for pre-order, releasing on June 12. I’m working on promo for Cusp, while doing the edits on book two, End of Day. My publisher has also asked for the first chapter of book three to include in the back matter of End of Day. I’ve never been able to deliver that before, but I think I might pull it off. So, despite a crazy April of covering dual jobs and being buried in edits and promo, it feels like my head is above water. For the moment. We all know how easily everything can come crashing down.

I apologize if I haven’t been as visible lately or able to make my usual blog rounds. I try to keep up with rounds as much as possible, but sometimes, it’s hard to squeeze everything in. And I think most of you who are regular followers know I disappear offline from Friday to Sunday night for me and hubby time. 😊

Anyway, it’s good to post again. In parting, I thought I’d share some snazzy postcards and Twitter ads I made for a few older novels (and one new one). What do you think?

Banner ad for cusp of Night, a mystery/suspense novel by author, Mae CllairBanner ad for Myth and Magic a romantic suspense/mystery novel by Mae ClairBanner ad for Eclipse Lake, a a romantic suspense/mystery novel by Mae Clair

65 thoughts on “Has it really been that long?

  1. I had noticed you weren’t posting, Mae. On your own blog I mean, I have seen your posts on Story Empire. It is exceptionally hard to cope with writing, promoting, family and full time work. Well done on the completion of your new book.

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    • Thanks, Robbie. And yes, it is truly difficult juggling everything at once, especially when there are specific deadlines. I’m so thankful to have a few of them behind me and hoping I get back to regular blogging in my own corner of the world!

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    • Having everything pretty much ready to go on book three is a huge relief! I have breathing room, LOL!
      And I’m delighted to hear you’re looking forward to Cusp of Night. Thank you so much! 🙂


  2. Wow! That’s a lot to keep up with but you are a real trooper. I’ve missed you. Got a lot going on in my life also starting a new business with my husband, so the blog has taken the back seat. It’ll all come together in the end.

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    • I just hopped over to see what you’ve been up to. Glad to see you back online too, even if sporadically. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the new business.
      And yea–busy, busy, busy, LOL. You know the drill. Sometimes though, we need to come up for air! 😀

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    • I think it’s the weekends that keep me sane. I’m rarely online starting Friday evening until Sunday evening. I’ve made a practice of that from the start and it’s a huge help. It allows me to unplug, unwind and focus on family (though I do spend Sunday afternoons writing).

      And thanks about the graphics. I wish I had more time to create more. I enjoy doing them. It’s just the time thing getting in the way again, LOL!

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    • I love having that time away. It really makes for a nice balance

      Thanks about the promo images. I was really pleased with the way they came out. Now I just need to splash them around more!

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  3. Reading what you’ve been up to makes ME tired. I’m swamped down here, too, with too many big projects still left from our run-in with Hurricane What’s-Her-Name, but somehow I feel better after seeing that even without a storm throwing gigantic trees at you, you are every bit as swamped as I! (I’m sure it doesn’t make YOU feel better to know that, but in some perverse way, it lets me know that others are dealing with a ton of stuff, too, and if they can do it, so can I.)

    Your graphics look absolutely wonderful! They are eye-catching and attention-getting and all those things you want them to be. Love ’em! 🙂 ❤

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    • I think I’d curl up into a pathetic ball if I had hurricane damage on top of everything else. You’ve really had a lot on your plate this year. Isn’t great how you can disappear from time to time when you have to deal with real world fallout, and all your friends are still there when you’re back online? Here’s hoping everything starts to realign for you, too.

      And thanks about the graphics. I was fortunate to find such great images to use! 🙂

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  4. LOVE your postcards/twitter headers! They’re so moody, they catch your eye. Just reading everything you’ve done lately made me tired. Doesn’t it feel good to only have one more book to go in a series? I’m working on book three of my mystery series, but I hope Jazzi and Ansel go on and on. Do you have an idea for the next series you want to write in case your editor asks? Good luck with Hode’s Hill!

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    • I think I will probably start kicking around new book ideas part way through writing book 3 of Hode’s Hill. That’s my normal practice. Now that I’ve gotten used to series deadlines, I wouldn’t mind doing another one. Maybe I need to start thinking about a new series earlier to keep the momentum going.

      Are you contracted for more in your new series with Jazzi and Ansel?

      Oh, and thanks about the postcard/twitter headers. Moody and eye-catching is exactly what I was hoping for! 🙂

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      • I only signed for 3 Jazzi and Ansels, but I hope my editor wants more. I remember your editor called you when you finished Pointe Pleasant for a new series and caught you off guard until you thought of Hode’s Hill. It made me wonder if you’d play with ideas sooner this time:)

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      • I think you’re right. I don’t want to be caught off guard again. I’m going to start playing around with ideas early. Even if I don’t get a request from them again, at least I can submit to them on my own! Fingers crossed for both of us! I hope things work out with Jazzi and Ansel as well!


