A Brick in the Walk

My husband catches me by surprise sometimes. I mean really by surprise. We joke a lot because he’s not much of a reader and doesn’t understand why anyone would “waste time” reading a story. He’ll read instructional manuals and text books, but fiction? Not going to happen. The cosmic joke is that he’s married to a fiction writer.

Wait. It gets better.

After working for State Government for many long years, he was able to retire early with full benefits. That was great until a year later when he ran out of projects to do around the house, and decided he wanted to go back to work part time. So he got a job at—cosmic joke #2—a library!

It’s an easy job, something to keep him busy, but I think he enjoys it. He does meeting room set-ups and some minor maintenance around the place. The man is surrounded by books every day and by librarians who rattle on about their love of the written word. He’s come to appreciate the importance of libraries and the programs they offer, while the librarians couldn’t be happier to have someone of his work ethics. He has them completely spoiled.

The library itself is inviting, and I love going there. Among other amenities, there are plenty of comfy sitting areas both inside and out. One of the outside areas is in a section where people are able to purchase “memory bricks” for special occasions or in honor of loved ones. People place milestones there—anniversaries, awards, and names of family members. Take a seat on the bench that overlooks the area, and this is what you’ll see immediately to the left.

Brick that says Mae Clair

Yep. My husband surprised me with that. My name at our local library—a place of books, learning and imagination. I was thoroughly caught off guard. There were tears, hugs and laughter.

My books are in that library and now my name will hang around outside forever, long after I’m gone. Like I said, the man really surprises me sometimes.  🙂

multiple bricks with names


76 thoughts on “A Brick in the Walk

    • Hey, stranger!

      He is definitely that–my hero 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by. I see you’ve got a new anthology release out and love the sound of it!

      Hope all has been well with you.


  1. My husband is just like that. He’ll read magazines and the Bible, but he doesn’t read fiction. I can’t even imagine him working in a library. Unless he’s cleaning it. He loves to clean (win!).

    I think what your husband did is one of the sweetest things ever. I think he’s a keeper! 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, your hubby picked out the perfect gift! He may not like to read fiction, but he loves one special fiction writer. What a beautiful story, Mae. Thank you for stirring all of our hearts. ♥

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    • He definitely had me melting with this gift, Gwen. He may not read my books, but he is 100% behind what I do. I’m glad this story warmed your heart. Thanks so much for those sweet comments 🙂


  3. Life is so full of opposites, yin, and yang and that’s what makes it all SO much fun! What a cool thing for your husband to do and how ironic that he winds up working at a library. 🙂 Yes, a cosmic joke.

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  4. That’s so sweet of him! Also it’s fitting that he’s working in the library and seeing its vital importance. Ronnie and I got a paver for our first Snickerdoodle when one of our new branches was being built shortly after his birth. It tickles me to see it, as yours must tickle you. Good hubby.

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    • What a great idea for your Snickerdoodle!

      My husband is really enjoying the library job and frequently comments to me about the importance of the children’s programs and how he loves seeing the difference it makes for kids. They have a new one going on where a group brings in dogs and children read to the dogs, which helps them build their reading skills and also confidence in reading aloud to others. Especially great for children who are a bit on the shy side.

      He’s been exposed to so many wonderful programs since he started working at the library!

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  6. What a sweetheart! My hubs doesn’t read fiction; I asked for his help once with some feedback. I learned my lesson–never let him read my stuff, and if he does, don’t take his advice on changes. Like yours, though, he supports my writing. And now people have something to take pictures of when you get rise to super best-seller status 😀

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    • LOL! I’d be happy just for steady Amazon best-seller status.

      I sometimes bounce questions off my hubby when it comes to a plot point in my book, especially as related to anything mechanical. Unlike you, I’m a complete failure in that area. He’s great for that, and he made my day with the brick, but I’ve come to accept that him reading one of my books is probably not going to happen 🙂

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  7. I think I’d keel over on the spot if my hubby did something like that. What a perfect surprise for a writer! My hubby isn’t much of a reader either and has no interest in my writing – glad I’m not alone in this, judging by the comments.

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