The Bogeyman Beneath the Bed by Mae Clair

Remember your childhood, and the creepy monsters who populated the darkness? Faceless beings who lurked in nether regions, tucked under the bed, burrowed in the closet, or hidden in a dank basement. The bogeyman was certainly the worst.

Today, for the third day of my blog tour celebrating the release of A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS, I’m visiting RRBC sister author Jenny Hinsman and sharing a post about the night time terrors that existed in our imagination, yet seemed so real.

Why not drop by and share your own memories of those vivid creatures of yesteryear?

Banner for A Thousand Yesteryears, a mystery/suspense release by Mae Clair

13 thoughts on “The Bogeyman Beneath the Bed by Mae Clair

    • That sounds like a sister…or a brother 🙂 I think I was more freaked by the thought of something under the bed. To this day I still have a hard time dangling a foot or hand over the side, LOL!

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  1. The under the bed thing had to be my biggest worry. But I grew up on spooky movies and still like them. Scary movies show you what not to do! LOL


    • I loved spooky movies, too and still do. Not slasher stuff, but the shivery goose-bump kind of stuff. Although I do watch a lot of monster movies on Syfy which are pretty much gobble-fests, LOL.


      • I’m the same way, Mae! Syfy can be entertaining. There’s some movies I even watch over again in case I missed something the first time around. Luckily, my husband likes the same movies. He even has a pair of sleeping pants we nicknamed “milk britches” because of a gotcha moment! LOL

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    • My brother freaked me and my friends out once when we were having a pretend seance. He and his friends used a branch to scratch against the window. You never saw three girls fly out of room so fast! 😀


  2. Darkness frightens me even now as a grown-up. I am a fan of Stephen King, though. I like his psychological horror novels especially. Boogeyman, called here Bau-bau, is a tool to scare little children even nowadays. Eat all, or Bau-bau comes and takes you away…. etc.

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    • How interesting that you name the same spooky creature, Bau-Bau, Carmen. I find that fascinating. I’m still spooked by darkness too, and can’t comfortably dangle a hand or foot over the edge of the bed for more than a few seconds, even though I KNOW there is nothing lurking below. I do like Stephen King, too, although I don’t read everything he writes. Weird how the creepy things frighten, repulse us and yet hold a strange attraction at the same time!


  3. Not necessarily scary, but weird. I never watched (still don’t) horror flicks, because my mind invents nightmares just fine, thank you. 🙂 Oh, back to weird. I remember as a kid waking up to the sound of a lawnmower in my room. At night. When no one in their right mind would be mowing anything (unless they’re intoxicated). Where was the lawnmower? In my room. I saw a kid pushing a mower across my room, all white, but there. Swear. To. God. Of course, by the time I woke my mom up and brought her upstairs to my room, it was gone!

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    • Wow, that is a weird story, Julie. I got shivers reading it. I have two really vivid memories from childhood of things I sweat up and down I saw, but weren’t there. Both involved monsters and their hiding places. I guess I had a vivid imagination even back then, LOL!


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