A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS Reviewed by New York Times Bestselling Author, Kevin O’Brien

I’m so excited about this post I’m not sure where to begin.

As a reader (and writer) of mystery/suspense fiction I have long been a fan of Kevin O’Brien. I admire his work and regularly devour his books. He’s in an entirely different league of writers than me—an established author with a huge following and bestseller credits to his name. He also happens to be an author with Kensington Publishing, my publishing house.

Two days ago I received this email from the Director of Social media at Kensington:

Good morning,

I wanted to pass along a quote we’ve received for the first book in the Point Pleasant series.

New York Times bestselling author Kevin O’Brien has provided the following blurb:

“A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS is masterful, bone-chilling fiction that begins with a real-life tragedy on December 15, 1967: the Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  46 people died.   Author Mae Clair has seamlessly woven fact, fiction and creepy urban folklore into one intense thriller.  The gripping story focuses on two witnesses to the disaster—fifteen years later.  Both Eve Parrish and Caden Flynn lost loved ones in the catastrophe and still carry the emotional scars.  After a long absence, Eve returns to Point Pleasant to bury her recently-deceased aunt, face some old ghosts, and reunite with her one-time “impossible-crush,” Caden.  But when Eve begins to investigate her aunt’s death, she’s plunged into danger and a nightmare world where scary urban legends are very real.  Full of suspense, A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS will keep you guessing, gasping and turning the pages for more.”


She went on to say Kensington will be adding the quote to all online retail pages, and it will be included in the copy they feed out.

I feel like I’ve crossed a bridge, taken another step in my author’s journey. The very thought that someone of Mr. O’Brien’s stature has taken the time to read and review my book has me embracing euphoria. Writers work hard at a craft we love. Without accolades and fanfare, we’d gladly do it each day. But when recognition does happen, it’s something to be enjoyed and savored.

Right now I feel a little childish, a little giddy. Part of me wants to scream “Score!” the other part is humbled and grateful to Mr. O’Brien for providing something that will certainly help enhance the sales of A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS.

Release date is April 26 but pre-orders are available now at all major online bookstores. Grab a copy and see for yourself how “fact, fiction and creepy urban folklore” weave together “into one intense thriller.”

Barnes and Noble 
Google Play 
Kensington Publishing

And how do you like these memes Kensington made for me?

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Look at this line-up of Kensington thrillers. A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS
is being promoted with Kevin’s latest and Lisa Jackson’s newest release! I love her stuff, too. Wow. Just wow.



51 thoughts on “A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS Reviewed by New York Times Bestselling Author, Kevin O’Brien

  1. Wow! Just WOW! and warm hugs from overseas!
    When I told you that you are a rising star, perhaps others didn’t believe! Now it’s a proof that I was right.
    The only thing is that I am envious that he published his review before mine.
    Once again congratulations for this well deserved accomplishment, and be ready, I am coming to the celebrations party!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, celebrations all around, Carmen. I am sooo delighted by this. And I can’t wait to see your review as well. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve shown me and your faith in my writing. I’m breaking out the bubbly! 🙂


    • Thanks for the excitement, Julie. This series is special to me so to get such a fabulous review from an author I greatly admire is just—WOW! 😀

      Oooh, and so delighted to hear you’re reading Eclipse Lake. That one has a special place in my heart. Dane’s son Jesse was supposed to be a secondary character and then, well–you see how he demanded his place in the spotlight, LOL!


    • Thanks for that, Stanalei! 😀 I’m definitely feeling the roof-top moment, LOL. I’m still dazed by the idea Kevin O’Brien took the time to do this, and hope others will find the book as entertaining as he did. I love these characters!


    • Thanks, Staci. I’m still reeling and giddy, too. Kevin’s in a position I aspire to be one day. Even if it never happens, I’ll never stop writing–but gems like this make the journey worthwhile. As do all the wonderful friends like you, whom I’ve met along the way. 🙂


    • Thanks, Jessi! Hopefully, that day is coming. I treasure each small step like this, learning along the way. It’s delightful to have you pop in with the wonderful well-wishes!


    • Thanks so much, Natalie. Kevin’s review made me realize all the research and time I put into this one might just pay off with a few accolades. It’s nice to think that my work is entertaining 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Cate. I’m so excited, I can’t stand it, LOL. It is a great way to launch a book, and I do hope Kevin’s review will make others give A THOUSAND YESTERYEARS a chance.:)


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