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I’ve been doing a lot of playing around on Twitter lately. After blogging, it’s my favorite form of social media and I find it a great place to connect with others. I also love the variety of graphic Tweets I find there. Novelicious and Abandoned Places are two of my favorite Twitter feeds with amazing graphics. If you haven’t visited them before, you might want to give them a looksee.

With the last of my Point Pleasant novels, A Desolate Hour releasing, I decided I needed a new pinned Tweet. I change it out every now and then depending on the promo I’m doing at the time. I also decided the other two books in the series could benefit from ehanced visual representation, especially with book one, A Thousand Yesteryears, currently on sale for .99c

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

A Thousand Yesteryears (Book 1)
Banner ad for A Thousand Yesteryears by Mae Clair features the night sky over an old farmhouse

Behind a legend lies the truth…

As a child, Eve Parrish lost her father and her best friend, Maggie Flynn, in a tragic bridge collapse. Fifteen years later, she returns to Point Pleasant to settle her deceased aunt’s estate. Though much has changed about the once thriving river community, the ghost of tragedy still weighs heavily on the town, as do rumors and sightings of the Mothman, a local legend. When Eve uncovers startling information about her aunt’s death, that legend is in danger of becoming all too real.

Caden Flynn is one of the few lucky survivors of the bridge collapse, but blames himself for coercing his younger sister out that night. He’s carried that guilt for fifteen years, unaware of darker currents haunting the town. It isn’t long before Eve’s arrival unravels an old secret—one that places her and Caden in the crosshairs of a deadly killer.

Universal Purchase Link | Currently .99c from all book retailers


A Cold Tomorrow (Book 2)

Banner Ad for A Cold tomorrow by Mae Clair features road through a meadow near few trees and foggy in forest at night

Where secrets make their home… 

Stopping to help a motorist in trouble, Katie Lynch stumbles upon a mystery as elusive as the Mothman legend that haunts her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Could the coded message she finds herald an extraterrestrial visitor? According to locals, it wouldn’t be the first time. And what sense should she make of her young son’s sudden spate of bizarre drawings—and his claim of a late-night visitation? Determined to uncover the truth, Katie only breaks the surface when a new threat erupts. Suddenly her long-gone ex-boyfriend is back and it’s as if he’s under someone else’s control. Not only is he half-crazed, he’s intent on murder.

As a sergeant in the sheriff’s office of the famously uncanny Point Pleasant, Officer Ryan Flynn has learned to tolerate reports of puzzling paranormal events.   But single mom Katie Lynch appears to be in very real danger—and somehow Ryan’s own brother, Caden, is caught up in the madness, too. What the skeptical lawman discovers astounds him—and sends him into action. For stopping whatever evil forces are at play may just keep Katie and Caden alive.

Universal Purchase Link


A Desolate Hour (Book 3)

Banner ad for A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair features Man standing in a dark mysterious forest with bloody lake in foreground

Sins of the past could destroy all of their futures . . .

For generations, Quentin Marsh’s family has seen its share of tragedy, though he remains skeptical that their misfortunes are tied to a centuries-old curse. But to placate his pregnant sister, Quentin makes the pilgrimage to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hoping to learn more about the brutal murder of a Shawnee chief in the 1700s. Did one of the Marsh ancestors have a hand in killing Chief Cornstalk—the man who cursed the town with his dying breath?

While historian Sarah Sherman doesn’t believe in curses either, she’s compelled to use her knowledge of Point Pleasant to uncover the long-buried truth. The river town has had its own share of catastrophes, many tied to the legendary Mothman, the winged creature said to haunt the woods. But Quentin’s arrival soon reveals that she may have more of a stake than she realized. It seems that she and Quentin possess eerily similar family heirlooms. And the deeper the two of them dig into the past, the more their search enrages the ancient mystical forces surrounding Point Pleasant. As chaos and destruction start to befall residents, can they beat the clock to break the curse before the Mothman takes his ultimate revenge?

Universal Purchase Link


And there you have my Twitter memes. I’ve also added them to the book pages on my website, and would be delighted if you share them around should you stumble over them in your online roaming. I’ve been meaning to create these for a while but had to finally buckle down and set aside the time. Once I did, it was a fun and creative exercise. I’d still like to make a few for my older books, and a few more for my Point Pleasant series. As always, time is the enemy.

