New Release: A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair #KensingtonMystery #Mothman #RRBC

I’m celebrating a book birthday today and hope you’ll join me! A Desolate Hour, the final novel in my Point Pleasant series, is finally available for purchase. I’m wrapping up all the plot threads begun in the first two novels, A Thousand Yesteryears and A Cold Tomorrow. Caden Flynn and all my regular characters are back, along with a few new ones. The Mothman, of course, is front and center.

When I set out to write the Point Pleasant series, I envisioned the mystery relating to the origins of the Mothman spanning all three books. But I also wanted each book to focus on an aspect of Point Pleasant folklore in addition to my favorite cryptid.

In book one, A Thousand Yesteryears, I shared the history of the Silver Bridge tragedy. Book two, A Cold Tomorrow, saw the introduction of UFOs and Men in Black. The final installment, A Desolate Hour, plays off the legend of Shawnee Indian Chief Cornstalk who set all the other elements in motion by cursing the town as he lay dying.

At long last, the Mothman’s story hurtles to a conclusion!

Book cover for A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair shows a small town overlooking a river at night, full moon overhead, cover in wash of green red and black with white lettering

A Desolate Hour Sins of the past could destroy all of their futures . . .

For generations, Quentin Marsh’s family has seen its share of tragedy, though he remains skeptical that their misfortunes are tied to a centuries-old curse. But to placate his pregnant sister, Quentin makes the pilgrimage to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hoping to learn more about the brutal murder of a Shawnee chief in the 1700s. Did one of the Marsh ancestors have a hand in killing Chief Cornstalk—the man who cursed the town with his dying breath?

While historian Sarah Sherman doesn’t believe in curses either, she’s compelled to use her knowledge of Point Pleasant to uncover the long-buried truth. The river town has had its own share of catastrophes, many tied to the legendary Mothman, the winged creature said to haunt the woods. But Quentin’s arrival soon reveals that she may have more of a stake than she realized. It seems that she and Quentin possess eerily similar family heirlooms. And the deeper the two of them dig into the past, the more their search enrages the ancient mystical forces surrounding Point Pleasant. As chaos and destruction start to befall residents, can they beat the clock to break the curse before the Mothman takes his ultimate revenge? . . .


A few snippets from advance reviews:

From Staci Troilo, Author:
“A gripping end to a remarkable series…A Desolate Hour features genuine characters and intricate plotlines, fast-paced action and eerie, palpable settings.”
Read the full review

From dandelions inspired Book Reviews:
A Desolate Hour is so incredibly action-packed I’m not sure how to review this novel without giving away spoilers . . . truly a novel that once you start reading it, there is no stopping until you’ve reached the end.”
Read the full review 

From Fundinmental Book Reviews:
A Desolate Hour has an aura of menace from the beginning . . . If you are a creature feature lover, if you crave reading about myths and legends, if you like to be scared and surprised, run and soar through the air, this is one series you don’t want to miss.”
Read the full review 


A DESOLATE HOUR Universal Purchase Link (All Retailers):

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, A Desolate Hour can be read as a standalone novel. You can also purchase A Thousand Yesteryears and A Cold Tomorrow from all major booksellers. Don’t you think it’s time you met the Mothman? 😊

104 thoughts on “New Release: A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair #KensingtonMystery #Mothman #RRBC

  1. Congratulations, Mae! I am so very happy for you. I loved A Thousand Yesteryears and Eclipse Lake, so I know I will love this book as well. (Book 2 is loaded on my Kindle – waiting). All the best to you!!

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  2. My pre-order was waiting for me this morning! I’ll be reading it VERY soon, and I can’t wait. Here’s to a fabulous opening week and continued sales building and building, as people get into the whole mothman thing, and get to know the residents of Point Pleasant. You go, girl!! 😀 ❤

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  3. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    The third book in Mae Clair’s Point Pleasant/Mothman Trilogy is out today! Be sure to grab your copy, but start with Book 1, and go along for the whole ride. You’ll be glad you did! And let’s help Mae tell the world this one is out at last! Thanks!

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    • Thanks so much, Teri. And thank you for the pre-order. I hate saying goodbye to these characters too. It’s so hard when you’ve invested years in a series. Kind of like leaving home at the end 😉


      • Hey Mae, I stopped blogging on Every Day as the stroytelling has really taken off and I had to cut back on what I have time for. I still blog but it’s via my website ( i’m a consultant for a local countrybpark and I’m writing stories that interpret the history of their military hospital which is so much fun! It does mean I haven’t been able to write any Blake novels or the other ideas bubbling away, as balancing paid work and family time. But the ideas will still be there when I do get the chance and I’m still writing mysteries. Just mini mysteries for kids!

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      • What a thoroughly whimsical site! I signed up for email news so hopefully, the will alert me what you’re up to.I know you’re a big fan of Insta gram too and I need to be more active there. I remember when you started dealing into the military hospital. I’m a fan of history so that resonated with me. Congrats on moving forward, even if it is in a different direction. It sounds like you love what you’re doing and that makes all the difference. I look forward to learning more! 🙂

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      • It does, thanks Mae! I do want to write novels too but hopefully as things move on my time will free up a bit more and I can do that too 🙂 Thanks for signing up to the newsletter. Hopefully my blog posts go there too! That’s the way I’ve set it up so fingers crossed the interface works 😉

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    • YAY! Thanks so much, Jan. I can’t believe the series has come to an end. Part of me is said, but the other part….well, I’m going to enjoy my release day. Thanks so much for sharing in the fun and excitement. I truly appreciate your support! 🙂


    • Thanks so much, my friend. I’m a little sad to be saying goodbye to the Mothman and the characters who populate Point Pleasant, but I’m also excited to bring the series full circle to a conclusion. I hope you enjoy!


    • Wow! Thanks for all those shares, Judy–and OF COURSE for the sale 🙂 Your support has been amazing! Thank you so much and I truly hope you enjoy the conclusion 🙂


    • Awww, thanks, Lauralynn.I hated parting from favorite winged cryptic and my characters too, but I loved bringing closure to the series. I hope you enjoy how I wrapped things up 🙂


    • LOL! Micki I have to chuckle over that, thinking of the all the spooky stuff you described happening in your farmhouse in “And the Whippoorwill Sang.” I’ll take a scary book over a scary house any day. I would have been out of that place so fast!!! 🙂

      Thanks for picking up the books, and I hope you enjoy the series. It’s great having you drop by today!


      • Mae, all my life I loved scary movies, read all of Stephen king, Kootz, etc.I don’t know why but after Noelle was killed I was never able to read really scary stuff again-like “The Walking Dead’ when I loved the original. I can read and have published short paranormal and horror stories but if they are too gory, never read at night because the nightmares can set off the afib. I know, I am a bit weird!! 🙂

        As for my haunted house the ghosts there liked me, they just went after my husband and kids lol.

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      • I do remember that the ghosts seemed to like you of everyone there. You must have something “special.” 🙂

        I have a hard time reading anything really scary (or gory) too. As for Noelle, I know she’s watching over you and smiling at all that her mom continues to do!

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    • Hi, Sarah! What lovely news. Thank you so much for adding my books to your read list. And thank you too for the compliment on the covers. Kensington/Lyrical Underground produced them, and I’ve always been extremely fond of them as well.

      Thank you again and I hope you enjoy!

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