Are You Missing Out?

Open memo book with eyeglasses and penIt’s Monday and the beginning of the last week in March. Although it’s rainy in my corner of the world, the temperatures are beginning to climb and there are even rumors of a gorgeous day tomorrow. Not too shabby for kicking off a new week :)

And, of course, a new week brings a brand new post on Story Empire. Today, Staci Troilo addresses what your author website is likely missing. This is an informative post you won’t want to miss.Β I know it reminded me of something I’ve neglected to do.

How about you? Β Is your author website all that it should be? Hop over to Story Empire to see what you may have overlooked.

42 thoughts on “Are You Missing Out?

  1. Thanks, MC.
    We are now finally, definitely, in spring – but so strange – with our cold snap, all the early blooming is still around while the later is emerging – so we have red buds, pears, cherry trees, dogwoods, and azaleas all out at the same time. Amazing!

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