#RRBC Blog Party Winner…and Books

Wow! I still can’t believe the amount of guests who dropped by to share in my day during Rave Reviews Book Club 2016 Book and Blog Party! Traffic was off the charts, I sold books, and got to hear from many wonderful people. I made new friends, followed new blogs, and was reminded again just how supportive the members of RRBC are to each other. What a lovely day!

I’m pleased to announce that Beth Hale is the winner of my $15.00 giveaway. Beth chose an Amazon gift card and I’ve already sent off her prize. I’m a Kindle girl too, and I know the giddiness I always feel when someone sends me a gift card to the ‘Zon. Books, oh, glorious, books! 🙂

Something else to keep in mind…the RRBC Book Club and Blog Party continues all month long with daily stops. Some days have more than one stop, and each is offering prizes, books and fun, so follow along. There are grand prizes to be awarded at the end of the tour as well. What a great opportunity to discover new blogs and authors, have fun, and pick up some books. Check each day for the tour list here.

Speaking of books, I had to share my recent haul from Saturday. My local library has a two week public book sale that is held by a group known as “Friends of the Library.” For some reason I never made it there in the past, but this year I decided to attend on opening day/opening hour. Talk about crowds! It was overwhelming but so much fun! I was delighted to see all the people in attendance from seniors, to families, to mothers with children, teens with friends, couples—what a cross-section of readers. I had to park a fair distance away on the street, because the parking lot was overflowing (and this was when the doors opened)!

There were all kinds of tables broken down by genre and/or category. No matter what type of book you were looking for, they had something for everyone. Classics, mysteries, text books, foreign language, science-fiction, cooking, gardening, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, religion, crafts, biographies, historical—truly endless. I didn’t get to all the tables I wanted to visit, but I managed to come away with a treasure trove of mysteries and thrillers. Take a look at my loot:

An assortment of paperback novels on a black background

That’s nine paperbacks, several trade size, for a total of $12.00. I was super excited to find THE BEGGAR KING, which is a Hangman’s Daughter novel. I’ve read the first two books in the series, and have been looking forward to catching up with the rest. I already have a ton of books on my Kindle and my TBR, but I just can’t stop myself from buying more. I’m already planning on stopping after work on my way home to visit the tables I missed on Saturday. I’ve already surpassed the reading goal I set this year (50 books) so I might as well add more to my monumental TBR.

Reading is the way I unwind each night, and during the summer (pool season), I also spend a lot of time with paperbacks in the water. How about you? Is your TBR overwhelming? Do you continue to buy more books despite not having enough time to read? Would you be lost without your Kindle or a paperback in your hand?

46 thoughts on “#RRBC Blog Party Winner…and Books

  1. I always buy more books than I can read at a time, but then I enjoy scrolling through my kindle, or checking out the piles of books I have everywhere to find a new gem.

    This looks like a brilliant way to fill a complete bookshelf! Happy reading:)

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    • Hi, Lizzie. Books and shoes are my two addictions. I have a hard time saying “no” even though I know I have plenty waiting in the wings, LOL. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has weakness when it comes to novels and stories 🙂


  2. Wow! Quite a bargain, I think. I also like Lisa Jackson but have 4 different books from what I can see on the table.
    I have a friend who laughs and calls me a hamster( as the hamster is known as a “collector”of things). So am I with books – both paper and lately Kindle. I think I need 2 more lives to be able to read them all. and I read a lot in my life – reading being my first and most favorite hobby.
    And as you know, reading helped me survive difficult times around here.
    Happy reading!!!!!

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    • I’m with you on reading as my absolute favorite hobby, Carmen (writing has no since moved past the hobby stage). If only there were more hours in the day. Like you I have books in both paperback and on my Kindle. In the summer, because I go to the beach or am near the pool, I prefer paperbacks more (for fear of dropping my Kindle in the water), but I’m happy to read either. I must be a hamster, too, LOL. So glad books were there to help you through those rough years!


  3. Yes, my TBR LIST is huge, but it feels good to know it’s there, waiting for me. This is just my paperback pile, there’s another one on my kindle too!
    Apart from food, books are all I buy these days. Glad your blog party went well!

