An Amazonian-Sized Problem

Hey, gang, I’m very late in sharing today, but if you get a chance, hop over and check out Staci Troilo’s post on Story Empire. She’s talking Amazon and Reviews, and there is some great discussion going on. Weigh in with your own thoughts. We’d love to hear them!

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! Happy Wednesday.

reviewsI wrote a post on my own blog recently about Amazon and reviews. If you’d like to read it, you can find it here.  That post was the inspiration for this one.

There are nine categories on the Amazon Community Guidelines page that dictate the rules for reviewing books (or anything else, I suppose). Some are just common sense. Others pose some problems.

For example, one of the categories is Eligibility. You must have spent $50 on Amazon before you are allowed to review a product.

  • What about people who don’t have an account or have just opened one? (And before you laugh at the absurdity of that statement, you should know I know people who have family members buy things for them on Amazon because they don’t want to enter credit card information online.)
  • What about teenagers who read the YA books their…

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16 thoughts on “An Amazonian-Sized Problem

  1. Thanks for sharing, Mae. I popped over to Staci’s blog. She touches on some really important/relevant points in regards to reviews in general and on Amazon. Thanks for the intro. 😉✨

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    • She always writes a good post, and this one was so insightful on what we face as authors. Of course, without Amazon where would we be? Even as a reader, I can’t live without it!


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