When #Cats Rule Your World by Mae Clair

Those of you who’ve been following my blog or a while know that I’m a cat fanatic. It’s been almost five years since I lost my last cat, Onyx, to cancer. I never thought I would last five years between felines given my OCD (obsessive cat disorder), but if I’d gotten another cat sooner (or later) I wouldn’t have met Raven.

Say hello to my latest companion.

cute black cat lying on a white and blue blanket, looking at cameraShe’s four months old and is a rescue from Castaway Critters. I’ve been prepping my house for her for weeks. Rather, I should say I’ve been prepping for “a cat.” I’m a planner, so I had completed an application to CC ahead of time, supplied references and a vet check, all so that I could get a cat the first week of October, after a brief visit to the beach. All neat and tidy, planned out perfectly—NOT!

I was approved ahead of time and started looking at the Castaway Critters website early. Big mistake. My willpower was shot by that point and I was in uber cat mode.

I knew I wanted another black cat. Why? Because they’re often left in shelters due to old superstitions, something I addressed in my novella FOOD FOR POE. I saw Raven online, went to meet her prior to my beach trip, and was immediately smitten. Once they put her in my arms, she started purring, and buried her nose in my elbow, I was a goner.

Hubby and I brought her home before our trip, but I made sure she had everything she needed while we were away.

I’m pleased to say she’s settled in just fine, passed her vet check with flying colors and has pretty much taken control of the house. Yeah, she rules my world.

Check out these photos of her lounging on my desk, and playing on her climbing tree. She has boatloads of energy, but she will curl up for an hour or three on my desk when I’m composing. Otherwise, it’s racing through the house in the morning and demanding play time at night.

Cute black cat lying in a circular bed on top of desk beside a computer screenClose up of a cute black cat in a circular bed
cute black cat on a indoor climbing pet tree with a small ladder at the bottom and tiers for laying at the topShe also has a fun pink “cube” that my cousin picked up for her. She absolutely loves the thing and uses it as play-time central. It’s springy, so she can crush it in all kinds of shapes (see second photo), zip in and out, and roll around like a tumbleweed (which she does frequently). Whoever invented this thing deserves his own private island–which I’m sure he has from profits.It’s quickly become her favorite toy, next to her Jackson Galaxy feather wand (not pictured) and her pink feather ball (that’s what she’s clutching in the cube).

A flexible pink cube cat toy with a black cat insideA flexible pink cat cube toy with a cute black cat lying on its side

Raven loves to be held, loves to snuggle (especially at night) and has boundless amounts of energy. When I took her to the vet, rather than hide timidly in her carrier she immediately hopped out, explored the whole room, then promptly plopped down and started grooming herself like she hadn’t a care in the world. She was found in a town not far from where I live called Steelton. Around here we say people are “Steelton tough” and I think she inherited some of that toughness despite the sweet exterior.

Given it’s October, and she looks like a Halloween cat, I thought would be the perfect time to introduce her. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Raven on my blog now and again. Now I just have to explain the Mothman to her 🙂

45 thoughts on “When #Cats Rule Your World by Mae Clair

  1. Mae, she’s adorable! You probably know by now I love cats. I have two of them that have made it into my stories. Except for the long tail, Raven looks something like my black tailless Manx, Little Bit. Nothing like cozying up on a cold night with a good book and a cat lying in your lap.

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    • That is so, true, Joan! Books and cats are the perfect combination!
      Little Bit is such a cute name. 🙂
      I’ve included cats in a few of my stories too, and I named my town in Eclipse Lake, Onyx, after my last black kitty 🙂


  2. I could do without the name you undoubtedly associate with my most-hated football team (go Steelers!), but your cat is adorable. What a blessing for you to have found the perfect pet to welcome into your life. Looking forward to many more pics.

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    • Hehee. I completely forgot about that *ahem* football team 😀
      Actually, she came from CC with the name Raven. I kept it because it was one of the names I had been considering for a cat (the others were Gypsy and Orb).
      Given she’s a photogenic cutie, I have a feeling I’ll be able to accommodate with plenty of pics, LOL!


