Did Someone Say Friday?

Silly goose looking directly at cameraThe end of the week is a great opportunity to look back over the past several days and take measure our accomplishments. Unfortunately, mine were close to nil. :(  I did manage to eke out a single scene on my WIP, but considering the goal was a chapter, the results are pathetic.

In my defense, the week has been unusually chaotic. I’ve had a work crew at my home since Monday, installing new zoned heat and a/c units. The job is supposed to be finished today—hooray!—but the weekend I wanted to spend writing will probably be spent cleaning. You can’t have a work crew without dust. Lots of dust. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?

I’m not the only one running low on patience. Raven has been forced to spend eight hours each day in the basement while servicemen tramp in and out of the house (I won’t risk her sneaking outside if someone accidentally leaves a door open). We’ve tried to make her confinement as inviting as possible, arranging a “snuggle area” with one of her beds and a blanket. I elevated them on chairs so she’s not on the floor. She has water and food, and I even added a few toys and her red “cube” for lounging.

black cat in pink cube with cat toy

Raven in her pink cube. Besides this and the red cube, she also has a blue one. Can we say spoiled?

Bribes aside, she is NOT a happy camper. She can’t watch birds from the basement, sprawl in the sunlight, or stretch out in the bow window. A rough week in catdom.

The only benefit she’s enjoyed is the daily fussing we do to make up for her morning and afternoon exile. You can see why this Friday is more welcome than usual—I want my house back! So does Raven!

In the meantime, I’m at Story Empire today sharing the weekly Curated Writing Content gathered by the SE authors. While you’re celebrating Friday in the blogosphere, drop in and see what we’ve collected. And in case you missed SE’s earlier posts, Staci Troilo took a fabulous look at Fictional Fathers, and I trotted out My Problematic Word.

Happy Friday!

60 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Friday?

  1. Must be construction week. We’re having repairs done on our roof/chimney. This has been going on sporadically (because the construction people here are dreadful) since my roof leaked into my family room several weeks ago. I’m told today will be the last visit, but it’s also supposed to rain, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

    My dogs are better of than poor Raven. Hopefully she’s content in the sunny window come tomorrow.

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    • Fingers crossed that you get your repairs wrapped up today, too. We were supposed to have rain all day but all it did so far was drizzle a bit in the early morning. The sun keeps poking out. I can’t wait to “spring” Raven from her confinement.

      If it does rain there, I hope the work they have done will keep the roof from leaking!


  2. Since I’m new to your blog, Mae, I wasn’t sure who Raven was. A character, a spouse… ha ha. The chew toys clued me in, but it was a great flight of fantasy to imagine that you had someone locked in the basement. Have a great weekend.

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    • Thanks, Robbie. Hopefully, I can knock the cleaning out in the morning and still have some time for relaxing and writing. Hope all works out on your end and you, Michael and family have a great weekend!

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  3. Plumbers were in and out all week but I zoned OUT and let the mister handle it! LOL! Got 10K added to three different WIPs, but now with no more leaks and cracked pipes… the laundry is calling! 😉

    Remember to take READING breaks! 😉

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    • Felicia! 10K?!?! I am sooooo jealous! You kicked writing butt.
      Good for you! And glad you got the plumbing situation handled.

      I do try to make room for reading each night and squeezed in two books this week. I don’t think the week would have been bearable with work crews, a distressed cat AND no books to escape in, LOL. Happy Friday! 🙂

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      • Glad to hear it. Hope you get caught up with your writing 🙂
        SE looks great, I became a follower and I’m looking forward to more posts. There’s lots of great post there that I’ll have to catch up on.


  4. My heart goes out to you and Raven. ❤ Hoping everything is back to normal soon. I know pets don't care for changes. I'm a nervous wreck when their workers going in and out and my pups are in the house. Plus two of the three bark every time someone goes in or out. They have the doggie door that leads to the fenced-in back yard. But we don't have a basement, so we have to just deal. 😀

    When I'm working during the week it's like "Thank Goodness it's Friday" but when I'm off for the week, it's "Where has the week gone?" I'm off this week so that's what I've been thinking all day. I have been taking a book promotion course this week and that's where most of it went. I have a book waiting for me to get back to writing it. It's almost finished. I hope to release it in the fall so I need to get cracking. And another book that was going to be a short story waiting on me too. Where does the time go? 😀

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    • You sound crazy busy, Kim. Time always seems to get eaten up no matter how much we try to section it off in productive chunks. Your book promotion course sounds interesting and likely a good investment. Congrats on all you’re accomplishing.

      And Raven and I can relate to how you and your pups feel with workmen tramping through your home. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. Raven is back to enjoying her daily routine now and no longer associates the basement as a place of confinement. Of course, she’s been living upstairs in the sun where there are plenty of birds to watch 🙂


  5. We all have THOSE weeks. I didn’t do a single word on my WIP this week, so at least a scene is better than nothing!! Poor Raven; cats instinctively hate upheaval, but she’ll be ok. Hopefully the new construction will make it all the more easier for her to spy on the locals (birds that is). 😉

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    • She is back to spying and sunbathing, Jess. Came back from the store today and she was curled up in her bed in front of the bow window basking in the sunlight. Not a care in the world. Oh to be a feline! 🙂


  6. Well endured! As for Raven, I’m sure if you just explain nicely… Glad you got your work done without any dramas. I think nightmare adventures with fitters and builders may be a peculiarly English experience, judging by the number of examples I have to draw upon. Some friends ‘remodelling’ their Lewisham house were left without a staircase for eight months!

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    • omg, I will consider myself lucky with the small amount of disruption we had. The workers were great, it was just the length of time that was wearing on us. I will take a week over eight months any day! YIKES!

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  7. Hang in there, Mae. This will all be over soon, and you’ll be enjoying your new, temperature controlled environment, and congratulating yourself on having survived it all. It will be worth it! And Raven will totally forget her confinement experience. Until the next time you try to shut her down there! 😀

    Now, keep telling yourself, “Next week will be better. Next week will be better.” If you say it long enough, you might even begin to believe it. Or not. 😀

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    • Haha! I’m hoping that’s the case, Marcia. We survived the week and a weekend of cleaning. The zoned a/c is wonderful and Raven is back to enjoying the sunlight and birds. I haven’t told her yet that a kitchen remodel is next 🙂

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  8. Rough week, Mae! Home invasion by workmen, even if contracted, just isn’t fun. And I’m sure Raven will be glad to make up for being confined all week. I don’t envy you the cleaning, though. Ugh. I’ve got cleaning of my own to do this weekend. I hear ya about not writing. I haven’t hit my writing goals for a few weeks. After today, there shouldn’t be a lot of craziness like there was last week. Have a great weekend (even if you’re cleaning 😀 )!

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    • Well, I’m late in checking in but the cleaning is done and my house is all back in order again, shiny and spotless. I even managed to eke out nearly 2K on the WIP and got time to take a dip in the pool. I can’t believe Monday is right around the corner but at least it will be a calmer week. *fingers crossed* And Raven is happy, so that’s always a plus, LOL!

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