Welcome #RRBC Spotlight Author, Marlena Smith

Colorful banner for Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author Blog Tour HostHello, my friends! Today, I’m pleased to take part in my first Spotlight Author post for the Rave Reviews Book Club. You’ll be seeing more of these on my blog as I participate in showcasing authors in this fabulous club. Today, the limelight is on Marlena Smith, who is on a week long tour and is here with an engaging post about bucket lists. Please comment and make her feel welcome! Take it away, Marlena…


Welcome to Day 4 of this incredible “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour! (By the way, that’s “incredible” because of RRBC and my fantastically supportive blog tour hosts!!) I’m so happy you have joined us on the tour!

With a show of hands, who has a BUCKET LIST? I imagine there are some exciting things on those lists! Things you want to accomplish, places you want to see, people you want to meet.

Now, what about my fellow authors? Do you have a special Bucket List, one that is geared towards your writing? Well, you should!

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until recently that I stumbled across this fun idea. I felt like it was a must for me! So today, I am sharing with you some of the things on my Writing Bucket List for the upcoming year (or two!).

old style fountain pen resting on top of papers with writing and the words My Bucket List in foreground

  1. Devote more time to my personal blog. – Post more reviews, host more guests, share more about my life and my writing.
  2. Devote time to my Freelance site. Build my portfolio, build my readership, make things happen.
  3. Publish THE POWER OF LOVE in the spring.
  4. Have a book signing. Meet readers. Make new friends.
  5. Get my very first book review.
  6. Publish an inspiring, thought-provoking article in a magazine. Maybe even more than one.
  7. Give back to those that have impacted my life. (This includes my family and RRBC.)
  8. Visit South Carolina and California, both of which are locations for my YA Romance Novel, A MOMENTARY GLANCE. (Of course, I’d love to just visit these places, too!)
  9. Go on a Writer’s Retreat, completely isolated, surround by nature.
  10. Publish A MOMENTARY GLANCE by the end of 2017.
  11. Attend local Author events.
  12. Step out of my comfort zone, do something crazy, and write about it.
  13. Travel and explore this beautiful world, so I can be inspired.
  14. Write & publish a poetry book.
  15. Publish a cookbook. (Would love to do this as a fundraiser project for Relay For Life.)

I do hope you enjoyed today’s post. I greatly appreciate you stopping by! Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear items that fall on your bucket list.


Book cover for The Power of Love by author Marlena Smith shows silhouette of man and woman kissing on a snowy nightBOOK BLURB:
All she wanted was a fresh start. 

Eight months ago, Scarlet made the choice to leave the prison she called home, and to escape the man that put her there. She had made a new home for herself in the small town of Belmont, Montana. The abandoned apartment was far from luxury, but she was better off, away from her past life.  

She never expected to meet Lucas, the local hero and town’s only doctor. She didn’t expect to enjoy the small town life. She didn’t expect her past to catch up to her. 

Will she risk it all? Risk revealing her secrets at a chance of love? Will she be forced back into the life she hated? Will she gain control of her own destiny?  

Available Spring 2017!!


Author Bio:
Author Marlena Smith in a casual pose, smiling
Author Marlena Smith is a true Southern Belle at heart. Her home has always been in Alabama and she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Growing up as a preacher’s daughter, faith and family played a large part in her life.

Her earliest memory of writing was that of 2nd grade when she was selected to attend the Young Author’s Conference in her home state. Little did she know then that her future was being mapped out.

Today, Marlena is an Author, Freelancer, Book Reviewer, Researcher and Secretary of Rave Reviews Book Club. She may wear many hats, but her passion remains with writing. That’s where her heart is and that’s where she feels she belongs. She has several works in progress, including an upcoming short romance, THE POWER OF LOVE, expected to be out in Spring 2017.

Until then, you can check out some of Marlena’s writing in the RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL ANTHOLOGY, available on Amazon.

Find Marlena online at:



108 thoughts on “Welcome #RRBC Spotlight Author, Marlena Smith

  1. My father became a preacher after we (five girls) were all grown and married. Prior to that, he was in the insurance business. I guess he finally figured out that there comes a point when it’s up to your higher power to decide the terms. Good luck with your bucket list. I refuse to make one.

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  2. Thank you Mae Clair for hosting the lovely, Marlena, today. That’s some bucket list, Marlena. I have looked back on my few must do things from long ago, and compared them with what I now want in my life. The comparison shows me that I’m still a crazy dreamer. I hope my future bucket lists continue to reflect that. I wish for you a BIG tick next to all the things you want to achieve.

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  3. I don’t actually keep a bucket list, but there are several things I’d love to do. Maybe if I reclassify them as “Bucket List” items, I’ll eventually get to them!

    Great tour stop, Marlena. Good luck with the rest of the tour and with the new release.

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  4. Well Marlena, you seem to have your hands full for this year. I wish you luck in accomplishing everything in your Bucket List, but if you don’t, please don’t stress over it. :). I make lists too, but as a way of letting me see what I need to do, and not when. 😀 Good luck with yours. Thank you Mae for hosting her.

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  5. I think the cookbook for Relay for Life is a wonderful idea. I can’t think of a better way to help a cause that you are passionate about. Your bucket list looks very doable and I wish you well with it. Thanks, Mae Clair for hosting Marlena today.

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  6. It’s always a joy to visit your lovely blog site, Mae. Thank you for hosting Marlena, and for inviting her to share on such deep levels. And, Marlena, thank you for sharing your bucket list! It’s magical and has prompted me to consider my own. Enjoy the Spotlight – so deserved!

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  7. I love this idea, a writer’s bucket list 🙂 Mine would include sprucing up my website, connecting with more writers (like the lovely RRBC group!), becoming more social, and getting a novel I’ve been working on with a tough subject wrote. I keep putting it off, but maybe this is the year!
    Great post, Marlena, best of luck!

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  8. You have an extensive bucket list going on there. Mine includes finishing up the 3 remaining books in my series and also finishing my dissertation so that I can graduate and hold the title of Dr. I just want that one scholarly piece of research published beyond that I have found I much prefer writing fiction and will focus solely on that after graduation.

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  9. Wonderful post, Marlena! It’s so nice to learn more about you throughout your blog tour. That’s quite a bucket list and you’re well on your way. Cheers to following your dreams with steadfast passion and joy! 🙂
    Thanks very much for the warm welcome, Mae, as always! 🙂

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  10. Speaking of cookbooks. My church just wrapped up a a fundraising project using the recipes of its members. It was pretty successful. Just thought I’d throw that out there just because its on your bucket list. (smile))

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  11. Dear Marlena, I am so slow on the uptake and am only now catching up on your fabulous blog tour. So please accept my belated comment. I’m busy reading all the posts I’ve missed – too many good points to let go by the wayside! All the best with the release of your book, THE POWER OF LOVE😍

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