I need your help!!!

Okay, so you’ve probably noticed I rarely reblog, but I had to share this. If you are an author who has print copies of your books, please read this post and consider donating a book or two. Cancer claims many lives. It’s impacted my own family with many losses. As an author, Marlena Smith has come up with a great way to fight back, and spread the love of reading and books at the same time. Check out her post about “fighting cancer one story at a time!”

Hello, bloggers!

As many of you know, I am very passionate about Relay For Life and the fight against cancer. Cancer has affected my family multiple times. Not only have I lost loved ones, but I know many people that have also suffered the pain of this horrible disease. Cancer is a scary thing and, let’s just be honest, it sucks.

For this reason, I created my own Relay For Life Team – FINDING HOPE. My hometown’s event is scheduled for May, so the planning has already began. The theme this year is “Once upon a cure.” Each Relay Team has to create their own theme from the main one.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me or the awesome book club I’m in, but the first thing I thought about when I heard this was reading. So, from the main theme, I came up with this:

“Fighting cancer, one story at…

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    • Wow, that is amazingly grand news, Joan. I’m so glad for you and your husband! How wonderful to be a survivor. I too, hope the day comes when a cure is found for such a wretched disease.


  3. I saw this on another blog and contacted Marlena. I plan to send a couple of books soon. Great idea. It hits home with me since my friend passed away in January from breast cancer and my newest book was dedicated to her. I will send that along with another novel. I will share this post too. Best wishes! xo

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    • Janice, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve lost several family members to cancer, including my father when I was young, and a family member last year who passed before the age of 50. Thank you for sending your books to Marlena. With enough of us participating, perhaps we can make a difference!

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