Remember when I goofed up my Monday Buzz post for Story Empire? I had the wrong topic listed and the wrong blogger. Well, as promised, C. S. Boyack, has the helm of the Empire today and he’s got a great article about branding. It’s informative and quirky all at the same time. Hop over and see what Craig has to say…

Story Empire

Craig here again. It’s a challenge to write these tips and tricks every time, because so many of the items are debatable. I hate to take a hard line stance, but I do for the sake of the comments that trickle in during the week. The topic today is branding.

Not that kind of branding. The kind where authors promote products. As you appear across cyberspace, what kind of recognizable materials do you use so the masses will recognize you? Chances are, you’ll have a blog, the popular social media accounts, and possibly a newsletter. What kind of branding do you use to tell people this is some of your work?

You will also make guest appearances on blogs, maybe blog talk radio, the occasional video of some kind. While these post are all different, your branding is what sews them all together as you – the author.

My first…

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14 thoughts on “Branding

  1. The post highlights an important aspect of ourselves. Yes, I have to brand as fiction author. I write paranormal and always insist on the fact that I am interested in past life, rebirth, ghosts. I try to be consistent with every post on the blog so I created the Mysterious Romania posts that are linked to paranormal aspects around here. Yet, I realize it’s not enough. I think it’s not just what we say, but how we say it. It requires effort and attention.
    You, Mae, as someone working in this field know it better than anyone else.

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    • Hi, Carmen. Consistency across the board is definitely key. You do a great job with your books and themes as well as your blog, in making your interest in the paranormal known. But, like you said, it’s an ongoing process, continuing to build that brand across multiple platforms. It’s something I work at too, and continually have to monitor and build upon. I guess we could say, a writer’s work is never done, LOL!


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