    • She is a great writing companion, Julie. I just have to explain Mr. E. to her, LOL.
      I think you’re right not bringing a new kitten into the house. I’ve heard a lot of older cats have a hard time adjusting to new housemates. My sister tried that with hers too and had to find a home for the new young one.


  3. While black cats are often considered to be bad luck, I don’t believe it for a minute. I’ve been sharing my house with cats for close to 70 years (since I was 2), and can’t imagine living without one, black or not. And I’ve had several of those. You lasted WAY longer than I would have, btw. I think. I’ll never know for sure, because we’ve always had multiple cats, and when one has left us behind, there were still others there. NOT that they in any way lessened the loss, but I just can’t remember a time in my whole life when the house was cat free. (We have dachshunds, too, but they are outmaneuvered and outclassed by our four cats. Poor, sausagey schmucks!)

    Raven is beautiful (looks like she might have a bit of Siamese in her?) and sounds like she has an adorable personality. What a lucky cat to have found you. Or perhaps, it’s the other way around. 😀 Many happy years together, from one cat person to another!

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    • Marcia, I noticed the Siamese resemblance too. You can see it in her face. I even commented to my husband about it. Good to know I’m not the only one who picked up on that.

      It sounds like you have given many cats a wonderful happy home over the years (actually I know you have:)). And those lovable dachshunds surely benefited too 🙂


  4. We are cat people, too – 5 at this moment!
    I could have sworn your new “baby” will be black. Why? I remember so well the delicious story, I warmly recommend everyone, Food for Poe.
    Poe, like Raven,was a clever black cat. And to be in keeping with your book, let me “Remind you to buy that cat some caviar.”
    Though from the shared photos showing a pampered cute kitten, I am sure you haven’t forgotten about it.

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    • Carmen, you have five at the moment? I had no idea! You definitely need to do a cat post with pictures on your blog. And October (black cats or not) is the perfect month for that 😀

      Ah, the caviar line from Poe. That clever black cat deserved a treat. Mine hasn’t had caviar yet, but she’s been enjoying a variety of kitten treats. She might even inspire another “cat book” from me! 🙂


      • Oh, great! Perhaps a sequel?

        Along the years we had a couple of black cats. And thinking back, they were friendlier and gentler than the other colors. My cats are generation from generation. Some died of old age, many tom cats wandered on neighbors’ fences and never returned. The fact is we are so used to having cats as if they are our kids, that we can;t imagine our life without them.Even if sometimes they are a handful.


  5. Raven is beautiful! I’m so happy you got another cat. As a girl, several black cats called me sister, and I have always considered them good luck. Aren’t they funny with their play toys? I am so glad Marigold came into my life and Raven into yours. What a loving and entertaining companion you have.


  6. Ah, what a very different sort of cat Raven will be, out there stalking her night-time territory! It’s a lovely story, Mae, and it has such an attractive heroine. Long life and happiness to Raven – she certainly looks as though she’s got it made!


  7. How adorable! My male cat, Oz, looks just like that only a LOT bigger. I love black cats. I love tabbies, too, so I have a female tabby named Willow.

    Cats can bring so much joy to our lives. I’m glad you found little Raven. I know you’ll have lots of fun with her, and she’ll be happy with her new family. 🙂

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    • Hi, LauraLynn! I love the names of your cats. One of my first cats, Arafel, was a tabby and I have a special fondness for them. You are so right about these special pets bringing joy to our lives. Raven has been doing so much of that since she moved in 🙂


  8. I love her! Our past 2 cats have been black (Shadow and Bond) and my upcoming book has a black cat, Eby (short for Ebony). In the acknowledgements I also mentioned they’re the last to be adopted and to consider giving them a forever home. Shadow and Bond have been the most loving and personality-oozing cats I’ve ever known.

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