New Book Release: The Forbidden Path by Tammy Tate #TimeTravel #Romance

I’m turning my blog over to Tammy Tate today, who is celebrating the release of the final novel in her Spirit Path series. Take a look as Tammy introduces The Forbidden Path. As a writer, it’s always hard saying goodbye to characters we love when we wind down a series. It sounds like she ends this one on a high note!


Mae, thanks so much for inviting me to be your guest today. I love checking out all the awesome stuff you’ve discovered about ghosts, myths and legends.  I’m thrilled to be here and excited to share my new release, The Forbidden Path. It’s book 3 in my Spirit Path series.

Sadly, it’s the final story in the series, and quite frankly I’m already having withdrawals. I have spent so much time on it, it’s hard to let the characters go. Nicole, my heroine, is so charismatic she even showed up in one of my Christmas stories called, Off-Duty Christmas. A very outspoken reader graciously brought it to my attention.  With my publisher’s assistance, Nicole received a stern reprimand and we informed her she couldn’t make future appearances without our written permission. She complied… LOL

Needless to say, writing this series has been a delightful journey. The story continued to grow with each sequel. Book 3 tops the charts at over 80,000 words. That’s quite an accomplishment for me since the series started out as a short story.

Book cover for The Forbidden Path by author, Tammy Tate shows couple in a passionate embrace with wooded skyline belowThe Forbidden Path begins six months after Nicole brings her Sioux warrior home. She calls him Rave because calling him Flaming Arrow brings too much unwanted attention. It’s important to keep his identity a secret from the outside world. There’s only a handful of people that know he’s from 1812. Not only has Rave learnt to survive with all the modern conveniences, he learns evil exists everywhere. Even, centuries later. Only instead of going up against neighboring tribes and settlers like in 1812, he goes up against a ruthless motorcycle gang who takes the one thing he holds dearest to his heart. Nicole. The perfect ingredient for an interesting tale, wouldn’t you say?

Memorial Day weekend is coming up. Rave, Nicole, Michael and Tracy are on their way to Michael’s family cabin for the weekend. A motorcycle gang has taken over Kings Ridge. You guessed it! They not only pass through the town. They stop to grab a bite to eat. The gang’s leader, Cody, decides to host a hunting expedition in Rave’s honor using him as prey. Cody kidnaps Nicole to ensure he’ll play along.

You might say, wait!! This is supposed to be a time travel story. Don’t worry. Everything spins, again. Only this time Nicole ends up in 1849. Guess who goes along? Seriously? You didn’t think I would give that away, did you? LOL

In this segment, Nicole’s forced to master her gift to get them home. Only, she makes a pit stop on their way back. She gets to do something extraordinary. 🙂

The ending is sweet, yet unexpected. Rest assured, I tossed in a few more “ole-my-goodness” moments.


She arches an eyebrow. “I’m pretty sure he won’t play your little game—” 

Cody cuts her off. “You underestimate the power of love, my dear.” He points a finger with a skull and crossbones ring on it. “I have something he wants.” 

The other men laugh and she gasps knowing full well he means her. 

Of course! He’s using her as bait. That’s why heʼs holding her prisoner. For all she knows, Cody threatened to kill her if Rave doesn’t go along. 

She lifts her chin. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with, do you?” 

“Of course, I do. We’re playing a game of cowboys and Indians.”

 “Do you believe in time travel?” 

Cody cocks his head. “I don’t have time for this.” He heads for the door. 

“You should make time.” When he doesn’t turn around, she blurts, “Rave is a Sioux warrior from 1812.” 

Cody spins around with his feet splayed and his arms across his chest. “Yeah, and I’m E.T.” The room fills with laughter again and a smile plays at the corners of his mouth. 

Nicole shrugs. “You can’t say I didn’t warn you.” His face turns bright red and a part of her is pleased to see that she gotten under his skin. She’ll pat herself on the back later if she makes it out alive.  


The Forbidden Path book trailer

Author Tammy TateAUTHOR BIO:
Tammy Tate was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida but has lived most of her adult life in Texas. Her passion to write began in high school. It follows her everywhere she goes…creating a world where anything is possible. She’s been married to the same wonderful man for over thirty years. Her secret to a long marriage? It’s easy when you marry your best friend. In her world, Friday night is still date night.

Before she became a full-time author, she was an Executive Secretary, a Computer Consultant/Technician, and a Communications Officer (Police Dispatcher). She doesn’t mind a challenge which has allowed her to race a late-model in a women’s powder puff race, run barrels and poles in a play-day rodeo and drive an 18-wheeler. Somewhere in between, she and her husband raised three wonderful children. When she’s not breathing life into her characters or jotting down ideas for a new book, she and her husband are exploring country roads on their Honda Gold Wing.

Since she believes reading is the next best thing to writing, she enjoys romance, fantasy, science fiction and thrillers. In December of 2013, she signed her first book contract with a traditional publisher. Her books have made Amazon’s Best Seller list.

Above all, she loves to hear from you…

Connect with Tammy at the following haunts:
Facebook Fan Page   


32 thoughts on “New Book Release: The Forbidden Path by Tammy Tate #TimeTravel #Romance

  1. The story sounds captivating, so best of luck with finding new fans, Tammy!
    Yes, it’s always sad to part from people, either real or fictional. Especially those created by you.

    I love your guest’s bio, Mae! Especially the part that she was a Police Dispatcher. sometimes our own lives is great stuff for stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This book is right down my alley. How wonderful, too, that the hero is Native American. I like the name Rave. Tammy, thank you for sharing the tidbit about Nicole– she must be a lively one. Also I am especially fond of sweet and unexpected endings. Mae, I appreciate all you do to share good books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yours are always welcome on my blog (you must share when you have your next release). I love when Zi can introduce the works of friends to other friends. Thanks for checking out Tammy’s latest, Flossie.


  3. Hmm…is this something I didn’t know about you, Tammy? I too use some of my past experiences in my writing. I’m trying to figure out what part of the story was from your past…I know! You were part of a motorcycle gang! Haha! Anyway, I’ve read all three of the stories in this series now, and this last–and longest–is definitely my favorite. I think your fans will enjoy it too. Good job!


    • LOL, Marilyn…actually I had a palomino horse named Buck and a Rottweiler named Cash. I lived in the country and rode almost everyday with my best friend, Trish. Notice the similarities in the names? I used to look at the landscape and I always wondered if a wagon, or Native American traveled the same path. Of course, I never traveled back in time, dang it. But, it gave me inspiration. 🙂

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