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  4. I do the same thing. I purchase with plans to read them all. I just can’t pass up a bargain when it comes to books. When my husband and I used to frequent thrift stores and yard sales, he would look for record albums and I would look for books. He built shelves in our spare bedroom, and I have a library in my house now. He’s got to add more shelves because they are overflowing. He misjudged the weight, so now he has to reconstruct the shelves. I have a wide range of interest too. My kindle is also over flowing. I’m really glad it has a lot of room on it. I bought about 200 books last year, mostly RRBC authors. And I keep buying.

    I often wish I could read faster. I try to mix shorter and longer books on my TBR schedule but still my TBR has more of the longer books. I read 27 books between May 2015 and the end of the year, and I’ve read 13 so far this year. So ,as you can see, I can’t seem to read fast enough.

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    • I love that your hubby built bookshelves for your passion :)….and is even going to reconstruct and add to them for more! I love music and albums, but at thrift stores or yard sales, I’d be scouring for books, too 🙂

      I keep buying books as well…RRBC authors, author friends and any time I hit a book store I love to browse and see what new gems I can find. Like you I try to mix up longer and shorter reads, but lately I’ve really been honing in on the longer ones. I love losing myself in an epic tale. I wish I could read faster, too. My husband just shakes his head, LOL!


  5. So many great books to read, so little time. And my TBR list grows like a weed thanks to you 😉 Wish I could sit poolside and just read (no, don’t tell me, I know you get to do that 😉 ) These days, free time is often occupied by writing rather than reading, but I’m still trying to read some. I wait for my fave authors’ new books to come out (and I have to wait for Dec for Mae Clair’s new one. Sigh!) 😀

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    • I know how hard it is balancing writing time and reading time. I sometimes feel guilty if I spend too much time poolside with a book….but then I remind myself it’s only three months out of the year, LOL.

      I’m glad to know my blog guests are contributing to your TBR and you’re excited about summer. So much promo and stuff to line up. I’m afraid it’s going to be here before I know it! 🙂


  6. That’s awesome, Mae! My TBR list is huge and I love it. I’m challenging myself to read and review two books a week. Some weeks don’t work out as planned. I find it hard to read ebooks before I sleep. I adjusted the brightness, font size and colour…but it’s too hard on my eyes…and then my brain refuses to rest. Lol. Cheers!


    • Two books a week is an awesome goal, Natalie. My TBR grows almost daily, and yet I continue to add to it joyfully. You sound like my husband when it comes to reading at night. He tells me when I have restless nights, it’s because I’ve been up late reading and my brain refuses to shut down. By the same token, my mother used to say reading at night would put her to sleep. Go figure, LOL!

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      • LOL. After a while I figured out what works best – ebooks during the day and paperbacks at night.
        My gosh, Mae! I started reading A Thousand Yesteryears and can’t put it down. You’re a BRILLANT writer and future best selling author for sure! Bravo!

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      • Oh, wow, Natalie. You just made my day!!! *insane Snoopy Dance* Thank you that lovely comment. I am so delighted you’re enjoying the story. I really love Yesteryears and the characters and am glad the story resonates with you. And BTW, I’ve been reading more paperbacks at night, too 🙂


  7. Ah yes! You already know I’m not a dedicated reader. but I still love books and the inspiration that springs from them and yes, my Kindle library is full – if that’s possible. RRBC sounds great fun. I’m going to my browser now; I think we’re still speaking!

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    • I have those days with browsers too..and I use multiple 🙂 I think even those who aren’t dedicated readers still have overflowing libraries, just less time to devote to all those texts 🙂
      RRBC is awesome. There are two other posts on my blog related to them and how their club works. During my “party day” my blog traffic was off the charts!


  8. I like your reading goal. I hope for at least 52 books/year, and usually I do better than that. Like you, I find the time to read at night, to unwind. But on vacations, I read a book every two days or so. THAT’S the best kind of vacation! 🙂 Yes, I have way too many books waiting for me on my Kindle, and waiting in a pile on a hope chest at the end of my bed. But I always want to make sure I have a book waiting for me as SOON as I finish the last one. Nice to meet you here!

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    • Hello and wonderful to meet you too! Many thanks for dropping by and commenting. It sounds like we have a lot in common when it comes to reading. I love to read on vacations too, especially beach vacations 🙂 And I also always have the next book waiting and ready in line for as soon as I finish one. Love your reading goal!


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