The Tragic Collapse of the Silver Bridge by Mae Clair

I’m back on tour today with my mystery/suspense novel, A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS. Set in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the book is a blend of history and fiction spun around the urban legend of the Mothman and the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge.

Banner for A Thousand Yesteryears, a mystery/suspense release by Mae Clair

Today, I’m at Jan Sike’s blog. Jan is a sister author with Rave Reviews Book Club, and my hostess for the day. If you get a chance, hop over and pay me a visit. I’m blogging about the bridge that defined and forever changed the town of Point Pleasant!

5 thoughts on “The Tragic Collapse of the Silver Bridge by Mae Clair

  1. Congrats, Mae! I paid a visit to Jan’s blog and left a comment. Also, I was only too happy to share it on FB and Twitter. This is a book that everyone will want to read! Including me…


  2. I hope you are enjoying your tour as much as we are! What happened with Silver Bridge is heartbreaking– and such an enticing name for the bridge and then for it to collapse. This is a great reference point for your book. It really anchors it in time and space– good job.

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    • The tour has been fun, Flossie….and exhausting, LOL. I did however, love sharing tidbits about Point Pleasant, the Mothman and the Silver Bridge. Such a tragedy that still resonates in that town to this day. You don’t realize how much until you actually walk the streets and talk with the people. I feel fortunate I was able to do that before releasing the novel.


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