Do you use graphics to promote your books? If so, have you found them too be helpful? I remember the days when it was enough to make a Tweet and add a link, but Twitter has become a visual medium. Personally, I love that. Especially now that images don’t count into those 140 characters. I’ve definitely been sucked in by the beautiful graphic promos I’ve seen on Twitter, and have even bought books as a result. How about you?

And most importantly—how do you like my Mothman memes? The last one is my personal favorite. 😀

66 thoughts on “Mothman Memes #PointPleasantSeries #UrbanLegends

  1. I do like them! I think you make a strong point about visuals over just words now. I have to get back and relearn how to do this type of thing! I lean toward the third one, too…only because i love the person in the distance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am partial to that last one too. Everything thing just seemed to come together the best, especially with the red water in the foreground.

      I’m excited you’ll be reading A Desolate Hour and hope you enjoy how I wrapped everything up!


  2. You KNOW I’m a huge fan of the graphic teaser. I use them all the time as promo and on my site. In fact, I usually do five of them for each book so I can freshen my content frequently and I make a slideshow of them on the book pages. They’re so much more interesting than a regular text blrub.

    Love yours, Mae. They capture the series beautifully. Looking forward to seeing more of them!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Staci, you were probably the main inspiration for me to sit down and do these. You always have such awesome graphic teasers. If I ever get around to creating more than one per book, I’ll have to do a slideshow. That’s another excellent idea. Thanks!


  3. Great graphics! I’m intrigued, Mae. I do make images for Twitter, but rarely. Ugh – unlike you, I haven’t made time for it. Most of the book graphics I put together are for the blog. I never thought of turning them into Twitter posts… Thanks for the idea!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks, Stanalei. I still nee to create a few for my older books and I wouldn’t mind having a 2-3 total for each of these. Time is always the factor. Ugh.

      And I bet you could come up with some great memes for your Northstar series 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wow! Amazingly striking visuals! I love them all. Had no idea about those 2 forms of twitter. I will check them soon.
    Best of luck with the promotion of this fab series!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. All three of these are eye-catching. I like the third one the most, but it’s because of the colors. They appeal to me. I’ve been promising myself I’d make memes, and you’ve pushed me into taking the time to do it. Thanks! You’re a great motivator.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I was able to provide some motivation, Judi. I’ve had these on my to-do list for weeks now and finally forced myself to make the time. Thanks for voting on your fave! 🙂


  6. Beautiful! I love the mixed color variations in your text! Hard to pick a favorite, but I’d say #3 something about that lonely figure on the road calls to me 🙂
    I just found out about a cool video program (from my grandson :)) it’s called Quik and is free on the App Store. You load your pictures and it creates a stunning video, music and everything!

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  7. These look fabulous, Mae! They are enticing for sure. You know I love visuals and really enjoy the creative process. Photoshop is awesome for bringing it all together. Bravo!
    I love how each visual tells its own story, yet from the consistency in appearance one can see it’s a series.
    I read A Desolate Hour last weekend. Wow! An outstanding end for a fantastic series!! I hope to have the review up tonight. High five, sista!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh, so glad you enjoyed the story and conclusion, Natalie. I look forward to your review.:)

      You do amazing graphics to share with your books and poetry. I’m flattered you like mine, considering how exceptional yours are. I’m doing a Snoopy dance! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Got ’em, Mae, and will share them for sure. Great job on each. Couldn’t pick a favorite it I wanted to. And I used to make graphics all the time, but had to get a new version of PSP when I got my new computer, and I confess, I still haven’t figured it out! 😦 But good on you for these!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Marica. Nice to know I did so well you couldn’t pick a favorite. And knowing you, you’ll have the new program sorted out. Winter is a great time to experiment with things that like…although you’re winter temps won’t keep you confined indoors like us northern birds 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Just the opposite, in fact. I can’t wait for winter, so I can get back to my gardening a few times a week. 😀 I won’t be locked inside 24/7! It’s 97 outside today, and sunny as the dickens. Of course, it’s going to be storming during the eclipse Monday, apparently, so I probably won’t even get to look out the window and see the day darken! Ack.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, bummed about Eclipse Monday. I was thinking you’d be in good viewing area but weather will definitely screw it up. We’ve got hazy weather predicted, so I have fingers crossed we’ll be able to see something.

        So strange that you’re locked inside during summer, but then 97 would keep me indoors too!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Mothman’s story. I hope you enjoy.

      Graphics are definitely key to grabbing attention. I think they work especially well on Twitter, when you’re limited to how much you can say. I just love using them there!

      Liked by 1 person

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