Mae Clair Presents: Bound by Oath and Honour by Debbie Peterson #fantasy #romance

Hey, gang, I’m really excited to be sharing this latest release from you. Written by my dear friend, Debbie Peterson, BOUND BY OATH AND HONOR is an intriguing tale of fantasy, adventure and romance. I just finished an ARC of this fabulous book, and am blown away by the author’s talent in weaving such a complex and heartfelt story. Although, I expected no less as I’m a huge fan of everything Debbie writes. Check out this blurb:

book cover for Bound by Oath and Honour by Debbie Peterson shows an enchanted doorway with a mysterious figure in the foregroundBlurb:

Fresh from her photo shoot in Northern England, wildlife photographer Tala Westbrook makes a promised stop at the family manor in Staffordshire, desperately in need of renovation. Though she didn’t plan to stay longer than it took to find a contractor, she is caught up in an ancient paranormal war. Despite the danger all around, she finds herself falling for the handsome, enigmatic man assigned to protect her.

Micah Berrington, elite guardian from the realm of the Bewitan Fierd, is used to protecting men of strength in the greatest of peril, not a female looking for someone to repair her home. Yet the assignment is far more than it seems and so is the beautiful woman destined to capture his heart, regardless of the cost.


“I’m not leaving until you tell me whatever it is you don’t want me to know.” She set her heels, and placed a hand on her hip.

His anger flared. “Is that right? A little while ago you couldn’t wait to leave this place.”

Tala gave her head a snooty little toss. “A lot has changed since then, wouldn’t you agree?”

He brushed the barb aside. “Then let me get you a pillow and blanket. You can make yourself comfortable on my sofa.”

Indignation filled her lovely eyes. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say? Really?”

Micah met her gaze without a flinch. “Really.”

“Whatever.” She gave him a curt nod and stormed toward the door.

He had fallen into the deep, dark abyss of the feminine whatever. Nonetheless, he stepped in front of the entryway blocking her path. “Where are you going, Tala?”

“Back inside the forest, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Why would you do something as foolish as that?”

“To find some answers, since you’re unwilling to share what you know.” She gritted her teeth. “Now, get out of my way.”

He held his ground while disregarding the directive. “Just what do you expect to find out there?”

She shrugged away the question. “I’m not sure. However, I do know those creatures left tracks. I’m quite adept at finding and following them to wherever they might lead. Trust me.”

“Regardless of the danger?”

“I can take care of myself.”

photo of Debbie Peterson, AuthorDebbie Peterson Author Bio:

Debbie is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance because she has a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, making an impossible love possible, and happily ever after endings. She loves animals of every persuasion, music, art, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, the smell of rain, and thunder storms.

When she is not busy conjuring her latest novel, Debbie spends time with the members of her very large family in the lovely, arid deserts of southern Nevada, where some of those spectacular sunsets occur. She also pursues her interests in genealogy—which she also teaches—mythology, and history.

Connect with Debbie at the following haunts:

Amazon Author Page 

Buy Links:

The Wild Rose Press

Don’t miss this fabulous book, which comes highly recommend by moi 🙂

25 thoughts on “Mae Clair Presents: Bound by Oath and Honour by Debbie Peterson #fantasy #romance

  1. I totally trust your words, Mae.The blurb and excerpt are signs of an enthralling story. I feel it.
    I love the cover, too. Thank you for introducing us the new release!
    Congratulations, Debbie for your achievements and best of luck with finding new fans!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This one will really resonate with you, Carmen. So much myth, history and romance. It’s pure enchantment from page one right through to the end. And you’re right, that cover is fabulous. Thanks for visiting and wishing Debbie well!


    • You will love it, Staci. Debbie always does a wonderful blend of history, paranormal or fantasy and romance, and I know you enjoy that combination. She really outdid herself with this one!


    • You are always welcome on my blog. I just love showcasing your stuff. I just put my review up on Goodreads and am still thinking about Mich and Tala. LeSigh! What a wonderful story!


  2. I too am a HUGE fan of everything Debbie Peterson writes. She has a wonderful talent for telling intriguing and romantic stories in a beautiful way !!!!! Can’t with to read this latest novel …… just got MINE !!!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Betty. I couldn’t agree with you more about Debbie’s books. You’re going to love this one. I was fortunate enough to have received an ARC and just posted my review to Goodreads. Thanks for visiting my blog to support Debbie. It’s lovely to have you drop by!


    • That’s awesome, Sherry. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve loved every book Debbie has written, but she really outdid herself with this one. Thanks for dropping by to check out her release.


  3. Love the mysterious book cover. The door on that cover reminds me of University College Cork where I went to college. I even got my graduation photo taken in front of it. Happy days. 🙂
    Good luck with the release, Debbie. Who doesn’t love a good blend of fantasy, romance and adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The visual details inside are every bit as gorgeous as that cover, Emma. It makes me wish for a visit across the pond….all with a blend of fantasy, romance and adventure! Thanks for dropping by to check out Debbie’s latest!


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