  5. Love the postcards. Love Hode’s Hill. Nice to see you online again.

    Don’t stress too much about chapter one for the backmatter. Authors include rough ones all the time then things change later. (And I’m talking about NY authors.) I know you’ll get it done and it’ll be great.

    Can’t wait to see where book three goes!

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    • Well, that’s a relief! My editor told me there was wiggle room if things changed a bit from the back matter to book release, but I was still worried. Knowing even NY authors make changes makes the whole idea less intimidating.

      And thanks about the postcards and Hode’s Hill. I am super excited to start writing book three. I really love what I have planned 🙂

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  6. It is such a juggling act, Mae, and you are doing amazingly well. You are moving forward putting out new books (way ahead of me on that one), holding down a full-time job and keeping your home together. About the book event – I have noticed a trend over the past two or three years about book festivals – No one comes out to them. No matter how much we advertise and promote, it is next to impossible to get people out of their homes to see authors. Maybe if we were celebrities, it would be different. But, as you say, I always enjoy networking with other authors at these events and sometimes we buy each other’s books. 🙂 I love your Book ads! They are awesome. I’ll download them and share them. Hang in there, you are doing awesome!

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    • Aww, Jan, you make me feel so good! Thank you for your lovely words! 🙂

      The juggling act is so hard and sometimes I am just thoroughly exhausted but I love writing too much (as I know you do to), to stop.

      The first book festival I did was well attended, but the weather was dreary, chilly and rainy that day, so that could have been the difference. I have heard a number of authors say their book festival didn’t fare well. There is another one in my area the end of October but as it’s over an hour drive to get there, I think I will probably skip going. I think you are right that less people are attending.

      And thank you for sharing my book ads. That is wonderful of you! {{hugs}}

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  7. You’ve been busy! Sorry about the book signing – know what you mean about the nice day, but at least there were some positives. Love your ads! I never seem to be able to find the right background. Where do you find yours?

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  8. Wow! Talk about busy! Taking on double- and triple-duties at work will wonkify home schedules for sure. Because, you know, still gotta sleep sometime 😀 Glad you got End of Night done and on to book 3 already! Woo-hoo! And promo stuff ahead of the game. That’s where I want to be, ahead of the game. Now, if real life would just cooperate for a month … Have a great week, Mae!

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    • Sleep? What is this odd concept of which you speak? 😀

      I told everyone at work if I survived April (with those double and triple duties) I would be taking some vacation days in May–which I did the first week. The double whammy was those work shifts were happening at the same time I was working through edits. I think I probably spent two weeks in a zombie stupor, LOL.

      Fingers crossed for you, Julie. Wishing you happy writing and full steam ahead! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Jacquie! I love doing memes. I just I had more time to experiment. They feed a different part of my creative brain, LOL.

      And yes–hamster on a wheel. I’m glad it’s behind me now!

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  9. Hi Mae,
    You are busy and it makes me tired reading all your accomplishments. I’m glad your back, but who says we have to post to a prearranged schedule. I don’t. I post when I the time and I have something to present. Do I have you mixed up with someone else, but was it you that had some personal tragedies recently too. If so, then let yourself off the hook. HUGS

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    • Hi, Chuck. You’re right, we shouldn’t have to stick to a prearranged schedule. Sometimes my A-type personality is ruthless on me, LOL. No, that wasn’t me with the personal tragedies in my life (I hope whoever it was is doing better), but I guess there’s enough in the day to day scope of things to keep me treading water. It’s great to see you here. Thanks for dropping by and welcoming me back! 🙂

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  10. I figured you were busy with important stuff. You get an amazing amount done. Congrats on keeping the balls in the air! I look forward to all your new ones. Cusp of Night looks so enticing, and the ad designs are eye catching. I retweet all I see.

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    • Thanks, Flossie–for all of that! Yes, I have been crazy busy. I love all the writing I’m doing, but I do miss blogging. I hope to be able to share here more often. And I’m so excited you’re looking forward to Cusp of Night. The series has been so intriguing to write!

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  11. Wow! Mae, the postcards/ ads are TERRIFIC!! Eye-catching, bold, easy to read and engaging! Wonderful. As for you, I’m impressed, you sound calm despite your hectic work load and even I was a bit confused with your three books on the go. A pity about the book signing but at least you made some good contacts for the future – on the rare sunny days people head out alas! Good luck with everything … just remember to breathe now and then! Lovely to see you back here…xx

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    • Thanks for the welcome back, Annika. April was rough but I things are starting to fall into place a bit more. And even though the book signing didn’t net any sales, I made some great contacts with other local authors.

      I’m so glad to hear the postcard/ad memes are doing their job 🙂 I wanted them to be eye catching and bold. Thanks so much. And yes, I am trying to take time to relax and breathe—some days easier than others, LOL!

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