The Delusion by Dr. Hank Wehman #PsychiatricThriller

Hey, friends, I have a special treat today. I’d like to introduce the psychiatric thriller/mystery The Delusion,  the debut release of Dr. Hank Wehman, a practicing psychiatrist. Hank is part of my local critique group, so I am overly excited to see his novel in print and on Amazon. I provided critique and feedback for half of this novel before getting pulled away by publishing deadlines. Since then I’ve read the entire book and was blown away by how everything played out. This is a roller-coaster, cat-and-mouse game of suspense with an ending that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the story.

Book cover for The Delusion by Hank Wehman, M.D. shows close up of woman's face in profile against a dark backgroundBlurb:
It’s a routine Monday morning when psychiatrist AJ Beasley meets a new patient, Valerie Clinton. Valerie was freed from abuse after her boyfriend was killed on a Philadelphia expressway. AJ is confident this is a textbook case, until she reveals the real reason for her visit: the dead man has been menacing her. Clearly a delusion.

AJ has dealt with delusions before, but this one is different. As he delves into the case, strange things begin to happen. Ultimately he becomes convinced her claim is NOT delusional, that in fact the deceased abuser is actively pursuing them both.

How can this be? How will AJ and Valerie come to grips with this impossible situation? Will it turn deadly?

“The Delusion” is a fast-paced, tense thriller in the seldom encountered genre of psychiatric mystery.


Hank Wehman is a psychiatrist with thirty years’ experience, currently practicing at a community mental health center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He received his MD degree from Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey. Medicine is his third career. Previously he had earned a PhD in developmental biology from Johns Hopkins, did basic biological research and taught college prior to entering medical school. He was a member of the Society of Jesus, a Catholic religious order known as the Jesuits, for eleven years. He is married, has four children. He resides in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. This is his first novel.

I gave this book five well-deserved stars. You can grab your own copy from Amazon in Kindle format or print, and explore the author’s website at You can also connect with Hank on Goodreads. I’m already looking forward to his next book!

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