Cat Toys and Author Tools

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent half of mine visiting with family and the other half trying to be productive on my WIP (more on that project in a later post).

Of course, I had to make time for the Kentucky Derby, something DH and I never miss. It was a rainy day in Kentucky with a muddy track, and and equally rainy day in PA.

I bought some new play toys for my cat, Raven, called Neko Flies. They’re by far and away the best cat toys I’ve ever purchased, sheer genius on the part of whoever designed them. Picture a fishing rod with a life-like lure on the end. I bet the inventor was fiddling around with tackle one day when his or her cat went crazy.

Raven loves to stalk and hunt and turns into a predatory demon anytime she sees a bug, so as soon as I spied Neko Flies, I knew they were golden. Has anyone else tried these for their cats?

I picked up the Kattiepede and Kragonfly. The Kragonfly has beautiful iridescent wings (the picture on the website doesn’t do it justice). Next up, I’d like to get the Katarantula. You can order online or through Amazon, but I found Neko Flies at my local pet store. I have the regular wand, but want to get the telescoping rod, which looks like a small fishing rod. It’s currently out of stock at the store and online. What I don’t do for my cat—she is so spoiled—but, boy, is she getting her exercise! Including performing complex aerial acrobatics on a regular basis.

And speaking of being spoiled, it’s time to spoil yourself with today’s resource material on Story Empire where Staci Troilo shares Part 3 of her series on Author Media kits. Her topic is One Sheet and Author Biographies. As always, Staci delivers an information packed post with guidance, examples, and suggestions on implementing. Enjoy!

40 thoughts on “Cat Toys and Author Tools

  1. Fun post! My cat’s favorite toys right now are hair ties. I buy full packs for him and shoot them (like kids do rubber bands) across our kitchen floor. He chases them everywhere. If he’s feeling really frisky, I toss ping pong balls so that they bounce down our stairs.

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    • I never thought of hair ties, Judi, but I can so picture your cat scampering after them. Ping-pong balls are fun too. I usually always have one tucked away for Raven, who loves playing with them on the stairs!


  2. This was a fun read, Mae. I only caught a bit of the Kentucky Derby, but my goodness, it was exciting. I’m heading over to Staci’s article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

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    • My pleasure, Gwen! I always fine the Derby exciting–from all the behind the scenes hoopla and prep to the actual race. I’ve even been know to break out a big floppy hat on occasion, LOL. An exciting race indeed!


    • I bet you’d become the sun and the moon for her if she had a Neko Fly! Raven loves to play, but she I can tell when she starts to lose interest in a toy. She goes crazy over these things and would play for hours if I didn’t tire first.

      I think she loves them so much because they’re life-like in appearance and movement. They bring out that hunter instinct 🙂

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  3. And here I thought we’d get a nice pic of Raven playing with her flies. We use a shoestring (gets tiring for the string mover, though 🙂 ), and we have a tail feather from a pheasant rooster we use. Our other cat used to play fetch with small paper balls. Zoey would much rather drop them into someone’s shoe and try to fish them out. 😀

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    • I was bummed I didn’t have photos of Raven with the Neko Flies when I wrote the post, so I have to come up with a few. My last cat, Onyx, loved playing with a shoestring. He’d take that over anything else and used to drag one around the house and/or drop it in front of my feet when he wanted to play.

      Zoey sounds like fun 🙂

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  4. I’d love to comment meaningfully, but I’m a dog person, and Honey doesn’t chase balls, she destroys them! Right now she’s looking at me with that ‘Isn’t it round about dinner time?’ expression, and I’m thinking ‘Isn’t it about time you had a bath?’ (Neither of us look forward to that, but she is one of those dogs that really do get dirty). So, that about covers my week…

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  5. Cool new cat toys for Raven! Middy is still chasing her purple paper ball (crunched up note paper from years ago). She hides it well so her people parents can’t find it and toss it away…not that we would. She’s got a basket full of toys, but next Christmas I bet she’ll find Neko Flies under her tree. That’s right–she has her own Christmas tree. Cats rule! 🙂 xo

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